Design TV Update

So, remember when I asked your advice about which shoes I should get for our upcoming pilot episode shoot? Well, I narrowed it down to two pairs, and they both arrived on our doorstep about a week ago.

I got these Simple shoes to work/shop in:

And these Rocket Dogs for “reveal day”:

I absolutely positively love the Simple shoes. They were comfortable from the get-go, and they match literally everything I wear.

And although I find them incredibly adorable- the Rocket Dogs are really giving the widest part of my feet fits. I’m talkin’ holy yowza Batman.

(PS- That pic totally just made me think about the “Right here. Not so much here…or here so much…but right here.” scene in Tommy Boy.)

Anywho- I’ve only worn them one time, but it was to the grocery store so that counts for like four times, right? It was a gnarly experience, and I’ve still got the blisters to prove it- ugh.

That being said, they’re super comfortable everywhere else, and I really, really like the way they look (that’s rare thing for me)- so now I’m wondering if you might have any advice about how to stretch ‘em out a little. ?

I’ve been trying to think of things, but the only thing I’ve come up with is to get one of those old school shoe stretcher things and see if that works, or cut off the little decorative band that goes across the top because it’s the bulky stitching holding it in place that’s digging into the sides of my feet inside of the shoes. (Aren’t you so glad you swung by our blog today?) (PS- I’m so not cutting that cute little decorative band off. Hmmm…but maybe I could cut out the stitches, and use some kind of hardcore fabric glue to hold it in place….hmmmm…..I am crafter, hear me roar!) (Kidding.) (Kind of.)

In other pilot episode related news, we’re stoked to announce that the room we’ll be re-doing is located in a house about 30 minutes outside Atlanta, so if you’re in this area between September 13th and 17th…

…and you’re up for joining in on a little room redo fun, our production company is searching for the following volunteers to help us git r’ dun:

– Wall painters
– Wallpaper removers
– Seamstress/upholsterer
– Florist/Plant person
– Printing shop
– Electrician (must be licensed and bonded)
– Wallpaper hanger
– Professional painter

So if you can paint like a pro, remove wallpaper like a champ, are a heck of a seamstress, can reupholster furniture like nobody’s business, own or work at a print shop, or have a connection at a local flower shop or greenhouse- contact Whitney at whodack (at) highnoontv (dot) com.

If you have experience hanging wallpaper, or you are (or you know) a licensed and bonded electrician, a professional painter, or have mad carpentry skills- contact Jason at JasonKByrd (at) gmail (dot) com.

(PS- I say “volunteers” because we’re shooting a pilot and our budget is of the shoestring variety! Also, we want to say thanks in advance if you have the time to come out and help us!!!)

This is a sneak peek of the room we’ll be working on…

We’re excited about the challenge, and the opportunity to work/play with some of you Georgia-based peeps!

PS- Rumor has it there may be a fun flea market excursion taking place while we’re shooting too. We’ll publish a post about that as soon as we have more information about the when’s and where’s. If you’d like to come out and play that day, we’d love to shop ’til we drop with ya!


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  1. Amie Kirk says

    YAY!! This is my Sister-in-law and Brother-in-laws new house!! I can’t wait to see what you guys do! I know it will be AMAZING!!

  2. says

    Ooo!! I have a tip! I just heard this the other day, so I haven’t tried it yet… Fill a plastic baggie up with water, put the baggie in your shoe, and stick it in the freezer!! The water will expand and stretch your shoe!! My friend says it works wonders.

    Also – I’m totally located in that map of Atlanta and I’m definitely up for volunteering and flea market adventuring!!! eee! :)

  3. says

    Ooooh! I can’t wait to watch your show! EEEKK! And I totally know the part in Tommy Boy you are referring to! We use that ALL the time over here. :)

  4. Cath says

    How much fun is THAT gonna be for the GA folks? If you ever decide to do a Yankee makeover, I’m in.

    BTW- if the Rocket Dogs are fabric, this worked for me. Use a spray bottle of warm water and mist the INside at the snug part and wear till dry. This worked well on a canvas pair of mine.

  5. says

    ok…now I need shoes…and just have to say “brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug” , and “is that a niner you just threw out”, and “luke, I am your father…(in your best voice-into-fan-impression)
    I could go on…but I have to go vacumm now…:) Can’t wait for the show…come to Louisville so I can help!!!! :)

  6. Amanda says

    Hi Layla,

    To stretch the shoe, you can fill a ziploc with water and put it in the shoe, Put the shoe in the freezer. When the water freezes, it expands and stretches the shoe.

