Design TV Update – HGTV

Well, the good news is I didn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day sitting in a jury box. The bad news is, it’s the day we found out that HGTV decided not to go to series with our design TV project.

And even though we’re bummed our pilot episode didn’t turn out to be what they were looking for, we’re so grateful they allowed us the opportunity to give the whole wacky thing a whirl.

The biggest bummer, however, is that we won’t be able to collaborate with blog readers & writers, in person, on a regular basis. We love that kind of stuff, and that was definitely the best part of filming the pilot. A whole bunch of fun folks met up in Suwannee, Georgia, and shared their time & talents, and in just 5 days, we were able to create a colorful, new living room for newlyweds Alex and Emily Morrison, together…

It was so nerve-wracking/fun to reveal it to them on day 5!

Anywho, our production company *may* try to pitch the show to a couple of other channels, but we’re just going to keep on, keepin’ on- doing all the things we’ve loved doing all along: creating art & photographs, writing music & books, and blogging about whatever tickles our fancy, and tugs at our heart strings.

And as always, we’ll continue to bust out our video camera to document our own “indie” style renovation adventures, too!

Thanks so much to everyone who encouraged us on our design TV journey. It was a wild ride, and we feel so blessed to have had the chance to experience it!

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  1. says

    I am so bummed about this news. I was so looking forward to seeing your show. It’s so cool that you at least had the opportunity. Hopefully this will mean that there’s another great opportunity waiting for you. :)

  2. Samantha says

    Bummer! I’m so sorry, Layla. I was really hoping y’all would be picked up. I have to admit, I’ve all but stopped watching HGTV any more. I enjoyed watching it for actual design content and that has gotten so rare, I just forget to turn over there to see what’s on. Sarah Richardson is about the only one who can entice me over any more. Maybe the pendulum will swing back again and they’ll reconsider. But in the mean time, it seems like y’all have some other good things going on and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

    • amy j. says

      I agree. HGTV is very stale and uninteresting…with pretty bad design in my opinion, when you see design anymore. I think they’re making a huge mistake.

      That room was GORGEOUS!!! I think you should hire your services out, honestly, to do these makeovers!!! You’re not far from me, I’d hire ya!!

    • Michelle says

      I agree as well. Too many buying home shows and not enough decorating/gardening homes. It’s called HOME and GARDEN TELEVISION for a reason, not HOUSE HUNTERS TELEVISION!

      • Debbie says

        So sorry, Layla…….truly their loss.
        I also agree with comments about HGTV. They lost me with bombardment of Buy & Sell projects. For me, they’re no longer relevant & offer little inspiration. Unlike you two!!!

        • Sandra says

          Layla and Kevin, I’m so sorry…I totally agree with what Debbie had said. There are way too many home buying shows on HGTV right now. HGTV really missed the mark on this one. I feel that you and Kevin would be a breath of fresh air to the network. Fingers crossed you guys get picked by one of the other channels.

  3. says

    Oh that’s too bad. I really have had enough of the buy/sell shows.. enough already! Yours sounded so refreshing! Hope something works out with another channel.

  4. says

    Hugs! I’m a firm believer that when something amazing doesn’t happen it just means something even MORE incredible is around the corner!!!

    It’ll come. Keep Dreaming big!

    • Stacey in Michigan says

      So agree with Emilie! Keep your chin up! I so would have loved to have watched your show… and I have hope hopes that it will happen in the very near future. Just keep on doing what you’re doing… I foresee a very bright future for you and Kev!

  5. Cathy says

    I’m so sick of buy/sell shows! I used to watch HGTV every day, but now I have a couple of their shows set to record on the DVR and that’s it.

  6. says

    Oh my friends, I’ve had my fingers crossed for you for months, this is not what I was hoping to read!! You two have so much talent, love, and enthusiasm for renovation and sprucing up spaces inside of you that you will continue to shine on in the world and showcase your skills not only on TLC but I’m convinced across the country. Hugs to you both and can’t wait to read more about your upcoming adventures in great design!

    • Layla says

      MUAH! Thanks for the sweet comment, Kate! You’re such a great friend, and I’ll always cherish the time we got to bunk together at Blissdom! :-D

  7. says

    I. Am. Shocked! I just wasn’t even doubting that they’d pick your show up. While it’s always disappointing to hear news like that (and on Valentine’s? Come on, hgtv!), I just am not worried at all for you guys. You are such a talented, capable, and positive couple- great things have and will happen to you. Best of luck! I can’t wait to share where you go next :)

  8. says

    I’m so sad about your series…I was totally looking forward to being a loyal viewer. BUT I LOVE your attitude and I know that you guys are going to bloom at whatever new thing God sends your way. He has big plans for your lives. I’m looking forward to Kevin’s photography series. We’re going to be in Altus, OK for a month or so, and so I’m hoping to work on my photography while I’m there and have some good light (unlike here in Alaska).

  9. says

    Big sigh… so not what I hoped to hear!

    I will admit I look forward to see what else is in store for you.. it must be REALLY SOMETHING if this TV gig wasn’t it… :) I’ll be watching and applauding you two on!


    • Layla says

      Well, thank you Donna! We sure do appreciate your (and everyone’s!) encouraging comments. Our big goal for the year is to release a coffee table/design book, so I guess we’ll have more time to do that now- ha! :-D

  10. Michelle says

    I am so sorry. I beleive things happen for a reason even if we are not happy with the result at the time you might look back on this and relize this was a good thing. Life was life changing for us in 2008 and I was so sad when I got some news but now I look back and know it was what we needed to give us the drive to make those choices. We left a place we lived for 15 years and it was so scary but now I see it happened for a reason. You never know whats around the corner for you guys, and it might be a awesome journey!

  11. says

    oh, I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t picked up… but crossing my fingers it does on another channel!!! There are SO many talented bloggers out there, I would love to see some of them in the lime-light!

    Oh and that living room is amazing! :)

  12. Stacie Czech says

    I was so hoping y’all would get picked up!! Like others, I too am tired of the buy/sell shows on HGTV…. I never watch it anymore, I find more relevant info in the Blog World. It’s also been my experience that when something didn’t work out that I really wanted…. something better ALWAYS came around the corner. It will be fun to see what’s in store for you! Thanks for your great blog and even greater attitude! You inspire us all!

  13. Gayle says

    Ditto to what Samantha says. I used to watch HGTV all day long, but I hardly EVER watch it now.

    What a shame, I think you are both so charming and I am sure your pilot was too. Hope another network will be smart enough to pick it up. It is such a current, interesting concept.

    In the meantime, I wonder if they would consider putting the pilot on or iTunes. I’d buy it!

    All the best you both.

  14. Anja says

    I believe HGTV has made a huge mistake, BUT God knows what is waiting around the next corner for you and it is obviously better! You have inspired so many of us with your enthusiasm and the way you have handled this disappointment. You guys rock!!

    Much respect

  15. says

    It IS hard to have something not pan out. I love your attitude. And I LOVE that room. OMgushing heart.,

    I totally would have watched that show. My favorite shows are the ones where people transform and existing space to make it fit their lives. Real Rooms for Real People! Because I am totally staying in my house, and want to make it ours. I get inspired by seeing how other people do this.

    I hope your show gets picked up for another channel. And when it does, please post here so I can fire up the DVR.

  16. says

    SORRY about your luck as i am doing my filming soon for a project, yes, it’s a tough world out there & i don’t take no for an answer, so i roll on. other networks are more lenient on what they’re looking for & willing to give the underdog a try. it just takes that one niche idea that sets you apart from the rest :) good luck!!

  17. says

    I am so diesappointed about this news from HGTV, I for one am very tired of the buy/sell shows. I want decorating shows, like yours, ones the viewer can watch and put many of the ideas to work in their own home. Just like your blog has done for me. The room looks fantastic, you two did an amazing job.

  18. says

    I agree with the above posters!! I have stopped watching HGTV except for Sat. evenings when they do have design shows on. How many House Hunter buying and selling shows can you watch??? I hope another channel is created where it is about design again!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!


  19. Amy c says

    Oh what a bummer! I too have had it with HGTV. Used to watch it all the time and now hardly ever. I’ve had it with those buy-sell shows! Now I spend my evenings browsing design blogs instead! Like many we have no plans on selling due to the poor market and are looking for creative ideas to improve the one we live in but not in that cheesy design on a dime way. Your blog is so inspiring and refreshing. everything happens for a reason and for the best. I look forward to stopping by everyday and seeing where your journey brings you! :)

    • Julie says

      Exactly! Im stuck in my house because of the market. And hgtv is boring & unoriginal anymore. I find better inspiration on blogs. Hgtv, you dont know what you just missed out on. Layla, keep up the awesome inspiration here, girl. We love you! Ever think about bringing back the room design packages?

  20. Amber says

    Super big bummer. I was hoping you would get it so you could come to OHio and help me decorate my boring ranch. There is going to be something bigger and better to come out of this but only time will tell.

  21. says

    Who says networks know what “their” audience wants to watch? I’m sick to death of the whole “buy/sell” show concept and rarely watch it anymore unless I need “white noise” in the background in lieu of the news in the morning. I say you keep on pushing. You guys are amazingly talented and that talent is NOT ‘too twisted for color TV’ baby!

    Here’s to better things on the horizon!

  22. says

    I’m so sorry. I rarely watch HGTV anymore, because it is all buy/sell shows. I would have loved to see afresh new show. I LOVE your videos. You always deliver the info in a fun and entertaining way. I know there are great things for you in your future. All the best…

  23. says

    Oh Layla! I’m so sorry! I had my fingers crossed that this incredible opportunity would materialize for you all! No matter the result, know that we all couldn’t be more proud of y’all’s success! (Standing up & applauding for you both!!!). Hugs ~ Kim

  24. says

    I do not understand HGTV. Every single time I tune in it an episode about buying/selling real estate is on. Do they not realize that NO ONE is selling real estate under the current regime? NO ONE can buy anything because it is nearly impossible to get a loan??? EVERYONE is having to stay put so they might as well feather the nest where they are currently?????

    I smell a rat. I think the National Association of Realtors is behind it.

    I rarely watch HGTV anymore.

    I wish you and Kevin the best, Layla.

    Maybe one day HGTV will grasp a clue in reality. Because HGTV is producing fantasy, not reality TV right now.

    Ricki Jill

  25. says

    Awww!!! I am so disappointed the pilot wasn’t picked up!! Hopefully that means that there is something bigger and better in store for you!! I love your positive attitude and your amazing work. Keep your chins up, and keep moving forward! I wish you continued success and all the best there is in this life!
    And btw, that living room is GORGEOUS!!!!

  26. says

    I can’t wrap my head around HGTV anymore. Instead of encouraging people to embrace their home, whatever the flaws may be, and make it their dream home, they’re constantly shoving real estate shows down our throat. In this economy, who’s doing all this buying and selling?

    It’s funny – I found a box of VHS tapes that my Mom had recorded of HGTV “back in the day” (2002-2004-ish) and there were so many great decorating/renovating shows. What happened to Kitty Bartholomew? Joan Steffand? Brooke Channon? Joe Ruggiero?

    Wake up HGTV – WE WANT LAYLA & KEVIN!!!! We don’t care who’s wheeling and dealing in LA and NYC.

    Here’s hoping someone at Scripps will wake up and smell the coffee.

  27. says

    So disappointing. Unfortunately, I have lost interest in HGTV recently because of their choice of shows – I’m not really interested in watching someone go through the process of buying an international home. I was hoping that they would go back to the way it used to be – your show would have been perfect.

  28. April Z. says

    I would love to see a show like the one you pitched!! I hope another network picks it up. I think it would be so much fun to watch!!

  29. says

    That is bummer! I think HGTV is missing the boat. The House Hunter is played to death but I’m sure it’s good for their budget. Don’t give up..TLC always had great design shows!!! The couple’s room looks fantastic. Great job!!
    All the best to you both

  30. Angela Fritz says

    interesting – i wonder who their focus group was made of and what they were thinking!
    i’ve had enough of the buy/sell shows, too, to the point where i barely watch hgtv anymore. i’ve already bought, and i’m not selling any time soon! i want to be inspired with how to decorate! i’ll cross my fingers that your show gets picked up somewhere else. you never know! LOVE that living room makeover by the way!

  31. Lynne says

    Hello! I am so disappointed to hear hgtv didn’t pick up your show. I think they are totally missing the mark. All they show any more is house hunters. There are very few decorating shows on and the ones they do have on are for people who have tens of thousands of dollars to spend. I guess they aren’t really interested in having shows for us “common” folks who need to redo a room for several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. I was always a huge hgtv fan, but over the last 3-4 years I find I rarely watch. I was so excited to think they were going to have a show show casing my favorite blogger! Well, you just keep doing what you do because we all love you and your talent! Decorating blogs are my go to source when I am looking for design help!

