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Okey doke- here’s the whole design TV scoop in a nifty little nutshell!

Late last October, we were approached by an amazing production company who asked if we were interested in auditioning for a new, design-related TV series. Always up for a new adventure, we filled out several pages of paperwork, which eventually led to round 2 of the process- a video interview. Round 2 (happily) led to round 3 of the process- a full on, in-person virtual makeover consultation for a couple of friends of ours who aren’t camera shy and wanted our advice on some of their biggest design dilemmas. (Thanks Brooke and Jason! You guys did great and we still wanna make over your kitchen for realz yo!)

A lot of time passed after that last audition though, and just when we thought we must not have made the cut, we received a really exciting phone call. We got the gig!

We did a massive happy dance in the living room, and went out for a celebratory dinner that night, but it didn’t really feel real until very recently.

They tell us we’ll be flying to Denver, Colorado or Park City, Utah, to meet them in late July. Then by September, we’ll be shooting our pilot episode. (goosebumps!) There’s no guarantee the network will pick up a whole series worth of shows, but that’s the ultimate goal and we’re gonna give it our best shot! Fingers crossed, we’ll create something really informative and entertaining and meaningful that folks will enjoy watching!

We’ll be shooting the pilot episode locally (yay!),  and a series would take us to several different cities around the country. (yay!) So our mission this month is to find some folks who live in or around the state of Alabama who wanna be on the first episode in September.

Here’s what our production company is looking for:

– A fun and energetic single person, couple, or family that isn’t afraid of TV cameras and that already has a little cash saved up for a room redo. (The show will be contributing to the budget too!)

– A fixer upper house that is in desperate need of some TLC.

Does this sound like you and your house? If so, send an email to DesignTVCasting (at) Gmail (dot) com and include at least one personal photo, a photo of the exterior of your home, and a few photos of the room you’d most like our help with. Also, be sure to mention where you’re located, what your budget is, and any additional information you think might be important to our producers.

(Note: We’re going to be tweeting from wherever it is we’re shooting at any given time, (both locally, and nationally if the show gets picked up) so if you’re interested in coming out and lending a helping hand, please do! We’d love to see you and the more the friendly faces we’ve got around set, the merrier!)

And before we sign off, we just want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continually encouraging us to grow and take chances and have fun! We cherish your e-friendship, and just knowing we can log on and “talk” to you about what’s going on from one day to the next is super comforting!

Bear-style e-hugs,

David Bromstad
Paint Color

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  1. Wendy says

    Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog & will love watching your show!

  2. says

    How wonderful! You’re both so young and cute and talented and energetic – best of luck on your new venture!

  3. Angela Burer says

    Congratulations and good luck! I would TOTALLY love to watch a show with you guys in it! You might be the reason I go back to having cable in the house!!! :-) Keep us updated~Angela

  4. says

    BIG Congrats!!
    How exciting for you guys!

    We are on the coast of Northwest Florida ,
    near Seaside / Grayton Beach,
    and have a Cottage on the back of our property that was built in 1936,
    all heart pine floors , walls, and ceilings!

    It had been my studio until we brought our daughter home from Guatemala in 2007 when her adoption was complete,
    then I moved my studio into the house to be with her, and the studio became a storage house.

    Right now it is full of old furniture and McCoy Pottery and just waiting for some love!

    Will send an email to the casting….

  5. says

    HOW EXCITING!!!! I am so happy and proud for you!!! I will definitely be watching!!! My house needs some TLC so I will be sure to send in an e-mail after this one for Alabama. I am so HAPPY for you!!!! I look forward to your posts every single day, and forward your posts to my husband as well. Now to watch on tv- man, I can tell you what my favorite show will be!! YAY!!!!!

  6. Ami says

    I’m so happy for you guys! What a wonderful opportunity and based on the work that you have posted in this blog, I can see why they picked you guys! I would love some help with my place and the outside of the place is already right up your alley! If you’re even in Nashville, feel free to email me! You guys are always welcome!

    Good luck!

  7. Amy Furlong says

    How exciting for you! If you truly need a house, boy do I have one for you! It’s a 1920 farmhouse here in Prattville with a ton o potential! I just have no talent!

  8. says

    How exciting! And I’m not surprised at all that they picked you two. You do have something special going on. Can’t wait to see your show and if you ever need to come to Maryland, I have a few rooms you can choose from. Good luck!

  9. Olga says

    How awesome for you guys! And if the meeting will take place in Park City, just let me know, we can do coffee to celebrate!

  10. Melinda says

    Very happy for you two – so deserved. Sad to see your blogroll disappear – I always come to your blog first and then check out your blogroll for some other favorites. Hope I can find them again! Best wishes with the show – can’t wait to see it become a reality.

    • Layla says

      Thanks Melinda! We haven’t had a chance to work on the blogroll yet…it’ll be back soon though!