  7. Jill says

    Layla, I am so excited you are coming to our area, Well, I say our area
    but I’m not sure what part of the city you’ll be in. I bet Rhoda & Kim will be there to help! Love both of your shoe selections:)

  8. says

    I used to have some shoes that rubbed blisters on me because of stitching underneath. My husband stuck some duck tape over the stitching and it didn’t rub blisters after that. Oh the things duck tape can do.
    I love your shoe choices!

  9. says

    take the shoes to a shoe repair place,,
    they can PROFESSIONALLY stretch the shoes..
    otherwise, return to shoes to where they were purchased.
    if your feet hurt, it shows loud and clear in everything you do..
    your feet are VERY important!
    treat them kindly and I guarantee you will feel great!!

  10. says

    I used to work at a boutique shoe store right out of college and I always heard that putting on a pair of thick cozy sock and wearing the shoes around the house really helps. This stretches the shoe where YOUR foot needs it to be. Hope this helps!

  11. Gena in Texas says

    If we lived in the area, I would totally send my professional painter husband your way! If you are ever in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, let us know!

    Can’t wait to see your show. I know it’s going to be awesome!

  12. Kimberly says

    I totally agree with the spraying the water on the shoe and insert your foot inside until dry, it will help stretch the shoe out. I used to be a professional ballerina until retirement a few years back and that is how we stretched out our point shoes on the widest part of our foot. We would either spray it or take the shoe and run it under the faucet in the area it needed to stretch in (right by your bunions) and then crush it with our hands and wear until dry.

    Also, if the blisters are bothering you go by Orajel and put it on your blisters with a bandaid on top. It will numb the blister and you won’t be able to feel any pain!

    Hope that helps!

  13. Sandi says

    Trying wedging a tennis ball in the toe part to stretch it out or a small ball. I can’t wait to see what y’all have in store for that room!

  14. Suzie says

    If you bought the shoes somewhere where you can return them….send them back and order them in a wide “d” size. You’ll be glad you did, because then you can enjoy how cute they are and not have them hurt to remind you of just how cute they are!

    Love the Simple shoes…going to have to get me a pair!


  15. Kim in Iowa says

    Man, this sure makes me wish these type of shows would be willing to come to Iowa once in a while. Seems like the decorating ones all have to happen in the biggest metropolitan areas. We love to decorate in the midwest, too! :)
    Good luck with the shoes and can’t wait for the pilot episode!

  16. Kathy says

    I love both pairs and will see if I can get some, too. The Simple ones are very COOL and look comfortable. However, the ohers are great, too. I have used the shoe stretchers for just the purpose you are talking about. If your shoes are leather (or suede) you can lightly wet the inside before putting in the stretchers. Leave at least overnight and see what you think. Some times I have to do one shoe twice. Remember, if they hurt at all, you won’t do your best! Good luck.

  17. Jenny says

    I have this problem with shoes ALL THE TIME. The best method is to wet the area of the shoe that is too tight with rubbing alcohol and then wear them around until the alcohol is dry.

    I take a cotton ball saturated with the rubbing alcohol and hold it up against the tight area (right where your arrows are pointing) of the leather until its fairly saturated. Then just wear them around for awhile. Im not sure exactly how it works, but it softens up and is comfortable from then on! I think this method only works with leather shoes.

  18. says

    I’m enjoying all the tips about stretching shoes. I have the same problem with that area of my foot. I don’t get blisters, but it kills the nerves!

  19. Jen Gilday says

    You will LOVE your Simple shoes! I’ve worn my down to nothing and need to get a new pair this fall. White is a great choice – I may try that this time around!!

  20. Sunny says

    I am so inspired by you two. I think that it takes real courage to take a leap of faith and wait for a landing. I know that it has not been easy at times, but I am so happy that things are falling into place for you guys. Just know that there are people out here rootin’ for ya! I have spent the last couple of week reading all of your posts from the beginning, and you have inspired me to take my own leap of faith!