  32. Louise says

    That’s such a shame! I don’t think they realize what they’re missing. :( The room looks stunning by the way! Enjoy your weekend!

  33. Amanda says

    I’m so sorry to hear that – I was looking forward to seeing you guys on TV! What an experience, though!! I can see where HGTV is coming from with their programming, though, with the market the way it is. Of course, those pendulums DO swing….

    And in the meantime….maybe one of the other networks will be interested? I hope so!

  34. says

    I was really looking forward to watching you guys. No worries..better things are around the corner and have plenty of blog fans–including me!

  35. Danielley says

    I’m so sorry your show didn’t get picked up. I love reading your blog and seeing all the design pictures. It inspires me. I agree with other commenters that I, too, am over the buy/sell shows and miss actual design shows. I hope it gets picked up elsewhere because I would love to watch it!

  36. Kerri says

    Gorgeous re-do- that in itself is a fabulous accomplishment. And how fun to have it all paid for :^)

  37. Melinda says

    We gave up cable last year. I thought I would miss it. I don’t. Buy/sell shows and reality TV are one reason–there just wasn’t anything of substance to watch. I also hate that HGTV doesn’t have gardening shows anymore, but oh well.

    Is there any sort of social unrest we can unleash? Shall we write/blog/twitter HGTV? I’d be happy to lend my support to your cause because you have real, genuine, reasonable ideas for making daily life more beautiful. I think that’s what people are looking for these days.

  38. says

    I, for one, think that I hate buy/SELL shows LOL it’s the number one reason I haven’t turned on HGTV in weeks. I’m stuck in this house and want to know how to make it better. Hence why I love blogs!! So sorry friend but I hope you either a)find another network to air it or b) find contentment in doing what you are already doing brilliantly well! XOXOXOXOXO Friend!!

  39. says

    Big Mistake is all I can say for HGTV! I have also stopped watching HGTV, mainly because of all the House Hunter episodes~there’s just too many! I love you guys and I know that only good will come from this. By the way that room looks awesome! Just like I knew it would, because y’all are talented and know just what to do to make things gorgeous!

  40. Denise Carter says

    I was so looking forward to your show. Another door will open for you because you are so loving and it is so much to see what you are doing and thinking. Loved the room you did. I watch lots of HGTV and I think they are wrong and you would have had a big following if they had let you get close to the people.

  41. says

    For starters, I LOVE that room! What you guys did there is so beautiful!!

    I don’t want to be negative, but I do want to echo the HGTV sentiments so far. I cut my DIY teeth on shows like “This Old House”, “Trading Spaces”, and “Hometime,” on TLC and PBS. Your style/methods remind me so much of those (only you’re more stylish ;), and I love that! I don’t watch HGTV anymore because I can’t relate to it. Real people doing real things to real houses appeals to me. That’s why I love your blog!

    I also am a firm believer that when God says no, it’s because He has a better plan. You guys are insanely gifted. I can’t wait to see why this door is closed, at least for now.

  42. says

    I’m sorry to hear this for you and ME! I’m so tired of the buy/sell shows on HGTV. I find that I turn the channel off far more often than not because it’s the “same old, same old.” It’s either the same old thing or a repeat of the same old thing. HGTV really needs to revamp their line-up, diversify!

  43. says

    What a bummer about the pilot, but I have no doubt life will bring you new opportunities that you’ve never expected. If you ever want to collaborate on a space – I’d love it! You don’t have to have a show to do that :)

    Your Pville Blogging Neighbor

    Lindsey @ SimplySalvage

    • Layla says

      You’re right, Lindsey- and we’re actually cookin’ up a fun project to work on with local peeps, so we’ll definitely keep you posted on that! ;-)

  44. says

    So sorry to hear this news. How many more buy/sell shows do they need?? Bummer. I know this was a great experience for all involved though. Bummer too that they won’t let you have the footage back. You guys are awesome and even if this wasn’t meant to be that just means something better is waiting for you.

    • Layla says

      Well, I think YOU’RE awesome, and Kev and I always appreciate your kind words, Gloria. HUGS TO YOU! :-D

  45. says

    That’s a bummer for you and all of us who love you guys! I know something fantastic is awaiting…in the meantime, you’ve got lots of readers who look forward to starting our morings with your blog. Thanks for all you do!

    • Layla says

      Well, that little bit about starting your mornings with our blog just made my WHOLE DAY, and it’s only 8:00am- LOL! :-D Thank you for being so sweet!

  46. says

    Well you gave it go…I say definitely keep plugging..someone will want to take it on. I love you and your husband as a design team. Your young, fresh and talented, and cute as HECK! HGTV..just may be sorry someday:)

  47. says

    Shoot. I, too, have given up on HGTV for a while. It’s either too cheesy (Design on a Dime) or too extravagant (Dear Genevieve, Candace Olson). I would have loved to see you two hard working sweet designers in a fresh new show. I’m not usually one to give opinions so freely but I’m hoping networks are snooping around and reading about what their audience really wants. Good luck to you both on your future adventures! I’ll be reading all about them.

  48. says

    I have to admit I am disappointed for the two of you, but I do believe that things always work out for the best. That just makes me excited to see what other interesting things you guys have up your sleeve! No matter what, I’m a huge fan. Now come on back to Georgia and let’s have some more fun!

  49. Susan says

    Hang in there! You have a loyal, and growing, band of followers online.
    I agree with many of the other commenters. I’ve stopped watching HGTV, because of the shows that they have on, now. Your show would have been a “breath of fresh air!”

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Susan! It sure would’ve been fun to work with them and their big fancy cameras, but our show just wasn’t the right fit for them right now, so we’ll just have fun filming redos with our little handicam like always- LOL! :-D

  50. says

    I have all but quit watching HGTV because of their swing toward buy/sell shows. They have turned into the real estate channel instead of what they used to be. I’m disappointed to hear this news, but know big things are ahead for you guys.

  51. Maria says

    Hi Layla & Kev,
    First I wanted to say that I adore your site, its the first thing that I check out every morning! You inspire me everyday!!!

    Sorry about your series but one of the great things about not getting what we work so hard for is that there is something definately bigger waiting to surprise you. Life sometimes happens that way.

    Again, thank you for doing what you do you both are SUPER great!


  52. Shellaine says

    That’s totally HGTV’s loss. I don’t need to know how to buy/sell houses. I need to know what I can do with what I already have! I love your style and I was REALLY looking forward to getting to see your ideas come to life on TV. I’m sorry they don’t know any better.

  53. says

    ¡Qué triste! I think they would have had a hit on their hands! There are SO MANY of us DIY bloggers that would tune in. Their loss! And ours too :(

  54. says

    I am so sorry HGTV did not go with your pilot/series plans. Truly they are missing out, as am I at seeing all you could do and teach us in a show! Praying for other opportunities to come your way for other more awesome things!

  55. says

    I am so sorry to hear about the show, but I know that there are still great things in store for you. I have to echo the others that are tired of the buy/sell shows. It seems these networks loose touch with their audiences every once in a while. Keep up the good work, have fun, and blessings upon you!

  56. Lindy says

    HGTV’s finger is WAAAAAAY off the pulse of ‘designistas’! I used to watch it but have overdosed on their buy/sell shows. C’mon HGTV! Your audience wants what is exploding on the blog world – people who have the ability to open our minds to new ways of making our homes and lives more interesting through good design without spending a fortune. HGTV – if you want me back, you’ll have to give me what the Palmers (clearly in the top five) and thousands others have delivered to my compuiter!

  57. says

    Dear Layla & Kevin,
    I am as disappointed as all your other readers. Clearly it is a huge mistake on the networks part and they just don’t get what one of your room make-overs does for people — and not just the ones who will be lucky enough to live in them! What the world needs now is love sweet love and you two exude it in everything you do. Please remember when God closes a door he opens a window. He has better and bigger plans for you!
    Love, Deborah

  58. Lydia D says

    So sorry to hear this. I, for one, am rather tired of all the buy/sell shows on HGTV. As a homeowner with no plans to move, I’d like to see more redesign/design shows. I hope another channel sees the value in your work!

  59. Shellaine says

    I just went to HGTV and sent them a long suggestion email that they reconsider the show. I wasn’t nasty – I just explained why so many people have lost interest in HGTV’s buy/sell shows, and that we want to know how to freshen up what we have instead of selling it and starting over (who has the money right now to just buy a new house???). If you are all as disappointed as I am, go send HGTV your own message!

  60. says

    That is really disappointing news. I am so tired of turning on HGTV only to be bombarded with another episode of House Hunters or the show where someone is trying to sell their house so they make some cheap quick updates. Oh, the first time home buying. Too bad even HGTV isn’t showcasing as much creativity. I bet is is less expensive for them to film the other shows. Hopefully doors will open up for you in another network. Best Wishes!

  61. Cindy says

    Layla and Kevin: While I am disappointed that your show was not picked up, I do believe that there are bigger things in store for you. I wish only the best for you! Cindy

  62. Vicky says

    Wow–I am so disappointed…that network is missing out on something that would be great! We are closing on a little rundown cottage at Tybee Island today and I was going to volunteer to be your next makeover (we would fund it of course). Bummer……….but I always trust that God works all things for our good according to His purposes and His wisdom and greater understanding of the situation. I’m sure that this is no exception. There’s something better out there for you. In any case I appreciate what you do and how well you do it. You guys are awesome!

  63. sarita says

    so sorry about the show – but oh my gosh you got to make a pilot show! and the room is gorgeous!! wanna come to the southern california desert and re-do my living room? i’m so stuck about what to do for curtains. we know that you’ll enjoy what lies ahead for you both. take care

  64. Cari says

    Boo! I am really wondering what is up with HGTV these days. It’s always shows about buying houses…how many houses do people buy in their life?! I think they need to look at some thing else than House Hunters! Boring.
    I for one can say that I would enjoy your show! I really hope someone will pick it up.

  65. says

    That is a bummer, I know I would have been watching! You guys worked so hard and built something great that people love, I am sure they will find the right place for your show and everything will work out :)

  66. says

    I’m sad to hear the show didn’t get picked up. I was looking forward to watching you (on Hulu since I don’t have cable). It’s all in God’s planning though. So don’t regret what could have happened because it would never be better than what he has planned for you!

  67. Mary Feagley says

    I was just thinking yesterday how much I miss the HGTV of old…”Room by Room” was one of my favorites. They are on Create…that and “For Your Home” are great shows.

    I would say good luck…but your success will come! God bless!

  68. says

    Oh man, that blows. I wonder if a channel like Create TV (PBS) or planet green would be interested. The did the Beekman boys. I would love to see you on TV! Who wants to be on the stupid Real estate channel anyway (HGTV).

  69. says

    I think HGTV has enough buy/sell shows on. It must be a less expensive route for them to do. I think if you ask the viewers they would tell them give us something new!!! Best of luck in the future.
    Laurie :)

  70. Lisa K. says

    So sorry to hear that news. I was looking forward to something refreshing and inspiring on HGTV. I stopped watching HGTV almost a year now. Would have loved a show like yours.

    And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the room you did above! You are both so talented and inspiring. I’m sure that if HGTV is a no-go that God has something better for you! :-)

  71. says

    Bummer! !! I am sick of buy/sell shows. I only watch the decorating shows and yours looked interesting. I’m sorry we won’t get to watch it.

  72. Kim in Iowa says

    Oh wow – I’m so sorry, and bummed for all of us, too! I agree with others – I’ve had more than enough of the buy/see shows on HGTV. In this economy we need more high quality DIY design shows, and not the kind that give these giant themed rooms, but the kind that you do, where it’s a true reflection of the people who live in the home and is quality work – and entirely doable by anyone!
    I sure hope you continue to show us your design talent, because it’s inspiring. Your Prestos, your own home – all so much fun to see!!

  73. says

    I’m so sad to hear that news :(. I would have loved to watch the show!! And I think the after of your project is Gorgeous! Keep on keeping on and spreading the wonderful things that you do :)

  74. says

    Bigger things on the horizon for you two!!

    There’s so much talent and expertise between you and Kevin, not to mention the great chemistry, that I have no doubt your journey is just beginning. Can’t wait to see where it takes you!

  75. Maggie says

    So sorry to hear about this sad news. I really love your blog and would have loved to see more of your work, ESPECIALLY after seeing the pics of the room you redid. It is gorgeous and so cozy. Will you be doing any posts about the products or your design plan? I would love to know what the paint color is on the walls!

