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Hey ya’ll!
Finally got some pictures to show you where I’m at, as of today, in the Dining Room.
But I must start off by saying-
The apple green curtain covering the opening to the future pantry is a temporary fix. (I’m determined to get an old screen door!) I still haven’t purchased new lighting, curtains, or installed the picture ledge on top of the beadboard wainscoting I recently put up. And, last but not least, the dining table and rug are both going to be replaced too.

And here are some extra shots. The flowers are courtesy of my Mom :-)

Here’s what I have planned for on top of the picture ledge. The frames I drew in are not the right sizes, but you get the idea. I plan to install recessed “wall washer” lights in the ceiling, to illuminate the black and white photography. :-)

Which fixture(s) do think would look best? I really like these from Pottery Barn. Keep in mind, the new (100 year old) dining table I’m inheriting is longer, rectangular-shaped and dark brown wood.

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  1. sarah a beachcottage says

    love it, such a massive improvement! just love seeing before and afters from real people! gives me so much inspiration

  2. ellen says

    Wow! I found your blog thru a link from another and I have just spent the morning looking at everything you and your husband have done to your home. Wow! I love house projects but my husband…not so much! Be glad the two of you share the passion. Enjoy!

  3. mama2one says

    Another vote for the two chandeliers.

    I really like the single fixture too but I think it’s way too modern for the space.

  4. Moi says

    had to comment on the fixtures…
    I think the single one fits best in the space – I feel like the two fixtures are too heavy for the space and def too heavy for the table..do you know what I mean?
    lovely room…

  5. Bekki B says

    I like the first set of lights above the dining table, but that’s just me…I love your taste!

  6. Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe says

    layla~ I have added your to our centerpiece of the month for August. Only you could take a simple bunch of flowers and make it the center of attention.
    Good Job!

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