  21. Cara says


    Love the shoes and am wishing I was in the Atlanta area. :)

    As to the cute shoe issue….there is a product on the market, called moleskin. You can buy it at Wal*Mart. If you put it over the stitched area inside the shoe, the shoe becomes much more comfy. Good luck.

  22. Lori Bamber says

    Shoe stretching tip — I was in Aldo last week, trying on a pair of shoes that were a bit too tight, and one of the sales people gave me this tip.

    Fill a zip lock bag about half full of water. Fit it into the shoe, and squish the bag around to approximate the shape of your foot. Use a bag of dry beans or equivalent to keep the water pushed into the right shape if necessary — it needn’t be too exact, because the stretching process comes next. Stick the shoes in the freezer, let the water freeze (and expand) and leave overnight. According to her, your shoes will be beautifully stretched in 12 hours.

  23. JennyA says

    Looks like you’ve got a lot of good suggestions for the shoes already, but here’s my tip anyway… I’ve got some cowboy boots that I LOVE but there some stitching on a tag that rubs the ever-loving poo out of my calf. My solution? Electrical tape. Makes it nice and smooth. I realize that might not work if it’s *tightness* that is the problem, but if it’s just some pesky thick and stiff stitching that’s rubbing you raw, that might work!

    Good luck!

    [runs off to look for some Simple shoes]

  24. SK Bryan says

    You can stick tube socks rolled up in each shoe. Leave for a few days.
    Worked every time for me. Good luck. Love Rocket Dog but they can
    be a little narrow. Mine stretched out just fine over time. Hope you come the Tulsa OK way for any of your episodes. We have nice big rooms that need updating. You would love our open kitchen/family room area.

  25. says

    Looks like a great room Layla and Kev. I am invisioning it all laylafied. Can’t wait. I say make Kev where the shoes… they will stretch out:)
    Guy’s have it so easy…

    • Layla says

      You’re right! Guys do have it easy in the shoe department, don’t they? :-D (PS- My Rocket Dogs are currently in the freezer with water bags inside of them…HOPEFULLY stretching out!)

  26. April says

    After seeing your post about the rocket dogs. I happend to be at Target the other day and come across a pair of shoes that looked almost exactly like them just without the band across the front. However still have the elastic in the back to prevent rubbing on the achillies. Super cute and only 15 bucks. I have already washed both pairs and they have held up great. I wear them every where. I say return the rocket dogs and get the target ones. Cheaper and no rubbing.

    • Layla says

      Thanks April! :-D The bottoms of my RD’s are pretty dirty from the trip to Wally World, and they’re currently in the freezer…filled with almost frozen bags of water….so I don’t think there’s any turning back now- LOL! Here’s to hoping the ol’ frozen bag of water trick works! :-D

  27. says

    I am SO excited for you two. I know you’ll do a great job.
    And as it’s on a budget if you want any freebies from my Etsy shop just let me know – I’d be happy to help you out!
    Good luck – I can’t wait to see the photos!

  28. Nan Parker says

    Hi Layla, So excited for you guys on this show!

    As for your feet ~ Dr. Scholl’s makes something called ‘moleskin’ and you can cut the soft material to any shape, peel off the adhesive on the back and place that right on your skin where it hurts. Your shoe may still be tight, but you won’t feel the pain! I don’t travel anywhere, ever, without a little supply of moleskin with me.

    All the Best!

  29. says

    how VERY fun!!!!! my sister has SUPER wide feet and I asked her what you should do and she said “stick it out – fashion is pain!” I say – invest in some good bandaids, the shoes can’t blister your feet forever, right? ;)

  30. Rindy says

    Try spraying the shoe with water where it is tight and then try wearing it while it is wet and it will stretch.

  31. Laura says

    Cute shoes! To stretch them, first, put mole skin on the affected parts of your foot (to prevent further blisters) and put the shoes on. Fill the tub with a few inches of water and then dip each foot/shoe in the water. Then wear the shoes as they dry. They should stretch to fit your foot perfectly!

  32. amy says

    Unfortunately I am no where near Atlanta. But if you ever come to the Sonoran Desert area (Arizona) let me know! Though, don’t come till about November.

