Dining Table Transformation – Q & A’s

Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments about my dining table re-do!
A few folks asked some questions about it, so I thought I’d answer those here today.


What type of sander did you use to sand the original finish off?

I used a Ryobi hand sander I bought a couple of years ago from Home Depot…

I think it was around $30.

First I went over the whole surface with some 50 grit sandpaper. Then I went over it with an 80 grit, and finally with a 120 grit pad. I wanted it to be nice and smooth. (The higher the grit, the finer the paper)


Why did you poly first, then paint?

I used poly first so that when I sanded back the paint, the right color would show through. I didn’t want this color to show through…

I wanted this color to show through because it’s was a closer match to my blinds…


What is a “sanding block”?

It looks like this…

You can wrap whatever grit sandpaper you want around it. You can find them at any home improvement store.


How did you sand in the grooves?

I took the sandpaper off my sanding block and folded it up like this…

Worked like a charm!


What do you mean by “dry brush”?

Dry brushing is when you load a dry paint brush with paint, then remove most of the paint with by blotting the bristles on a paper towel before dragging it lightly across the entire length of the surface you’re working on.

I used our Purdy brush to dry brush our table…

It is the best paint brush ever, and it’s completely changed our painting experience.
(I’m not kidding!)


What type of paint did you use?

I used water-based paint.


Good luck fellow white-washers.
May the force be with you!



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