Dining Room – Fabric Options

I went to the one of the coolest places on the planet today.
It’s right here, in Prattville, Alabama.
They carry a treasure trove of wonderful fabrics, and I am a TOTAL fabric junkie!
I could spend hours sifting through them. I love touching them and coordinating them with each other. It’s such a rush. (Yes, I am truly a design geek)
Anywho, I wanted to see if I could find anything that would make nice drapes in the Dining Room.

Keep in mind, this is the scheme I’ve got going on in the Kitchen (which is open to the Dining Room):

This is choice number one:

Paired with a rug like this:

And here is choice number two:

I could add some trim to the edges, to make them less plain. Or maybe do grommets across the top, to tie into my nickel finishes in the kitchen. Lots of options to spiff them up, just thought the color was perfect.

Paired up with a rug like this:

This was also a possible contender:

Maybe with a rug like this:

Choices, choices.
I’d love to hear what you all think! What should it be? Combo 1, 2 or 3? :-)

Here are a few more photos of some other fabrics I found that I would love to find an excuse to use SOMEWHERE in the house:

* I’m adding this last bit to this post, because after reading some of your comments, I think it might be necessary-
Remember, I am inheriting an amazing, large, 100-year-old dark brown, wood Dining Table & Chairs in the near future.
Also, my first choice would be to use a sisal rug…but I am worried about putting yet another neutral color in the room. That would mean the only color would be in the form of the drapes and occasionally the table settings. I keep going back and forth on whether that’s enough. ?
Lastly, I am not only an Interior Design NUT, but I’m a Gemini.
If I did get Rug #2, and “fell out of love with it” after a year- I would just go out and get something else. The designer, & Gemini, in me is incapable of getting too attached to home stuff. I always want something new eventually.
I don’t buy a lot of clothes, gamble, travel, or have any other expensive hobbies, so I figure I can buy a rug every year if I want. :-)

Now, EVERYBODY, chime in here! I mean it…I’m depending on your votes! I will tally them up and blog about the winning combination tomorrow morning!


PS…I am posting the first ever LETTERED OLIVE post tomorrow morning too! (insert nervous excitement here)

Lettered Olive - Sneak Peek
Pantry - Before & During

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  1. sheila says

    I love the 2nd combo but can see where it would get dated the quickest…but if it isn’t terribly expensive, then that isn’t such a big deal :)

    sisal can be dyed…so you could have that natural texture but more “oomph” than its inherent colour :)

  2. sheila says

    adding a disclaimer:)

    I’ve never dyed sisal myself…only seen it done so this is the Voice of Sorta Experience Only speaking :)

  3. Strawberry Blonde says

    If it were me, I’d go with option 2. I love the simplicity of the fabric with the amazingness of that rug. Truly, the rug made my heart skip a beat. If you went with that and did the grommet thingy with the curtains, it would be great. But, that’s just me…

    — Brandi

    Oh and this is my first comment here. I love your work. And I’m about a hour north of you in Alabaster.

  4. Catherine says

    I’m so excited to find aout about Claudia’s. I’m in extreme southern Shelby County, just an hour from Prattville. There was a wonderful low price designer cloth barn in Westover, but it closed. I can’t wait to get to Claudia’s! Thanks for posting.

  5. Bettsi says

    Hi Layla- this is my first visit. I almost navigated away because you are too beautiful and I hate you for that! BUT you are also engaging and sweet so here I still am! (Also, I gave you 5 stars on you HGTV video-good luck!)
    Anyway….I like combo number one. The green is lively and pretty with your kitchen theme. It also has a lovely beachy look to it too. I truly am enjoying your blog and I will add you to my blog roll.

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