    Regarding the shoes; I agree with the person who said have them PROFESSIONALLY stretched. Any good shoe store will have this service, and most don’t charge (and if they do it’s minimal). They have ways of stretching it just where you need it, and not where you don’t. That being said, if a pair of shoes was giving me blisters, I’d probably take the shoes back and find something more comfortable. The best advice I ever got about shoes was, “They should feel comfortable and not hurt your feet from the first wearing.” That has been true of the best shoes I’ve owned, regardless of the brand. I know it’s a pain to look for new ones, but your feet are worth it. Believe this! I’ll tell you what I tell my 9-year-old daughter all time (because you are such a young chickadee) — BE KIND TO YOUR KNEES AND FEET! They carry you through this life and you will need them to be your friends for a long time.

    By the way, decide if you’re going to take them back before you stretch them. They may not take them back after that.

    Good luck!!!

  33. says

    Hey Layla & Kevin!! You know I will be there helping out & hanging out doing what I can. I can’t wait to see this all come together. I’m SO excited for you both on this fantastic opportunity. Glad I get to share in it with ya!! xoxo

  34. Shauna says

    Try putting some moleskin (in the shoe/Dr. Scholl’s area of the drugstore/Target/WalMart) on your feet and wearing the shoes around so they stretch to your feet. Looking forward to your show, and so sorry I’m not in Georgia to help anymore!

  35. Cindy says

    Can’t wait to hear more about it!!! We ar ein North GA- on the map you posted– how exciting!!!

  36. says

    there is a shoe repair place near my house that has fixed that exact problem for me several times…for under five bucks! totally recommend goggling shoe repair in your area.

  37. Valerie says

    A professional shoe repair place can also soften the area of the shoe that is giving you trouble, without stretching them. I had a pair of sandals that hurt my feet in one spot, but fit great otherwise, and I brought them in to be stretched, and he said noooo, do not stretch them. He worked his magic with softening that one spot. If they fit everywhere else, maybe that’s an option?

    Love the shoes, and can’t wait to see the room after you’re done with it!

  38. says

    Ummm, I think I might be emailing…..since I will be there to bring the you know what I might as well stay and work. As far as shoes go…I have wet and worn shoes like that before with socks to stretch them. Clearly I wore them at home, ha.

    Cha Cha

  39. Vikki Simone says

    I’ve had great success very quickly with this method of shoe softening/stretching. Dab the inside of the problem area of the shoes with a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol. Put on some thick socks and the shoes. Heat the outside with a hairdryer (keep it moving so you don’t cook your feet or the shoes). Repeat if necessary. In 10 minutes or less you’ll have comfy shoes.

  40. says

    Try Dr. Scholls for her Rub Relief Strips. I am on my feet all day in heels and this works wonders! It’s like a little tape dispenser so you can customize the length and width of the cushioning strip and just peel off the backing and stick it in your shoe where your foot is rubbing. I keep it in my purse now; it’s that invaluable!

  41. says

    A ziploc filled with water, stuffed into show and then put in the freezer works great. Also if you have shoes that are leather if you will take a cotton ball and wipe rubbing alcohol on the places that need stretching this helps just stretch those particular places instead of all over.

    The shoes are adorable I hope this will help so you can show those cuties off with comfort!

    bee blessed

  42. says

    I have the same problemo with some of the shoes I buy. Finally, I went to a shoe repair shop in the mall and bought a shoe stretcher ($20). Or, if you’re not comfortable with that they can actually stretch them for you! I bought the stretcher, because it would eventually pay for itself.

  43. says


    I say get another pair of shoes — but purchase them at a store where you can try them on.
    Looking forward to watching you transform another room from ordinary to extraordinary!
    Wish I were closer to join in on the fun.

    Your Friend,

    • Layla says

      Too late! They’ve already been in and out of the freezer with bags of water in them! :-D
      TOTALLY did the trick…those suckers feel MUCH better now!

      Wish you were closer too! :-( I’ll keep you posted through pics! :-)

  44. says

    My tip for stretching shoes out is to wear them with a pair of socks (or two) around the house. Don’t do it for long, or your toes can feel a little strained, but the extra fabric makes a huuuuge difference!

    Good luck!

  45. Tina says

    Girl, both pairs of shoes are sooooo cute, BUT…. You have got to send that one pair that hurts your feat back… Either get a wider size or go with a different style.. Not sure what you spent, but is it really worth having to alter or stretch them? Let us know what you decide..
    Wish, Wish, Wish, I was gonna be in Georgia to help.. But stuck down in the panhandle of Florida. Holler if you come my way.. I will be there with bells on… Have Fun!