    Best of luck with your future projects and keep posting your great work!!

    • Joanne says

      I would love to know the paint color on the walls, too. I love your design and I’m so happy that I found your blog

  76. says

    I am so sorry to hear that! Just an idea, but can you pitch to HGTV Canada? I had some friends who did a pilot to one (I think Canada first), only to be accepted by the other (US). I know I am not alone in that I want the good ole days of HGTV back. Back to home decor shows, and NOT buy/sell shows ALL the time. HGTV Canada plays many US shows, so it does not need to be all Canadian content or feature Canadian homes (although, if ever you desire, I’d be first in line if you want a fun ole trip up North =).

  77. says

    well, dang. Dang that your show didn’t get picked up and Dang that HGTV thinks viewers want more ‘sell’ shows. Not me. And not a lot of DIY bloggers, I can tell ya.

    But now you have some great experience so you’ll be that much more ready when the right opp comes along. And it will! You’re both waay too talented. Maybe it’s all in the Plan to let Kev get his new site up and running ;)Yay for simple photog sites!

  78. says

    I hope HGTV reads your blog posts. Who is their test audience. I don’t watch the buy/sell anymore. So bored with it. The homes are never comparable to anything like the homes where I live. I do like the shows with the design stars like David and Emily. You are such a darling couple and a show with the two of you would be such a hit. What are they thinking. So sorry. But you two are rock stars in my book.

  79. Michelle Hayward says

    So disappointed as your show would have given me a reason to watch HGTV….years ago I was addicted to HGTV…now its not “home and garden tv”…it is just a real estate show…I rarely watch now….wish someone else would start a network to pick up where HGTV dropped the ball!

  80. Abigail says

    I am so bummed to hear this!! I would MUCH rather watch a show that helps bloggers/people trying to work on their own homes succeed!! In this economy this is the kind of show that makes sense! Great job on the rooms and here’s hoping someone else will pick up the show. HGTV is missing out big time on this one.

  81. Jessica says

    HGTV has bumped their head!!! We were so looking forward to some REAL decorating again! You guys are great! Actually, your blog is one of the first I started following! Thanks for sharing your home and all the other wonderful things you do! I’m inspired by your work!

  82. Stephanie Truitt says

    I’m also bummed that we won’t be seeing you on HGTV! Love the room re-do. What color did you use on the walls? Love the reveal room!

  83. Martha says

    That stinks. I was looking forward to seeing your show. I hate all the buy/sell shows. I want to re-think my own house. Not look at a de-cluttered and staged home show. O-well. I will keep reading the blog, which I love so much. I <3 you guys. : )

  84. says

    Well, I for one am really disappointed! I love HGTV and I love TLC, so I was really hoping this would work out. Although I don’t comment often, I read every single day and was really rooting for you. You and Kevin are such talents, and I know you’ll be successful in whatever you do! So glad you’re continuing to blog. :)

  85. Sandy A says

    All I can say is this is HGTV’s loss–and ours! HGTV needs to have a show like you and Kevin created. Hopefully a network will pick your creation and develop it for TV. The room you designed is absolutely perfect. Designed and decorated, yet totally life friendly. I only wish you could come and help us with our home! Good luck in having your (and our) dream show a reality. Just know you have thousands of fans in blog land…

  86. says

    Well. darn! Having said that … let’s look at the bright side!!! You WILL be picked up, kiddos! You two are just awesome … be patient, Dear Ones!! It is coming … the best is yet to come!!!
    Pink Hugs,
    ps. I love “watching” what you do!!!

  87. Laurie says

    Such sad news! I hardly ever watch HGTV due to the fact that they don’t have the shows they used to any more. Your show would have been perfect! I am not buying or selling, I want to know how to update what I have with a reasonable price! Some of the shows have them renovating bathrooms and kitchens with outrageous pricetags that are free with doing the “series”. I want to do budget friendly renovations. Plus I would love to be able to watch a few of my favorite bloggers. I am hoping your pilot will be appreciated somewhere else so we will be able to watch you every week! Keep up the amazing blog posts!

  88. says

    Layla & Kev~

    I’m so sorry to hear the news. Frankly, I think HGTV is missing the boat on this one. I have to say, in an age when buying/selling are not at their peak, I think there is no better time to launch a show like yours, where people can refresh, make new and learn to love the spaces they already have. I’m a little bored with all their buy/sell shows and haven’t been watching HGTV nearly as much as I used to …and let me tell you, I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that 80-90% of my DVR used to be filled with HGTV alone. It’s simply not the case anymore. They need to get with the times!! ;)

    In any case, I LOVE the reveal of the room you did. I’m disappointed that they are not jumping on board with your show right now, as I was really excited about it and was sharing it with many of our fellow Minnesotans! But I know that you and Kev will keep doing what you do best and entertaining us with your fabulous personalities and fresh perspectives on design. I find the pair of you refreshing on so many levels. Not only are you awesome at what you do, but your marriage and love for one another are a great example to everyone who follows you!

    May God continue to open doors and bless you in all that you do! I’ve been following you since the early days, and will always be one of your biggest fans!

    Blessings & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  89. says

    Keep your chins up & keep on keeping on Palmers! I am so bummed for you! I was hoping to see you on your own show. I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. While it may be difficult to know what that reason is now, just know that there are bigger & better plans for you. One day you will know what they are I’m sure of it! You all inspire so many please keep doing so!

  90. Leslie says

    “Bummed” does not even come close to describing it – good grief, I was even going to get cable to watch you guys!! ; )
    Seriously, I can’t imagine who their focus groups are trying to reach – I quit watching HGTV because the only thing that was ever on was a ridiculous HouseHunter-type show with “second home” budgets of $5 million on an island somewhere! Come on, HGTV, there would not be a million home design/reno/crafty blogs if people were not interested in them!
    I’ll just keep looking forward to your emails and the short, sweet escape it provides during the day!

  91. Carole Stucker says

    The reveal is so fresh, crisp and has great energy. Love it! I used to be addicted to HGTV but now only watch the new episodes of design shows I’ve recorded….and they’ve become nearly rare. The buy/sell shows are such a snooze and are actually annoying to me. I was so looking forward to seeing your show on HGTV. How disappointing.

  92. Regina says

    The room you did turned out so bautiful! And cozy! How could HGTV make that decision? So wrong. It would have been such a nice new twist seeing your fresh design taste in one of their shows! Am getting sick of the existing formats.

  93. Anne says

    Another door will open, of this I have no doubt. Fabulous makeover – as always! I continue to be inspired and check in several times weekly. I love your blog!

  94. Karen says

    Layla and Kevin,
    It’s too bad that HGTV didn’t pick up your show. It would have been a great start to them coming back to who they are.
    I no longer watch HGTV because I have no interest in watching people buying and selling their home.
    Maybe the first show of it’s kind was “novel” where they re-designed a lower priced home to suit the buyer.
    But real estate shows?
    I’d rather blog hop and find the “real gems” like you guys have here.
    Keep on going the way you are. You are inspiring so many people.

  95. says

    Wow. The focus group must not be “real viewers” I’m kind of getting tired of the same old buy/sell shows. I was really looking forward to the pendulum swinging back more towards design. Too bad you didn’t offer to have bloggers fix it up to “sell” it instead. Their loss!
    Well, I’m sure the big man upstairs has something extraordinary in store for you two. Can’t wait to see what it is.

  96. says

    Major bummer Layla! I was so excited about the show and thought it was a great concept. I was looking forward to it. Very disappointed. I love the design work you and Kevin do and wish you the best! By the way, the room looked great!

  97. says

    Wow, I’m really disappointed in HGTV. People on their forums have already been complaining that they are tired of those buying/selling shows. Why don’t they listen to their viewers? You have such a great attitude, and all this means is that there may be something greater on the horizon for you both! Thanks for what you do. We appreciate it, and I’d personally love to watch the Layla & Kevin show over real estate shows!

  98. says

    After reading the other comments, I just have to say dido on HGTV. I hardly EVER watch anymore. I like the HGTV Canada programs. Frankly I do not care to watch 2 hours of house hunters every night. Their loss. What about the OWN network, just a thought.

  99. says

    We’re sorry to hear this news!! We would have loved to see a real show about real peeps than buy/sell any day. We wish you more amazing opportunities and adventure ~ best wishes on all your future possibilities!! The LoveFeast Girls

  100. says

    So bummed you guys! I was rooting right along with ya, hoping your pilot would get picked up. But you know what they say…when one door closes, another one opens. I think there’s something even better out there, just waiting for you to grab hold : )

    PS – great pic of you two!


  101. says

    Frankly, I’m in shock. I cannot believe they didn’t go with “y’all!” IMHO, HGTV has WAY too many shows already about buy/sell (esp. House Hunters ad nauseum). I have pretty much tuned out because of it. Anyway, you’re VERY talented, and your readers appreciate your gifts and talents so much! The room you designed above is just beautiful, and I’m sure you did it on a shoestring budget. I think that’s what most of us REALLY want to see on HGTV, with an occasional smattering of the “dream” re-dos like Candace Olson’s for variety. And I’m tuning into blogs a whole lot more than TV now for that reason.

  102. Sandi Lou Hixson says

    well, i think they made a BAD mistake…but i know you two won’t let it HINDER you!!! blessings to you!!!!!

  103. says

    !I am kinda tired of all the buying/selling shows on HGTV, you would have been a breath of fresh air! Personally, I have to say I would have loved to see your show, you are talented and fun to read, so watching you would be even better. The makeover was, as usual, fabulous!

  104. Annelies says

    So sorry to hear this news. I am soooo bored with HGTV, and rarely watch anymore. Just not interested in this continual “home buying” syndrome going on. Your show would have renewed my interest in their channel. I think they chose wrong….but thank goodness we have your blog. XXX

  105. says

    So many things to say here…first, HGTV is wrong. I am so sick of buy and sell shows, give me some inspiration!

    Second, that room is amazing! They are very lucky people!

    Third, since I first found your blog, my thought has been – these guys should have their own show. You two are the only bloggers I have ever thought – i want to see how they are in their process, how they interact, the fun they have creating.

    I think this didn’t work out because there is a better fit out there for you both that just hasn’t been found yet. Maybe you need to develop your own channel! Ha!

    We will see you on our screens one day, of that I am sure!

    Take care,

  106. says

    I don’t know if I’m more bummed about your show not getting picked up or about HGTV continuing this buy/sell show nonsense. I’m sick of House Hunters and would love to see more decorating shows again..especially yours. That room turned out AMAZING!

    But y’all are so talent, so I’m sure there will be another amazing opportunity soon!

  107. says

    Oh bummer! But at the same time – what an incredible experience!!! Not many people can say they created a pilot tv show!! I love how the room came out by the way!

  108. MimiG says

    First, the Food Network lost me – I cannot watch another Iron Chef, Chopped, Cupcakes, Diners….. show. So, I just watch create TV for any cooking shows I may want to see, plus the PBS ones are really much better. Now, HGTV – enough with the buy/sell shows. The “sell” market is still down in case they haven’t heard. Let’s get back to the “fixing up what you’ve got” shows. It’s just another Bye Bye for me.

  109. Joyce tx says

    SO sorry!!!!! I was really looking forward to making your show a constant, too! Maybe HGTV will realize that the whole world does not want to buy and sell, but make their own, don’t-have-to-get-a-new-mortgage house BETTER! I know you two would have done that, too!

  110. Jana says

    Bummer! As a renovation, make all things new kind of gal, I was so looking forward to your show. The HGTV pendulum really needs to swing back to some practical, inexpensive, repurpose, do it yourself projects that speak to the average home and make it a calming, inspirational, fantastic place to live . . . just like you show us with your pics and your blog. (Love, love, love this room makeover you did for the newlyweds!) More good things are coming your way, I’m sure of it! Thanks to you and Kevin for inspiring me and sharing your awesome talents!

  111. says

    I’m so bummed! You guys would have been such a REFRESHING gift to that network with your THANKFUL, CAN-DO perspective! I was just reading in Ps. 73 this morning and verses 23-24 make me think of you, “You hold my right hand, leading me to a glorious destiny,” While this is undoubtedly disappointing, I pray your faith will dig deep into that truth and I’m thankful you’re bringing us along on the journey to the Palmer’s glorious destiny! Blessings!!

  112. Jennifer says

    I am crushed. and also amazed at your wonderful, positive attitude!
    They made a big mistake, is all I can say. I am so tired of “sell” shows. And that makeover was fabulous!