  11. Hilary says

    This might sound crazy , but this brings tears to my eyes! I’m so happy for you both. I have to tell you that I’m forever searching for design blogs to follow and none compare to yours. I can’t wait to say “I knew you when…” hehehehe. I’m sending lots of good vibes your way….best of luck! Knock their socks off!

  12. says

    Congrats!!! Congrats!!! Congrats!!! Chow very exciting!!! I hope they will choose to keep your show!!! I love your style!!


  13. says

    Hola! Just wanted to say that I appreciate and encourage you to continue keepin’ it real. It’s the small things like the picture of you two on your homepage, that haven’t changed and that truly reflect your individuality. So, please keep your quirkiness about you as you discover fame because it’s what we, your loyal fans, and they, your new fans to come, love about you guys!!!!
    Hugs, stef

  14. Carol says

    Your own show? That’s awesome…PLEASE come down to Clanton and take down my insane aslyum ceiling…I’ve looked at it long enough! Any tips on signing up since I’m so close???

  15. melanie says

    yayyy! i cant wait to see this all come to life! i enjoy the blog and would be tickled to see you both on TV!! congratulations, you both deserve it! your work is amazing and everything your hands touch will be blessed! and every home you enter will be full of joy! God Bless! have a blast, be safe and live well! CHEERS:) melanie

  16. Kathy says

    I can hardly wait to see you on TV! I know a network will pick up the show. Keep us posted. You are both so talented and have so much to give. You deserve this and we (your fans) are behind you all the way. Good luck.

  17. says

    I am so happy for you two and can’t wait to see your faces on TV….keep us posted on details so that we can all TUNE IN when the time comes……

    I knew this would happen for you guys! I just knew it!!!!

  18. says

    Wow! Congratulations you guys! I knew this day would come. You both have such talent and great, fun personalities, perfect for a design show. I wish you both nothing but the best of success and God’s blessings as you shoot every episode. I cannot wait to watch you guys on TV! :)

  19. says

    Awesome news! I am so excited for the show and so proud of you two! Your hard work and dedication is paying off BIG! Congratulations!!!

  20. says

    Excuse me for a moment while I dance for joy and excitement for you.

    Ok, done. Seriously you guys, that is the most INCREDIBLE news, which you deserve because you do INCREDIBLE work and are the most INCREDIBLE people. ^_- I’m the mother of a three-year-old in Southern California, but even so, if this was a few years in either direction I might have just made the road trip out to Alabama to cheer you guys on. Congratulations, Layla & Kevin!!! We <3 you!!!!

  21. Missy G says

    AWESOME!! I live in Utah and Park City is beautiful!! I hope it’s Park City….then I can come up and hang out! :o)

  22. Anne says

    Very cool! I will be looking forward to seeing you “live and in person”!! Hope it all goes smoothly!! Good Luck!

  23. says

    Congratulations…love your blog…you guys are an inspiration for following ones dreams and pusuing your passion. I hope your new show runs longer than The Cosby Show!!! Ps.wish I could apply to be a “contestant” but alas our home is not a fixer upper…just in need of some design inspiration!

  24. says

    Congratulations!! So excited for you guys!!
    My bestest friend lives in ParkCity and just bought
    a really cool house that needs some updates. If you
    ever do one in PC…she’d be an awesome one to pick!
    I noticed you might be heading her direction
    during the process. Hugs and prayers!

  25. Linda says

    Layla, also, please consider what people can do to make a builder house look more cottagey with architectural details, etc. We love our 5-year-old home in Star, Idaho (outside Boise), but there are details here that make me wish our house was old so that I could just rip out with gusto. So I am super interested in making a new house look old…. don’t forget us!

    Linda Smith

  26. Misty M. says

    Wow, congrats you guys! So happy for y’all! Only wish I lived in Alabama now:( LOL! Can’t wait to see it! I’ve followed your blog for a while now!

  27. says

    First of all, sorry for the belated CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite bloggers in the entire world!

    Secondly, Is Illinois considered to be close enough to Alabama, PLEASE? If so, we meet Criteria #1 to a tee! We are VERY fun and energetic empty nesters (ask anyone who knows little old us) with a 6 year old home that is already outdated! Cameras are always abundantly welcome on any worthy endeavor. I am positive you would not only have fabulous solutions to our dilemmas (including tearing out dog-stained carpet, oh my, and replacing with wood flooring) but you would also have a mighty good time in Central Illinois!!!! Give me a holler!!

  28. Rondi says

    How exciting for you – can’t wait to see your show!! When they pick you up nationally – come on over to Houston – I need all the help I can get – love love love all the blogs but I am just a wannabee!! Such inspiration you guys have given me but I still can’t put it all together – let us know the date and network!! Congrats again.