  46. says

    Gorgeous looking shoes so sorry one of the pairs hurt, best way newspaper wet shove in side leave over night should help to stretch works for me depends on fabric of course. Hope its a success?

  47. says

    Well, I am on the ATL map, but have none of the skills you mentioned. But, I’m your GA peer for moral support! Have a great time! And, cute shoes, btw. Really diggin’ the Simple ones.

    • Layla says

      Thank you Kate! We sure do appreciate the support and we’d love to see you out at the flea market excursion! All you need is shopping skills for that one! :-D

  48. jodyl says

    Hi Layla, the best shoe stretching advise i got was to rub the inside of the shoe with vaseline as it softens the shoe and also makes your foot nice and soft as well, hope this helps. cheers Jody l

    • Layla says

      Thank you! I actually ended up going with the ol’ frozen bag of water in the freezer trick, and it seems to have done the job! Pretty amazing! I will definitely keep the Vaseline trick in mind though! :-)

      • says

        My stepmom chimed in here and said that when she was training for a marathon years ago she rubbed Vaseline all over her feet and avoided blisters all together! So. . .while you’re waiting for the shoes to stretch out you could do this to your feet. . .maybe some will rub off on the shoes then? Glad to hear the freezer trick worked for you :)

  49. says

    If you spritz the inside of your shoes with fabric softener and water, then stuff a hand towel in there tight and let it dry they’ll stretch better than if you just use those shoe stretchers.

    They’re really cute shoes!

  50. kelly says

    love the simple shoes, the other ones should go back if they cause you blisters! so happy we live in hawaii and live in slippers! (flip flops to you mainlanders!)
    hopefully you are letting us know when this pilot airs!

    • Layla says

      Hey Kelly! Good news- the frozen bag of water in the freezer trick worked! The Rocket Dogs are SUPER comfy now that they’ve been stretched out a little! :-D
      We’ll definitely keep you posted on the pilot…we leave this coming Wednesday to get the party started! :-)

  51. Jackie B says

    I don’t know how to stretch those puppies out, but I think you certainly have style since the new Duchess of Cambridge wore her Rocket Dogs just like yours to visit the States!

    • Jennifer says

      Layla—I can see that you have a lot of comments about stretching your shoes…there is a liquid you can buy called “Ralyn Shoe Stretch” its in a little red bottle. I used it to stretch out a pair of boots once that were tight around my toes—great stuff and inexpensive! The great part about it–you put it on your shoes and then wear your shoes so they don’t just “stretch out” they stretch out where you need them to stretch out. Hope that helps!
      Good luck on your pilot episode!

  52. says

    My husband has a head that many hats do not fit…I will leave it at that. Occasionally finds a hat that he just has to have so he gets it a little wet, stuffs it very tightly full of newspaper and lets it sit around and dry. It would depend on what kind of material your shoes are and if you’re willing to get them wet, but I think if all you need are a few centimeters it might do the trick. I wouldn’t cut anything out if I were you :)

  53. Kelly says

    Hi Layla — To stretch out my shoes I use those squeeze toys — people use them to squeeze in their hands to reduce stress. I guess it would be similar to a dog’s toy. I stuff them in the shoe to stretch them. However – I have finally gotten smart and buy shoes that come in a wide width now!

    Also – it may take your feet a while to get used to such shoes – since you are not used to it. You could build up gradually adding an hour each day. It takes time for your feet to get used to such new changes! (I know because I have had 30 years of foot problems).

    Take care! PS If you start running again – you would need different shoes yet from these. And it might take a while again to get used to them for you.

  54. says

    Hi, Layla,
    Would love to help out with painting and seamstress stuff – look forward to the flea marketing as the reward for hard work!!!
    See you then…

  55. says

    Why are all the pretty shoes hard on the feet? I used a ziplock bag with uncooked rice…put the ziplock back in your shoe…fill it until it’s very tight…like stuffing a pillow. If there are no metal parts on your shoe….heat them up in the micorwave with the rice inside…just for a minute. Let sit over night….it worked on my shoes…not sure if it will work on yours, but it might be worth a try. =)

  56. Melanie says

    How exciting that you all are only about 30 minutes from my house! I sent an email to whitney. So hopefully I will be able to come out and help you and other bloggers that are volunteering.

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