  113. Angela says

    I’m so disappointed to hear this news! I was looking forward to being able to get my TLC fix on TV, too! Not sure what HGTV are thinking…seems everyone has, pretty much, the same sentiment as far as the buy/sell shows go! The only shows I watch on there now are Sarah’s House & Kitchen Cousins…& the latter isn’t, necessarily, for design purposes, either…if you get my drift!! ;)
    I’m going to stay optimistic, though, and expect to see you guys on the box [somewhere] soon!

  114. says

    Well, phooey! I’m with everyone else here- I rarely watch HGTV any more because every time I turn it on, House Hunters is on. I miss the real design shows. I’m sure filming people looking at houses is a whole lot cheaper than paying for design, but surely their viewership has suffered tremendously, and doesn’t that affect ad income? I was truly looking forward to seeing your show. ~sigh~ :(

    • says

      Oops, forgot to mention- the room turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! You guys did an amazing job!!! It look so much bigger & brighter & fresher. Love the colors.

  115. Shar says

    So sorry to hear the news, You know, the timing may be wrong, but this gets you ‘out there’ & noticed & something else will come along. Hang in there & keep doing what you do!

  116. Kim says

    So disappointed for you! I use your ideas for inspiration almost daily! Love the redo – PLEASE tell me what colors you used on the walls & woodwork. I am in the middle of a rental renovation and I just adore you color choices. I will pray that your show gets picked up by another network. As I always say, when one door closes, another one opens!

  117. Margy says

    Like all the others, I am disappointed that your show won’t be on HGTV. I’m so tired of seeing whiny people looking at houses that they can’t afford. Just not that interesting to me. Who do we write to? Maybe all of your followers could send mass emails to HGTV to pass on this info. Guess we’ll just have to satisfy our decorating needs on your blog! Good luck.

  118. Toni Turner says

    I think its time to get a writing campaign going to HGTV. I think we all just missed out people. I gotta say I am surprised they passed up a show like this. I love both of you on the camera. Soo going to write them right now. Who is with me!!!

  119. Jennifer says

    I too am bummed about the show. I don’t watch hgtv much anymore because there are not enough drsign shows. I love the couch in the living room you did. Could you tell me where it came from?

  120. MJ May says

    This is dissapointed I use to be a HGTV addict but not so much anymore for the reason that your pilot wasn’t shown. I am tired of all of the buy/sell programs that are on now. I know that the housing market is down and these shows inspire buyers and sellers but there are still more of us in our own homes that are going to stay in our homes that would like to have programs geared to us and to what we like for ourselves (not some prospective buyer out there). I do like your additude…don’t give up…I love what you and Kevin do and I love all the links to other creative people. HGTV will miss out if/when you get picked up by another channel…..kind of like Pretty Woman “Big Mistake…Big Mistake”. LOL

  121. says

    while i have to admit, i’m a little bummed about this news,
    i KNOW God has an amazing plan for you two inspiring sweethearts!
    i am continually blessed by your blog and the inspiration/upbeat attitude found here!
    keep on keepin’ on!

  122. Sherri M says

    I completely agree with other readers – I am tired of buy/sell shows. I turn the channel when they are on. HGTV does not realize what they are letting go. Your readers should have been on the panel! I would love to see your style of decorating on TV!

  123. says

    I am so sorry as well! I love your designs and would have enjoyed watching your show. I am like a lot of other readers here since I rarely watch HGTV anymore. I built a house to live in for decades, not to buy/sell and HGTV really ought to drop the “G” from its name since I don’t think they have one gardening show anymore.

  124. melanie says


    I would like you to know that when I scrolled down and saw the room I screamed. That is exactly the look I have been trying to create. I have been stumped with the fireplace. I know you may be a little down today but just know that today you have inspired me so very, very, much and made a huge impact today. Thank you.. Thank you… Thankyou melanie

  125. says

    So bummed! I hardly watch HGTV anymore because I am so tired of House Hunters and the other buy/sell shows – yawn. I keep waiting for new stuff…wish it were yours. Hopefully, it’ll get picked up somewhere else. And if not, I’ll be checking in here for inspiration still!

  126. says

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I for one would have been a faithful watcher of your television show! I totally think HGTV needs a show like that…there is nothing on right now that incorporates the blogging world. God must have something even better in store for the two of you!

  127. Vicki says

    I’m sorry about your show too. Years ago I used to watch HGTV all the time but in the last few years, they just don’t have many shows to interest me. My daughter-in-law is a real estate agent & says not many are buying/selling these days – most people are staying & remodeling,etc. HGTV doesn’t get it.

  128. says

    I think this is just a little speed bump and before long you’ll be telling us that someone else has picked up the show…especially based on the stunning before and after!

  129. Leslie says

    Bummers I was so excited to see some real design! I never watch HGTV anymore since it has become the Real Estate channel. I really think they should listen to viewers…we want Kevin and Layla!

  130. Fernanda in Mexico says

    I never comment but I love your blog so much! When I found it, I went back as far as I could find and hit “next” on your posts until I caught up! Love what you’ve done with the house! ;)

    For what is worth, like many lovely people here, I’m soooooo tired of buy/sell shows. I enjoyed watching HGTV every time I went to the States but now is just so not exciting.

    I’m sure our Lord has great things in store for you guys. Not even the best plans we can come up for ourselves, come close to His plans for us (I hope that’s written correctly. Language barrier and all. LOL)

    God bless you richly!

  131. says

    What a beautiful room! It’s HGTV’s loss–hopefully your show will be picked up elsewhere! I love design shows… what’s wrong with adding diversity to the lineup? I’m tired of buy/sell shows!

    Best of luck.

  132. Bri says

    Dang! I would have loved to see your show on HGTV!! Guess I’ll just have to hope some other network gets a clue and picks you up. :) Love you guys!

  133. Sherri says

    I am SICK of buy/sell shows on HGTV!!! If I have to see another episode of House Hunters I think I’ll scream. Or what about Property Virgins…shoot me now! You have SO much talent and would have made a fantastic addition to HGTV…but it’s their loss. Lucky us we still get to see your design miracles happen right here on your blog. Sooooooo much more interesting than watching yet another buy/sell show!!!

  134. says

    I’m disappointed to say the least. I think HGTV has lost its way. House Hunters seems to be all that’s on with regularity. I enjoy Sarah’s House and Genevive but real estate shows are not that interesting to me. I believe you and Kevin are so talented that something will come your way. I love your attitude.

  135. Melanie Castleberry says

    I’m shocked your show wasn’t picked up. Your style is better than all the other designers on HGTV. I don’t mean any disrespect towards them, because they are a talented bunch, but I just like your style SO much more! Your blog is so inspiring and, as everyone else has said, I know God has lots of happy plans for y’all.

    The after pic of that living room is so beautiful! Could you please tell me where you got that fireplace mantel? Want to do the same with mine! :)

    • Layla says

      Hey Melanie!
      Thank you so much for visiting us today! :-)
      We got the old beam from Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama, and look forward to doing a full post about everything we used in the Morrison’s living room soon! :-D

  136. says

    WHAT!? I am so sorry to hear this. I just don’t get the buy/sell shows…they do not interest me in the least. And with the economy being like it is, you would think they would welcome a show like yours. (We need a Bloggers Channel!)

    Something bigger and better will come along, and in the meantime, you have a lot of fellow bloggers cheering you on!

  137. Renee says

    While I love HGTV, the part I like least is the buy/sell. I love the redo, makedo, use what you have style. I am sorry that your show wasnt picked up, but I guess someone has bigger and better plans for you.Love the new kitty. Keep up the good work.

  138. says

    They are wrong wrong wrong. Do we need more reruns of House Hunters, Selling NY/LA, Property Virgins, Sell This House, Income Property, etc. etc. The only great shows on HGTV are Emily Henderson and Sarah Richardson. They need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think HGTV is really s shill for the real estate industry. So sad and so boring.
    You guys will prevail somewhere, and I will be watching.
    xo xo

  139. Dana D says

    I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to let you know that HGTV is making a HUGE mistake. You’re style is just what they need on a channel that spends way too much time airing House Hunters and the like. Your makeovers are amazing and I hope in time someone will move forward with your TV show project. Good luck.

  140. says

    My friends and I were just discussing how we are not watching as much HGTV because of all of the real estate shows. Perhaps we readers could start a campaign to help get your show on HGTV – as it should be. :)

    ~ robin

  141. Karen A. says

    That is so disappointing for you and for us. HGTV LONG AGO forgot its roots, where it came from. Not saying they shouldn’t evolve, but it would be nice if not ALL of their content pandered to the lowest common denominator of jerky camera, gotta get it done because we’re on some fabricated timeline, reality TV junkies. Used to be you could walk into my home any time of the day and find the TV tuned to HGTV; no longer so, and not for many years.

    That’s my opinion, you’re entitled to yours, too. :-)

  142. says

    Well, what an amazing compliment they had you make the pilot in the first place. I know there are still big things in store for you and I’m certain this “bummer” is going to end up being the best thing in hind sight. Love you, my friend.

  143. Brenda says

    I am so sorry about the pilot. What I am not liking about HGTV right now is the fact that there are so many buy/sell shows. I wish they would go back to more design shows. Maybe you’ll be picked up by one of their subsidiaries! We can all hope and pray!

  144. says

    I just wanted to pop in here and say a big thank you to everyone for such kind words and encouragement! I can’t tell how much it means to us and we appreciate you taking the time to leave us a comment today! :-)

  145. Ann In INdy says

    Too bad! Because I’m tired of the buy/sell shows. The design shows I believe more people are interested in. Most of us are staying in our homes due to the continued unstable economy and I for one would rather see shows that can help me improve the home I have. Sorry, I got on my soap box. I’m sorry again to hear it wasn’t a go. Maybe the producers will read the comments people are posting and change their minds!

  146. LaurieY says

    In 2011, my husband and I were spinning on a never-ending dance floor with appraisers and lending institutions to obtain a loan. Five years ago, we purchased ten acres and last year, we were ready to build. What a journey (as joni mitchell put it: stepping stones on sinking sand) through interviews, documents, scrutiny, meetings with our builder, cost of installing a well to obtain permits, improving access road for the fire dept, building permit$, and the NO from 3 piece-suits – some of them whippersnappers. Pimple-faced kids telling my husband, who has worked his butt off for over 27 years, never missed a day’s work and never been late with a payment, “Sorry, corporate won’t let me.”

    We were sure that the last lender would be underwriting the loan, but to our dismay (for the 5th time) that possibility fell through.

    Needless to say, the 1-year process put us through the ropes — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically (bellyaching). Sure, there were moments of revelation; the eventual recalibration of our lives in terms of faith and perseverance. Counting our blessings. Of knowing; really understanding on an intelligent heart-level about the impermanence of this world. The fleeting perceptions about what should be happening. What is True Ground. What is true Home. The mistake of hitching our identity to form –a farm, a vineyard, an orchard, a prairie schoolhouse, a chicken coop with poop. But still. We are not that. Any of That. We’re not what we do. We’re not what we have.

    It’s perfectly wonderful to have goals, and plenty of vision, and the pluck to create something beautiful and dear on this spinning ball, but I was pining away so hard that it seemed like wrestling a big ‘ol lion every day. (At that point, I didn’t understand that the lion was actually Love polishing my heart.)

    So, on this next go-around (Bank #6), we decided to keep a space of quiet in our hearts about building the house. 2010 knocked the stuffing out of us and I was laying low about the whole ordeal. Mr. Y was mostly positive, but he was concerned to see my spirit droop, even though I tried to hide it, the lamentation in my heart was pressed into the walls. Who cries when chopping celery? Who sighs (extra loud so he’ll hear) at 3 in the morning?

    When the Universe says No. Not yet. Be patient. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow. Not yet. And the Nos stack up like pancakes . . . . well, it just weren’t my cup of tea, all them doors slamming shut. I much prefer, Yes.

    But, early in 2012, a magnificent blast of light pushed its way through our perceived predicament. We got “walking papers” to donate food to the needy through a wonderful organization in the PNW. See, my husband heard about a little boy at school, who, when asked why he didn’t have a good breakfast that morning had responded, ”It wasn’t my turn.” It wasn’t my turn. Maybe United Way tells that story often to get folks to donate –it don’t matter. It kindled his heart and right then and there he got the notion to take money out of every paycheck and buy chili, hearty soups and stews for the poorer families and deliver it to the distribution center. We learned that, in our County, 1 out 3 are not getting enough food. The distribution centers need protein.

    Doves landed in our hearts!!!! I don’t know why a dove would take up residence in mine because I’ve had such a lack of faith during those last 12 months. But, I’ve prayed, still, to be true; to have joy restored to my awareness. And mostly, I’ve prayed for faith cuz mine’s been stinkin’ weak. So, in my struggle to build a house, Love poked my dreary complaint and blew open the windows and walls of my heart. And what was revealed? A storehouse of unimaginable wealth that I was too caught up in my storyline to recognize. I guess there’s some kind of alchemical process that a person might have to endure before the doors fly open. It was true for me. I ain’t sayin’ it’s true for you.

