Dining Room Update – January 2009

Here’s a litte ditty ’bout the Dining Room.

Newly installed beadboard panelling, that flows in from the Kitchen, to create a seamless, cottage look.
New wall color, that speaks to the countertop in the Kitchen, and creates a soothing coastal palette throughout the two rooms.

There are only two solid walls in the Dining Room, the other two have big, giant openings on them. The two solid walls always looked so FLAT to me. Nothin’ but floor to ceiling drywall.
I love the addition of the new wall texture, and the visual interest it creates vertically. It will really get those eyeballs movin’ on up, when the window is decked out, and the framed photography is hung by the homeowner with care. :-)

Check it out!

In the meantime, I’m off to blow my nose for the 1,398,458th time…cough, cough.

Lettered Cottage Dining Room Paint Color
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