    Something happened in that diamond instant of witnessing my ‘ol man filled with compassion. . . hearing him speak on the suffering of families in our own neighborhood. “What can I do to help?” I’ll never forget it. I quit pouting. It changed me – shook me from an unreal dream. He’s so wonderfully goodhearted and I feel an unbreakable protection in the goodness that shines from that heart.

    As our Cups were running over, we completely forgot about our problems. What much needed rest! Just long enough that we reconnected to the beauty and wonder of life, right where we were. And as we abided in that place of gratitude and peace –to our astonishment, lo and behold . . . . . . .we finally got our loan. The Universe said… . . . . . YES.

    We’ll be sweeping our new front porch steps, planting asparagus and standing on a balcony under the moon by mid-summer. By golly, I can hardly wait to pin trousers to the sky on a clothesline, to unpack library books and unwrap my kitchen that’s been in storage for 3 years.

    One of the scriptures that ushered us through the Landscape of No, was this one:“ . . . but we also exalt in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance, proven character and hope. And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us . . . “

    One of the reason I’m spilling my beans here is because I know what it is to feel that kerplunk when someone says No to a dream that’s been placed in the heart. What I learned is that everything is on purpose . . for the good, even when we can’t see the reasons why. Keep the faith, you Two. Your show is going to be great! It will happen. So, when the day seems to close upon your plans like a flower closes at dusk. . . . still, trust Life. Those petals are in guardianship of something that’s being born into this world. It just needs a little more time before it can blossom.

    That’s what I figure.

  147. Tsampamama says

    Hi Layla –
    Been a fan for a long time but now I feel compelled to comment – so bummed about the show. I am convinced that you are going to have your own show some day – may be not today and not with HGTV but soon! Too bad HGTV lost out on you.. their loss. How about DIY Network? :)

  148. says

    All I could see in this post was how incredible your attitude is. You were thankful and positive, and THAT’S what makes me respect you more than I already did, if that’s even possible.

    And the good news is that God is so much bigger than this–and He’s using you both right now, today, in the way that’s best in His eyes. You mean so much to all of us, Kevin and Layla. And like you said, the story isn’t over yet. He might just surprise us all. :)

  149. Rae says

    Now I’m depressed :( Are they crazy?!? I rarely watch HGTV anymore but was looking forward to tuning in to your show. Oh well, I have a feeling they will regret it. Keep up the amazing work!

  150. Patty says

    You have an awesome outlook and your gratitude and upbeat outlook are inspirational….where one door is closed, God opens another… will be exciting to see what He has planned for you two. God bless always…!!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Patty! You are so sweet to leave us such a friendly comment and we appreciate your kindness so much!

  151. says

    I, too, have quit watching HGTV for the most part. I don’t know WHERE they do their surveys, but they sure aren’t making programming for people like me. And that’s too bad.

    Thanks for sharing this journey with us. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  152. Danielle Bell says

    Sorry to hear about the show. The room make over is just perfect! What color did you use?? Thanks

  153. says

    I’m sorry to hear this! I’ve always been a huge fan but am happy that you will continue to shine here on The Lettered Cottage!

    • Layla says

      Oh my goodness, Amy- you’re gravatar image is TOO CUTE!!!!!!! :-D
      And thank you for your kind comment- we appreciate you swinging by and leaving it today!

  154. Katie says

    Well, I’ personally tired of all the buying/selling shows! I hardly watch HGTV anymore as a result. The room you guys did is absolutely adorable. :)

  155. Cammee says

    What I think HGTV doesn’t understand, is that variety is the spice of life. We get sick of the same old thing, over and over and over. Just because it works, don’t over do it (Trading Spaces anyone?). I like to tune in to Selling New York, but only out of curiosity. I like seeing the high end design and DYI design–if it’s not cheesy. I feel HGTV is losing a lot of viewers to the design bloggers, that is who I turn to now for inspiration. You would think signing a top design blogger would be common sense! I hope they stuck around long enough to read these comments and see what it is real people want. Absolutely their loss, because someone is sure to snatch you two up. You already are, and will continue to do great things!

  156. Gloria says

    This is crushing news :( I was looking forward to finally having a show on HGTV that I would want to watch. They are going in a direction that is becoming unrelatable to the everyday DIYer. There are way too many “high-budget” shows on. I wish I had an alternative. Don’t worry Layla, I’m sure there are big things coming your way!

  157. Annie says

    Oh I love what Sarah@SpeakingofTruth said… He’s so much bigger. :)

    Excited what WILL be right for the two of you! Props for putting yourselves out there in the first place.

    And for real- that living room made my jaw drop. It is so beautiful. I wish I had that kind of eye, or a friend near me that had that kind of eye! Absolutely fantastic job. :)

  158. kathy h says

    There’s something better out there, just waiting for you. I know you are probably bummed, but be patient, my pretties (and I mean that…your photo where you are kissing Kevin is adorbs! You look super skinny!)

    BTW, LOVE the room redo! It really looks like a completely different room. Had you put them together side by side I would have never imagined they were the same room! Kudos.

    Still waiting for you to come help me with my house if you need a trip to Cali and are looking for something else to do! :-)


  159. says

    That’s too bad. I would have watched your show. I’m SO tired of all the selling shows. I like the actual renovating shows better. Oh well.

  160. says

    You all are so talented and have a lot of supporters in blog land! I am sure it took courage and passion to go after a pilot,yet your talent got you the pilot. The unknown possibilties ahead are exciting. I look forward to your book and seeing what chapter opens and surprises you both. Best wishes and I always look forward to seeing what you have to share. I love that you went after a dream.

  161. Jeanne says

    So sorry to hear about your pilot not being picked up, but maybe down the line someone will. Frankly, I’m so tired of seeing real estate shows on a design channel. That was not the origional intention for this channel. And frankly, even the deisign shows are getting a little weak. I was so looking forwad to seeing you guys on a regular basis sharing your enthusiasm and great ideas.

  162. says

    Well, poop on that! I was all excited and ready to jump on the bandwagon.

    That being said, I am a HUGE believer that detour signs keep us from the wrong road sometimes. Maybe the reason is something big or something small but I’m sure it is significant regardless! Can’t wait to see where you guys end up and kudos to y’all for chasing the dream.

    Love the room & I’m betting they did too!

  163. Valerie says

    I almost never comment, but I had to say that I am so disappointed! I don’t watch HGTV anymore as there’s almost nothing on that I am interested in, but I was SO looking forward to seeing your show! The room you did is absolutely beautiful and I know another door will open for you! :)

  164. says

    Sad. :-( I was looking forward to seeing you on my TV screen! The Lettered Cottage will still be one of my very favorite blogs. I love when it’s bold on my Google Reader in the morning. :-)

  165. says

    I’m so sad to hear this & surprised as well. You & Kevin are so adorable — just perfect for TV. And, of course, your designs are so beautiful & accessible — perfect for the HGTV audience. I have to agree with the other posters who said that they are tired of all of the buy/sell shows…yawn!

  166. Denise says

    I was so looking forward to seeing you on TV! I used to watch HGTV pretty much everyday, but I am so annoyed with all of the buy/sell shows that I hardly watch at all now. I like to see makeovers and design inspiration, which is why I guess I have fallen for the “blog world”. Best of luck to you – I know something great is in store for you.

  167. says

    I haven’t read the other comments since there are over 200 so I am probably repeating what everyone else is saying but I’m BUMMED!
    HGTV is wrong to keep doing buy/sell shows. They are on constantly now. I enjoy the shows but from 8 to 11 every night is way too much! I think they have made a huge mistake.

  168. Kathy says

    Boo Hoo…, they obviously don’t know what they are missing. You guys are great! Must be something bigger and better around the next corner:)

  169. Courtney says

    I LOVE the room!!! I am sorry that it did not work out because I was SO looking forward to your show. I need inspiration on our fixer upper. You guys did a great job. You are really HGTVs loss!

  170. says

    That’s a bummer! I’m so tired of all the buy/sell shows on HGTV. I miss the real decorating shows. I hope another network picks it up. What a great concept!

    I still miss TLC trading spaces!

  171. Melinda says

    When one door closes another opens and I believe there will be something great behind it. I really think HGTV should pay attention to the blogging community and those of us who read and are inspired by you all on a daily basis. Looking forward to what the future hold for you!

  172. says

    I’m bummed! But I truly believe that if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be, God will put you where you need to be!
    I too am tired of the buy/sell shows I never watch them. Love me some Design Star though! :)
    Would love info on the fabulous room you guys did for that couple. I love that mantle!! Good Luck to you guys!

  173. kelly in georgia says

    They must be absolutely crazy! That one room alone just oozes with style and talent! How in the world could they think buy & sell shows are smart in today’s housing market??? Glory. A smart network would target the American population that is trying to stay in their home and make it into something beautiful…which you two clearly help folks do. I am just shaking my head… Here is what I would like to see – your show in Sunday evening on PBS right before Downton Abbey..a sure winner’s market. hmmm…anybody out there know someone at PBS?? I know it must be disheartening, but be proud that you had the opportunity and happy that you were brave enough to take it. Better things MUST be headed your way I know.
    Now go work on your photography blog Kevin! ha ha.

  174. says

    I’m so disappointed. It seemed like the perfect gig for you two and for all us fans/bloggers. However, you know what they say, when one door closes another opens. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you.

  175. says

    I know you may not read this as I am 228 in the pile but, I was looking forward to a buy/celebrate show. The buy/sell shows are starting to wear and I find that I don’t watch that much HGTV anymore because of this. My husband and I are in our forever home (not our sell home)and I am an addict to home design and would love watching more shows with people living in their homes. (especially with a vintage style)
    Watching to see what you do next.

  176. says

    awww…I am sorry! But, hey we all still love and support you. Something better will come along you wait and see. Best of luck in your new path!

  177. says

    I’m so sorry to hear that your pilot won’t be made into an HGTV show. I am so tired of all those House Hunters shows. It seems they could for-go a few of those slots to put some fresh new show in it’s place. I suppose it is cheaper to produce a buy/sell show as apposed to a decorating show. What a bummer!

  178. Esther says

    I am soooo disappointed!! I hardly watch HGTV anymore becaue I really am tired of the buy/sell shows since that is NOT what I can do. I love watching the make overs so I can get ideas for myself.
    I was really looking forward to seeing it – love your attitude though!

  179. amy says

    their buy/sell shows drive me crazy. i think the direction you guys were headed is much more appealing but alas, i am no TV exec.

  180. says

    Awww bummer! I really had my fingers crossed for you two. I think I wanted to see you guys on camera as much as you wanted to be on there. :) I’m sure there are still good things ahead for you though.

  181. faye says

    I was so looking forward to your show! I think HGTV missed the mark on this, as I prefer watching a “remake” instead of a dump the old and buy something new! In fact, all my favorite HGTV shows are thinking outside the box of decorating and changing up what you already have, with a few “new” things here and there. I guess that’s why I don’t watch it as much as I did before! Still, I will continue to visit your site and others like yours to see how you and Kevin mix things up. Remember “up” and things will work out fine!

  182. Angie says

    So sorry to hear this news! I was so looking forward to having a reason to engage with HGTV again. Put me in the pot with the folks who have lost interest in the network. I used to voraciously follow the HGTV Dream Home and that doesn’t even appeal to me anymore because the houses are all beginning to look the same– same designs, same floor plans, same sense of being out of reach due to the tax burden and HOA fees, even when the house itself is paid for. And I can only watch so many people buy extravagant homes abroad while I’m struggling to keep up with the mortgage on my fixer-upper in the states.

    Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your passion with us!

  183. Jennifer says

    I am so bummed your show did not get made. I would have loved it. I remember when HGTV had decorating shows and craft shows. Its a shame all they do is buying/selling. I’d like to see some decorating! I hope another station picks it up. I’ll tune in!

  184. Maggie says

    Sorry to hear this as I know it isn’t easy to hear the news we didn’t want to hear. I sure want you to be encouraged as I believe this is because God has a much bigger plan for the two of you. He has given you a beautiful gift of designing and all that it encompasses including photography and He will continue to use you and bless you and bring Him glory. It was such a gift when I found your blog and I felt like I found a new friend.
    love and blessings,

  185. Dawn B. says

    I found your website (along with a new world of decorating blogs) a few months ago and just love it. I didn’t realize until reading others comments, that I, too, have stopped watching HGTV and mainly get my design “fix” through wonderful blogs like yours! HGTV is not anything like it used to be. Count me as another former HGTV fan that tired of all the buy/sell shows. I know God has a plan for you..and right now, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Trust in His timing!

  186. Megan says

    I am overwhelmed by all of the support you receiving in these comments! Almost brings me to tears. I was also looking forward to your show. The anticipation! Based on the number of responses to this blog, you obviously have a fan base. Can someone make sure the folks at HGTV read this???
    You are wonderful, keep doing what you do.

  187. Rachel says

    Not the news I wanted to read. Sadly,HGTV is out of touch with what real people would like to see. Will keep following your blog. You guys keep doing the stuff you do best. The good stuff will follow.

  188. Jennifer says

    Sorry to hear about that decision… Am I the only one that doesn’t want more of the buying/selling shows on hgtv? I hardly watch hgtv anymore because that’s all they do. I wish theyd do more decorating how to’s

  189. Jenelle Johnstone says

    You should try to pitch to HGTV Canada it is a seperate network from HGTV USA. HGTV USA actually uses alot of Canadas original programming.

  190. Linda says

    OH NO! I was really looking forward toyour show! HGTV is great but they do the same old – same old stuff over and over. Was really looking forward to a fresh new concept and ideas for average DIY people like me. Love your blog though so keep it coming. Your’s is the first I check out when I log on.

  191. Jane H says

    I. for one, am exteremely dissapointed in their decision. I am confident that, had they given you and Kevin more feedback regarding their concerns, you could have considered a revision of the proposal and injected some product placement, or promotion, to appease their upper management. As a former sales and marketing executive, I am particulary dissapointed that they let the charisma and chemistry the two of you have – as well as the amazingly loyal following, take second seat to their need to incorporate a defined, revenue producing stream through product use/endorsement. Honestly, this impacts my opinion of HGTV, and will also impact the frequency of my viewing of their shows. I do not mean to verstep, but I suggest you and Kevin track the feedback from this post. More than a few programming decisions have been overturned/reconsidered based on consumer input. This may not, and frankly should not, be over!

  192. Lisa W. says

    Its too bad they have NO idea what they are missing out on. They will “see” when you become even more famous than you are now. Its baby steps…it will come. The experience had to have been wonderful. Something bigger and better will come your way:) I have to say I LOVE that your going to keep going and “doing” what you do…go Layla and Kev:)

  193. says

    OH man ! :( So sorry it didn’t happen this time around but keep plugging away and opportunites will come your way :) This one just wasn’t meant to be but I bet it will lead to something better! I LOVE how the room turned out. So drastically different. Crisp and fresh. Love it. Looking forward to the photography series and following you along. Happy weekend!

  194. Tami Holden says

    Soooo disappointed! I too am really tired of the same old recycled program ideas/rehashes on HGTV. I’m not interested in multi-million dollar condos in NYC! Let’s show the average North American what can be done with reasonable budgets and non-professionals achieving amazing decorating and dyi ideas!!!! Come on HGTV you need a dose of reality.

  195. says

    I’m shocked and disappointed…I watch HGTV and they need a show like this!! wow….so bummed! I hope someone else picks you up instead.

  196. says

    Can I ask what you did to their fireplace? I’ve that rounded hearth and I like how you squared theirs off… The difference between theirs and mine is my brick is floor to ceiling. It’s a fab double fireplace available to family room and living room but… we don’t use it so it seems to be the dark hole. I’d love to brighten it up.

  197. says

    I’m sorry the this wasn’t the time, but NOTHING is going to stop you two. I know you feel it, too. The momentum is growing and great things are ahead of you. You are already living the dream of doing what you love and enjoying growing recognition and respect. Hang in there! I have been so proud to watch your progress. I would love to watch your show and I love that you included bloggers!

  198. Donna says

    I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!!…I have been following your blog for some time now and it was a HAPPY DAY the moment I stumbled upon it! I have no doubt TV is in your future! Good luck with the projects that are ‘in the works”!!!!
    I’ve already have my name on a wait list for the chalk paint at a Long Island dealer as it has yet to come our . Just a few more weeks I’m told and my family room transformation will begin!
    You and Kevin inspire me on a daily basis…and for that..I THANK YOU!
    God bless you!

  199. says

    I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”. We may never know why, but there is reason.
    I feel there are bigger and better things for you two! :)

  200. Kelly says

    quite disappointed that HGTV didn’t pick up your show but not suprised since the quality of programming there has steadily declined. Do not give up on this pilot…you two are so talented! Look at this as a turn in the road and not the end of the road. I truly believe that one day all the blog followers will say, “we knew them when…!”

  201. Jules says

    I can’t believe HGTV didn’t pick up your show. You guys are so talented and personable – the perfect combination for success. The after on the room you re-did is amazing! I had to keep going back and forth between the before and after photos – I just couldn’t believe it was even the same room!

  202. Bernie says

    What is HGTV thinking???? You’ve got such a great fresh style. They need some NEW talent. House Hunters and Property Virgins need to go….how exciting is it to look at empty houses and closets??? YUCK. Where do we write to express our opinions to the pin heads that make these decisions?

  203. Linda says

    Love you and your blog. I have followed you since you helped Pioneer Woman’s friend decorate her home. You truly have inspired me. I along with others thought the HGTV show would be a sure thing since they could use more good every day design. I certainly loved the pilot room redo. Look forward to seeing more about it. I know great things are instore for you.

  204. says

    Well, they should have asked your readers! I just want to thank you for all of the effort you put into your blog, your work and your desire to spread inspiration and encouragement to all of us out here in blogland. You two are jewels and I look forward to checking in on you any chance I get. Wishing you all the best in your next big adventure!

  205. says

    Darn! I was really looking forward to seeing your show. Well, I’m sure God has better timing or a better opportunity in mind! Keep up the blogging! I love it!

  206. says

    OH, my friends! Since I got the news firsthand, I am just now getting caught up over here. You know how I feel about both of you, adore you to death. I just know this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new journey. there are bigger and better things in store for you both! I am in a waiting game myself, looking for a house and I know that God is ultimately in control, as you know too. We can rest in that comfort. Love you both and hope to see you really, really soon! xoxo

  207. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    This was a ridiculous decision on the part of HGTV. Good Golly……..don’t they know real, sincere talent when they see it?
    OK…….I am over that.
    You kids keep following your dreams. If this failed – it’s for a dang good reason! That’s all there is to it. There is something MUCH BETTER out there, just waiting for you to “fall into the situation”. That’s why HGTV didn’t sign you!!!!!
    Remember Jeremiah 29 11-13. God has a plan!!!!!! You kids will land the GOLDEN GOOSE………it’ll happen on HIS time, not yours!
    You know how much we all believe in you and how much we all love your “family”……………KEEP ON, keeping on!!!!!!!!!
    ROCK ON KIDS! We know you are the best thing out there…………..
    (and no folks, I am NOT related) LOL!

  208. says

    I”m sorry this happened. Maybe it will be picked up elsewhere? I like your fresh style and I think you would do very well on t.v.

  209. says

    Was so sad to read this. I was hoping you guys would get a huge series and could come up here to MA to help me with my kitchen. I’m hoping that another network will pick it up. I find your work and blog so inspiring. When one door closes another will open. x

  210. says

    I’m so sorry, Layla and Kevin! I don’t know what hgtv is thinking! I’ve stopped watching them altogether because their shows are all soooo boring. I cannot stand the real estate shows. If they are on, I just click off. The reality is that hardly no one is in the financial situation to buy. We just need to fix up what we have. That’s why I watch the DIY network and read fabulous DIY blogs like yours! I was looking forward to your show and actually having a reason to watch HGTV again.
    They need to get with the times. Blogs are future of home design ideas and advertising. Blogs are only becoming more and more popular and it’s not gonna stop. Hgtv just really missed out!
    Oh well, you and Kevin are destined for the stars and you dont need hgtv to take your there! Can’t wait to see all the great things you do In your future!
    Love you both!!!

  211. Elizabeth H says

    Actually I am shocked. I so wanted a good program on HGTV. They lost me as a viewer and I was hoping for you guys to get me back to them again. I just don’t learn anything from them now, but used to. Good luck to you guys!! You all are absolutely the best.

  212. says

    Like others who have commented … I’m so over and done with home buying and selling shows. Never go into them anyway. Everyday living inspiration is what makes my heart sing and you guys are the music! Keep on keeping on, you are my favorites on SO many levels!

  213. Charlotte says

    Hi Layla, I rarely leave comments, but I am compelled to tell you what an amazing inspiration you are and that HGTV has made a HUGE mistake!! You have such a wonderful spirit and are extremely creative. I read many blog posts, but a few of them are true favorites and yours is absolutely one of them for many reasons. First, your impectible taste and second, your kind heart. That is a winnig combination and I would have loved to see you on TV. Keep at it girl, you amaze me!

  214. says

    So sorry about the show! I would have loved to watch you and the tube. You would have been way better than some of the shows they have on right now. I hope the show finds another better home very soon!

  215. says

    Someone PLEASE tell the people at HGTV that there is STILL a recession going on so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop teasing us with all these homebuying shows! MOST of us cannot afford to buy right (GOD I’d love to tho!), all we can afford is to spruce up what we have now! Bring back the essence of DECOR, (except for Design on a Dime – man that show and its OUTDATED decor – eeeek!) I NEED IT IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!
    Enough of my ranting, I could go on and on if you wanna hear but I won’t! However I will say I LOOOVE the makeover! Who needs HGTV when you have such a huge following anyway!!! They said NO but keep asking and you will get a YES somewhere!! God Bless!

  216. Melinda Ke says

    Booo…what were they thinking? You guys would have been fabulous, but perhaps fate has something better in store for the two of you. That living room turned out beautiful, I love the color and textures…and that amazing fireplace!

  217. jan says

    Your blog is the best. HGTV, what’s going on over there? I was addicted for years and now it’s boring. Inspiration is what it’s all about and THE LETTERED COTTAGE has it to the max. Please keep inspring us.

  218. says

    Oh, I’m so disappointed! HGTV doesn’t know what they are missing. Your combined talent and humor and personalities would make a great show. Hopefully the future!

    On a different note, there are NO words to describe this transformation. Beautiful! I can take so many ideas from this redo. Beautiful.

  219. says

    I am so sorry that it didn’t work out. God has many plans for us and although it may be hard to understand at the time, He does have our best interest at heart. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things that you can not see yet. Good luck, I would love to watch you guys on a show!

  220. Karen D. says

    I’ve been following your blog for months, but today I wanted to comment. Your wonderful talents and warm personality just jump through the screen with each post. Thank you for all you do!
    I am really disappointed the show isn’t picked up, but I only hope this means another great opportunity is around the corner. You are SO talented and we love you!

    • Layla says

      Karen, thank you so much for your kind comment. My heart is just absolutely over-flowing reading through all of these messages, and we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to visit us today! XO

  221. Deneen says

    Layla and Kevin, I am so sorry the pilot did not go through! Although, I know you will be doing other big things in your future. It’s funny I really had no idea it was for HGTV when I decided to help. I just wanted to have a blogging adventure. I sure did and I got to met the two of you. You guys were awesome. I really enjoyed my time with all of you. You were so sweet and fun!! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the two of you in the future. Keep designing and loving what you do! So glad to call you friends!

  222. says

    Shut the front door!!!! What an absolute shame. This is what people want to see!!! Real people making beautiful rooms in an affordable way. HGTV may have missed the boat, but we are the lucky ones who get to see what you do! Thank you for always creating and always sharing!

  223. Rhonda Irizarry says

    Aw, well I have to say I’m bummed for you both and for myself (a bit self serving here).. I was so looking forward to your wonderful show.. I think they missed a wonderful opportunity, your show would have been amazing.. So different and yet real.. Well they still have, House Hunters :/ (which I enjoy, but they need something else to be honest).

  224. Rhonda I says

    Thinking more about this.. and seeing other comments, namely the over used programing of, House Hunters.. We should all write HGTV, After people have hunted for their home they need to decorate it.. come now.

  225. Sarah T says

    Oh, I’m so sorry this didn’t work out for you. But it sounds like you’ve got a good attitude about it.

    This may sound hokey, but I remember someone saying on the tv show “The Voice” recently (to a vocalist who wasn’t chosen) that all four of the judges have had people turn them down at some point in their career. Everyone has that. But it doesn’t mean give up. And I know YOU KNOW this, but in case you forgot, I’m reminding you. :) Keep working towards your dreams. Look how far you’ve come already.

  226. Alisa D. says

    I’m shocked they wouldn’t pick up your show. That room was gorgeous!!! I’m sorry that you two were disappointed but I bet some even better opportunities are on the horizon for you both.

  227. Joanne says

    I hate this, I was so looking forward to your show. Love your blog and will continue to read it. I know you will get your own show one day

  228. Tracy says

    I’m bummed to hear this too! HGTV is so full of people fake-real estate shopping (I know someone who was invited to do house hunters int’l AFTER she’d already bought her place), and I’d really rather see more design shows. GOOD ones. Candace Olsen’s the only one I care for now, but she doesn’t actually cater to people on a budget. :) Keep up the good work!

  229. says

    If HGTV puts one more buy/sell show on their line up I’ll just spit! I miss the good old days when decorating was why you tuned in…and your show would have been a winner, for sure. But as they say, when one door closes…..

  230. denise says

    Don’t know if you’ll catch this response among all the others, but I just wanted to tell you what a privilege it was to work with you and your fine crew. Everyone was SO nice! I’m pretty proud of those pillows…the fabric choices are awesome! And those drapery panels…LOVELY! Thanks for letting me be a small part of your “crew” that day! HUGS!

  231. Rhonda Reilly says

    What a bummer. It sounded like your show would have been just what I’ve been wanting. I’m tired of all these Selling house shows to the rich. :( They really really stink. I do even watch HGTV hardly anymore because they took off all the shows that I actually liked and got ideas from. Now they just stink stink stink even more for not going with your show. Well I guess you have something better coming along!!! They are not good enough to have y’all. Good luck to y’all.

  232. Laura says

    :( Well, rats! Guess there is something better around the corner! :) That’s fun to think about….
    I love your design style, your blog, and your fun personalities that shine through both!

  233. Gale says

    Well, dang – here I was going to actually watch HGTV again if ya’ll were on it.. LOL!! It’s become so BORING and I can’t tell you the last time I turned it on (my husband is thrilled, of course!) Seriously, ya’ll would’ve been a breath of fresh air to that channel and that room is GORGEOUS! Maybe HGTV will read THESE posts and realize some of us are sick and tired of House Hunters and all the other stupid Buy-Sell shows – bring back DESIGN… I loved Decorating Cents “back in the day” because at least it seemed REAL!

    Oh well – I will just continue my blog reading for good design tips – and am sending hugs your way!!! :)

  234. Hilary Torres says

    That is a HUGE bummer! It seem like the
    , real and useful stuff is overlooked for a “Hollywood” grade production!
    Makes me mad!

  235. cathy says

    Kevin and Layla – I really hate it that you all didn’t get picked up – I was so rooting for you guys. Truthfully, I use to be a really big HGTV viewer but I personally don’t enjoy seeing house hunters or house hunters international EVERY single time I turn it on. I would have loved to have seen what you would have brought to that channel – you are fun, beautiful, inspiring and REAL people with real dreams. And I so hope someone rewards you for all your hard work. Many blessings to you all in everything you do. God must have something bigger in store for you!

  236. Jenni says

    Darn! I would have loved to have seen your show! I agree about HGTV too.
    Can I ask you where you found that sectional? I”m in the market for something like it but don’t want to break the bank. Any advice?
    God bless you!

  237. Kelly says

    Obviously bigger and better things are ahead :)

    I am such a huge fan! My husband and I just bought our first home on the OBX and your blog had been such an inspiration. We WILL get there, one room at a time. THANK YOU!

  238. says

    Beautiful people,
    As I am sad for you both, having followed you two darlings for a while now, I am more energized for you to see what God will do – He will do what is BEST for you both, even tho it is so hard to see that – I love your attitude about all this, and God will honor your response to this dissapointment. You two are so unique out here in bloggiland, and I am confident His ‘good and perfect and pleasing will’ WILL happen for you both as you keep your eyes on Him and keep on throwing hammers at nails and putting paint to walls and furniture!!!

    ps – I hope some scout from HGTV is reading this comment thread – would be smart for them. <3

    Blessings abound to you two! You truly are soooo gifted.

    • Layla says

      Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much for visiting us today. We appreciate your kind words so much, and we’ll definitely keep our eyes on Him as we move into the phase of our adventure!

  239. says

    I’m so disappointed to hear this–both for you and for those of us who were looking forward to watching the show! I think HGTV missed the boat on this one big-time. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

    You are so talented and have such a large and loyal following that I have to believe that something even better is ahead for you. We’ll all say we “knew you when.” :)

    P.S. That living room makeover is a-MA-zing. Love it!

  240. says

    I went and commented on HGTV’s facebook page that your readers are very disappointed! Hope more people comment and they quit with the push for buy/sell shows! Love your blog! And hope to see your show someday!

  241. cathy says

    Don’t give up on your dreams! Y’all are living them will only get better!!

    ((Big Hugs))

  242. KK says

    Just remember that God’s plans are always greater than our own & that faith in him includes trusting in his timing. When he closes a door, he always opens a window. Just keep on shining your little lights for all to see. You are both bright spots in this big old world!

    BTW, as a former (no longer) viewer of HGTV programming, your show would have totally won me back over. The same has occurred with me regarding Food Network.. I only tune in these days to catch Ree’s “Pioneer Woman.” I seriously wonder how they determine what is supposedly “in” at the moment. In regards to myself, they are way off base.

  243. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin,

    I was saddened to learn you weren’t picked up for a show on HGTV! I of course, feel your are of Star Quality and talent, even if HGTV doesn’t feel they have a place for you at this time!! I enjoy each and every post and picture you send our way. Keep up the good work.

    Take good care,
    Cyndee (from Tulsa, OK)

  244. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin-

    I like everyone who loves and reads your blog is very sad that the HGTV show didn’t work out for you. It would have been what viewers truly want to see on HGTV – not like “the formula cheap to produce” stuff they seem to be gravitating to. Since the first time I read your blog I have always thought – these two have it – style, character, uniqueness, charisma, TALENT! This may seem like a set back for you, but I TRULY feel you are on the verge of something bigger and even better to show your talents.- so try not to look at it as a set back, but just a small bump in the road to reaching your goals and dreams – perhaps staring your own network!!!
    I am so happy to know that Kevin will be teaching a session on photography at Haven. I just bought a Canon 60D and have so much to learn. Your photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to learn more from you. xo

  245. says

    Their loss my dear! Look at all your comments and followers! I see I am not the only one that loves you guys! Keep plugging along, it WILL happen! Melaine

    p.s. I emailed you, not sure if you got it, but I am ready to move forward on the convo we had! :)

  246. Mary says

    I am so bummed out…I adore your style and was looking forward to seeing it on tv on a regular basis!

    I read your blog all the time, but this is my first time posting because I just HAD to ask…what color is that blue you guys used in the living room for the pilot? I am having such a hard time choosing the perfect blue for my living room and I LOVE how that one looks! Thanks!

    Here’s hoping someone else picks up the show, in the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy your website :-)

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Mary! :-)
      We’re looking forward to publishing a post full of all the details about the Morrison’s room in March!

  247. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! They couldn’t drop one of the MANY hours of House Hunters to give us what we want…a great show with great hosts!!!! They are the losers in this case! You’re going to get there….just remember it’s all in God’s time and His hands!!! You two are much loved, and I’m sure I’m not the only disappointed fan of yours. Much love being sent your way!!!!

  248. says

    i’m super bummed to hear they’re not going forward with y’all’s idea. if i have to watch another house hunters/my first place/bang for your buck, etc., i’m gonna poke my eyes out. it seems if it tested well in a focus group, they’d change the ‘focus’ of their programming to go with what’s wanted. but, that’s prolly why i don’t run a TV station!

    good luck – i’m sure something else will come along – you all are super duper talented!!

  249. Dorothy says

    Layla and Kevin, I am bummed that this was not picked up by HGTV.I love reading your blog and I was looking forward to watching your show. I have all but stopped watching this channel (HGTV) with the exception of 2 hours on Saturday, I live on the west coast so they can start showing a new design show at 4pm my time. UGHH!!!!
    HGTV are you reading these comments? Your focus group was incorrect. Your faithful viewers have left your channel in droves. We do not want more home buying shows. Enough already.
    In my area DIY channel is an add on to our cable package and with the economy being tight we do not receive it. Please do not expect your viewers to switch over and watch that channel while you continue to be an all real estate buy/sell format.

  250. Barbara says

    So sorry to hear that they didn’t pick you up. And the end result of that room is sweeter than a lot I’ve seen on HGTV! Hopefully, this will blossom into something else for you both. Who knows? I know I’ll keep watching! Thanks for the blog. I really enjoy it!

  251. says

    Well I think it’s stupid they didnt pick that up…I was really looking forward to watching yall! Love the living room yall did for them btw…total perfection, as usual!

  252. Jenny says

    Nooooo, I was so looking forward to your show :( What were they thinking? I honestly think HGTV made a huge mistake ’cause you guys are awesome.

  253. says

    Well, poop! I was so looking forward to being able to DVR your show and watch it curled up on my couch with my cup of hot tea and blanket. The good news in all of this is that, one day, I will. God takes care of his children and through you guys being a light for him, there is no doubt in my mind I’ll see you two on my tellie one day. In the meantime, continue doing what you do best…being you. Teaching all of the rest of us how to reflect, redesign and relish in all that this crazy life has to toss our way!

    Blessings to you both today and always!

  254. says

    I actually said over the weekend “HGTV NEEDS NEW SHOWS”!! How many House Hunters, House Hunters International, My First Place can one watch? Someone may need to tell them that the housing market is in a slump and more people are looking for ways to rejuvenate their existing homes! I rarely watch it at all anymore….BUT I now that wonderful things are on the horizon for the two of you and where ever that is….I will for sure tune in!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  255. says

    Oh Layla! I was so sad when I read this. :( I was really rooting for you! You guys would have made the best show, I just know it. There is a time and season for everything, and the Lord has it all in His perfect control. He loves you, and has your good in mind in everything!

    If it makes you feel even a teensy bit better, our family was turned down to appear on House Hunters. We were very, very close, but at the last stage of the decision making, they decided no. Guess we weren’t what they were looking for?? Not interesting enough for House Hunters??? Ouch. ;) Who knows? But God does, and that’s comforting.

    I’ll be praying for you as you move forward with life and am excited to follow along and see all the wonderful things God has in store!

    Much love,

  256. Tina Tierson says

    Wow! I can’t believe your show didn’t get picked up! What are they thinking? Now when I watch HGTV I only watch the decorating shows, most of which are old cuz the buy/sell thing is totally not relevant for me. Don’t give up! Your blog makes my day!!! xoxo

  257. says

    I absolutely love the room you made over. It looks so coastal now! Sorry the show didn’t go through, but your attitude is refreshing and I’m confident GREAT things will come your way. Good things happen to good people.

    Lesli @ :)

  258. RoxanneK says

    Sorry to hear that, I was really looking forward to your show. I think it would’ve been just the refresher HGTV needs.

  259. says

    It would have been a great show! It’s a shame that they get a rut with programming and do too much of one thing until everyone is burned out. Many of us would love a show like yours. They should have listened to the focus group…

  260. Denee says

    It is their loss and I’m sure something better is on the horizon. Thanks for continually inspiring me with you blog.

  261. laura says

    Layla & Kevin,
    You both have been such an inspiration to me from your home improvement projects to your upbeat personalities. I look forward to reading your posts ,and feeling empowered to tackle my own home improvement projects after seeing the things you both accomplish. Do not be defeated by this news…I truly believe that this was meant to free up your time for something even better in your future and I am excited about the possibilities for you both!

  262. Jeni says

    Anyone that watched Uncover Boss this week learned that focus groups don’t always get it right and I know thats what happened here. I love HGTV but am turned off in the direction they are going with too many House Hunter shows. We all at some point want to update our home and those of us that can’t afford contractors and designers count on shows like HGTV and Nate’s show for inspiration and direction. I believe that is why blogs are so popular as well as you all are so kind to share so many good ideas with us. Of course God never closes a door without opening another so can’t wait to see what it is he has in store for you both….enjoy the journey.

  263. says

    What a bummer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the room and I can tell that Alex and Emily loved it too! I wouldn’t worry too much about HGTV not picking it up there are so many other channels that will be interested plus most people (including myself) agree that HGTV is not a very hip up-to-date channel. Keep your head up!

  264. Barb says

    Dang. I was really hoping your pilot would take off on HGTV. I love the network, but am really ready for some fresh new shows. Hour after hour of house hunters and house hunters international is getting old. Well, I’m a firm believer in “things happen (or don’t) for a reason.” It just means that there are bigger and better things for you two on the horizon and it will all be revealed in time. Keep on keeping on :)

  265. Heather says

    First of all, AMAZING job on the room redo! I love it!
    I am truly shocked that they wouldn’t want to pick up your show, but I’m also completely confident that it must be because it is not God’s plan, and He’s got something better for you! Never stop trusting that He is directing your steps!
    Hugs to you both, and thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

    PS. Super cute picture of you kissing Kev’s cheek! :)

  266. Roxanna says

    Sad news for your faithly followers and definitely their loss.

    Just 2 weeks ago I made a comment on the HGTV site that my friends and I now refer to their channel as the “Real Estate Channel”, I asked them to please bring back what HGTV use to represent and that was real people with real homes and real projects on a budget.

    Still think your the cutest darn couple!!!!!

  267. Melanie says

    Well forget HGTV then! Your lil videos posted on here are a “show” to me… I totally enjoy being entertained by TLC!! Do don’t be dismayed. He has promised to open your future door and you two are being prepared for the receiving of it…while living, learning, growing and doing what makes you smile and THAT makes me SMILE!! Also, YAYY for Kevin’s new photog. courses!

  268. Rachel says

    The ONLY design shows I watch are Sarah’s and David’s…..once in a while Candice’s….otherwise….

    I was so hoping that you would get picked up. I think you would be perfect as a host of a junking turned decor show (sort of like Carrie Cucksey sp?)

  269. Deborah says

    So sad to hear about the no-show… I think you guys are great. I love reading your blog. Your sunny attitudes and endless ideas make me happy. So, keep on keepin-on. Have a happy day.


  270. Jeanie says

    Good things are in store for you. Someone other network will recognize your talent and put you in their line-up. As for HGTV, I have all but quit watching and years ago I was a regular watcher. All I can figure, is that it must be cheap to produce those House Hunter type shows. We can protest HGTV by refusing to watch the garbage they try to pass off as design.

  271. says

    I was so looking forward to watching your show, I’m sorry you guys didn’t make it. I agree with all the other comments about HGTV getting old. I’m sick of all the reruns. I learn more from blogs like yours. Good luck with your future projects.

  272. jess says

    I am sorry that you are disappointed, it is hard when you are counting on something and it doesn’t come through. Your blog is worth more than the HGTV shows to me. I am glad to hear that others feel your worth as well. There must be something else in store for you both.
    Best wishes and good luck.

  273. Sue Davies says

    I was SO disappointed to hear HGTV decided not to go with your show. I really hope another channel will pick it up. I really think it’s what is needed now. How many buy/sell shows can we stomach? Keep up the good work as I know it will pay off for you both eventually. At least it’s nice to know we can still keep in touch through your blog. I really appreciate all you and Kevin do to make the world a more beautiful place, beginning right at home.
    Sue in Fl.

  274. says

    I think you’re brave just to go through the process so good for you! I’m sorry it didn’t work, but you bring lots of inspiration elsewhere and ya never know about the future. And who needs ‘em… kidding, but seriously I love your blog and wish yall much luck on other things.

  275. says

    This news does not make me happy! But your attitude is fabulous – surely something else will come around or HGTV will come to their senses. In the meantime, love seeing what you do here on TLC!

  276. Sharon says

    Dear Layla & Kevin – Had noticed the trend toward “house selling/buying” shows; away from the very ones the HGTV logo stands for – HOME & GARDEN DECOR. In recent months I’d completely stopped watching the channel, frustrated that there was absolutely nothing pertaining to decorating the home & garden I want to keep, thank you very much! Can only hope another channel gets smart, deciding to bring us your wonderful decorating style & darling personalities in a featured show. Please keep trying! Hugs, Sharon

  277. Brandi says

    I just found your blog and I am sooo amazed! I have spent all my free time the past 3 days looking all over your blog, I just love it! I’m sorry to hear HGTV decided not to go with your show, I think it would be a great help for them! I don’t even watch it anymore, but I would definitely watch you guys! It could end up being a blessing, better things to come! And I love what you guys did to the newlywed’s living room, I just so happen to live in Suwanee too! I love this town, I hope you got to experience all of our wonderful charm!

  278. Lisa Rafferty says

    So, so bummed!!! I was so looking forward to seeing y’all in action on tv! HGTV missed the boat!

  279. lee ashley says

    it’s ok – *hug*- besides, i have a feeling something even better will be coming your way… by the way, you guys did an awesome job on that living room! that couple is so lucky!!!

  280. Amy says

    I am so sorry to hear about your show not getting picked up, but I absolutely love the paint color that you used in their living room. My husband and I are having a baby boy in May and I think that color would be perfect for his nursery. I’m sorry if you already mentioned this and I didn’t see it, but what brand and color of paint did you use in the room? I really enjoy reading your blog everyday and wish nothing but great things for you and Kevin in the future! :)

  281. says

    So sorry to hear about your pilot. I was looking forward to a good design show vs. the repetitive buy and sell shows they are featuring now. But with your talents I know we will be seeing you on TV at some point so keep th e faith!

  282. Stephanie Duffy says

    Booooo – I was really looking forward to your show! It must be disappointing, but both of you have tons of talent and personality, so there will be lots of opportunity ahead!

  283. says

    Sorry to hear that Layla. HGTV isn’t what it used to be. It was the first thing I would turn on after getting home from work, and I would have it on almost all weekend. Sadly, after seeing nothing but Holmes on Homes or a home buying show for a good two years now, I don’t even watch the channel anymore. House Hunters isn’t even as enjoyable without Suzanne Wong hosting. (It really is the little things!!) Best of luck to you both. I know you’ll be successful in one way or another!

  284. Sheila says

    You have such a wonderful personality and great taste. I hope that there is something even better waiting around the corner for you. Best of luck!

  285. Sharon says

    Layla and Kevin,
    I didn’t see the pilot. The only thing I have viewed of yours is the Spring Mantle video post.
    After viewing it, I got the great impression that you and Kevin are destined for TV. You have the “It Factor.” It’s going to happen!
    So don’t let discouragement creep in.
    You time is coming!
    You and Kevin have something so special that comes across the camera. It is so evident that you are in love with each other by the way you interact. You are such a beautiful model for other young couples to relate to.
    It really is about who you two are together and the awesome beauty which radiates from that. It can’t help but flow out to your surroundings!
    The world needs more of what you have to offer.
    Much love to you both!!!!

  286. says

    I’m just going to agree with those who say…there must be something so big in store for you guys around the corner!!! We’ll all be here waiting with you and celebrating when it comes. In the meantime, please please keep sharing your projects and your talents and part of me is secretly glad that TV won’t be hogging all your time because some of us think that you need to keep sharing that Musical talent of Kev’s–c’mom Layla you know it’s not fair that you be the only one who gets to hear him sing??!!! You guys are awesome and I’m excited to see what the future brings to you!!!

  287. Kim says

    I love the L-Shaped sofa. Can you tell me where that came from?
    So sad about the show, I’m sure another network will pick you guys up.

  288. says

    Well, for what it’s worth… the folks at HGTV are idiots. I don’t like them at all!

    All the shows we used to watch were truly geared to the majority of Americans. People that have to live within a budget. Perhaps not the ideal demographic for selling advertising to sponsors. Or at least the sponsors that have the advertising money these days. sigh

    Like so many commenting here have said,I rarely watch HGTV anymore.

  289. says

    hgtv NEEDED your show! i love decorating and i love watching something that is my style WHEN and IF it EVER SELDOMLY appears on hgtv….I was SOOOOOO looking forward to your show. i thought…..Oh, good, hgtv FINALLY is getting a clue on what’s really in style. oh well….I guess they are not ready for true AWESOME decorating and we’ll have to suffer until they get it. WHY isn’t there a show that does vintage, shabby, beachy, country, stylish, flea market decorating????? WHY!!???? Please keep trying to get a show! ;) I love your style!

  290. Liz says

    Man, I love HGTV but they missed out!!!! I love it! I enjoy the other designers on the channel but this living room is for everyday people who have smaller budgets and great style:) New to your site but now a follower. PS Truth be told I like most blogger designs better…

  291. Elizabeth says

    I am truly sad they didn’t pick up your show, I was looking forward to watching it! Not sure what HGTV is thinking, I am SICK of their “real estate transaction” shows. (Took me two years to sell our tiny 1940s townhome in Michigan, so those type of shows just make me feel ughhh.) I really hope that you do pursue other networks, I would really love to see your show! Good luck! :)

  292. The Curious Cow says

    I used to look forward to watching the HGTV How-To-Shows, but now I never watch HGTV and haven’t since they started the real estate business. Hopefully, DIY or TLC will pick up your show. You two are so interesting and fun. Their loss.

  293. Gwen says

    I check your blog daily and always enjoy what your work. I get very few ideas from HGTV or any other TV show anymore. Most of my inspiration comes from blogland. Thank you!

  294. Bonnie says

    You guys would have done great! Love your blog and design ideas.
    Would you mind sharing the paint color name in your makeover living room?

  295. Roberta says

    Those HGTV guys are dumb. The whole network has just turned into another shopping channel, anyway. I hope someone from their development department reads these comments and realizes that they are WAY off target for what the design loving public wants. Enough House Hunters and loud-mouthed repairmen, already. If I’m not watching the channel, I can’t buy any of the products advertised now, can I? Good luck with other options.

  296. Geri says

    Hi Layla and Kevin.
    I just got back from vacation and had not been able to do any of my favorite on line things, like follow your everyday adventures, talents and lives.
    The comments are testimony to who you are as people, bloggers,friends, sons, and daughters to. You would be a true breath of fresh air to HGTV and any other show that highlights creativity and a passion for a beautiful home with WITHOUT spending a fortune like the designs shows that now dominate the DYI networks. New kitchen, new bash, antiques from NYC shops are just not what most of us get excited about. It is about identifying with you on how to do more and be more with the resource you have. Every make over or redesign or redo you create for yourselves or for others have inspired and taught us the “we can do ” attitude. What more could any pilot bring to HGTV that would be more interesting and cuter than you both. I am personally taking on the mission of making sure HGTV understands that the people that have left all these comments are views and our following. Wish me luck and I am hoping others will let the station know how disappointment in their statistics. They obviously did not ask any of us all. Everything you say and do is done with such style, grace, and dignity. You are Ho my role mocked and I am 58. We need them at any age. Many hugs. Geri.

  297. Geri says

    Oh guys.
    I am so so sorry for the spelling errors.
    I pushed send before I could spell check.
    I Am so FIRED up.
    Along with many spelling boo boos, I meant role models.
    You know I love you both and only say kind words, even if they appear not to look like it. hehe

  298. Bonnie says

    And I agree with the comments about HGTV. Perhaps because real estate is bad they are promoting all of the “Selling shows” but I do not understand how showing all of these million plus home sales in NYC or LA , helps or encourages anyone. HGTV was founded on decorating and I would love to see it get back to that. Your pilot show and decorating style is exactly what HGTV needs.

  299. Carrie says

    I”m so bummed!!! I absolutely ADORE this living room and would have loved to have seen how you put it all together!! I just found your blog – and I’m hooked! Thanks for everything that you do :)

  300. Darcy says

    I would DIIIIIEEEEE for this room! Please come redecorate me house… PU-LEASE!!! ;) I sent you a message recently about wanting to order one of your prints…I haven’t heard back. You have a number 3 that I want to buy (it is my FAVORITE number, always has been, and I’m actually a little obsessed with it….even more so now that I have triplets; that was NOT on purpose, btw, I’m not THAT crazy about it – lol) and I’m not sure what, if anything is printed outside the red box. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Darcy :)

  301. Kim says

    You guys are so amazing, There must be something bigger and better in the pipeline for you. HGTV’s loss, that’s for sure. Like many of your other fans, I quit watching HGTV because I am sick of the Property Virgin type shows. Give me some TLC! Keep doing what your are doing! Blessings!

  302. says

    so sad to hear this! HGTV really could have used a show like yours…i’m so tired of all the real estate and decor shows that never seems to showcase and vintage or cottage style! best wishes to you on everything else you are dreaming up :)

  303. Darcy says

    And would you mind sharing where you got this coffee table, please? darcyrv (at) hotmail (dot) com Thanks :)

    • Layla says

      Hi Darcy!
      We had the coffee table made by the fine folks at Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama! :-)

  304. dianne says


    I am so sorry HGTV does not have the common sense to know a good thing when they see it. I used to have HGTV on all the time…not so much anymore. Everything is repetative. I actually wrote them a long email recently telling them that enough is enough with the “house selling” shows. We need some inspiration to help us now that we have moved.

    That is where you come it. You have inspired me so much. I have learned a lot and found so many creative ideas. Hope this does not sound too wierd but…I kinda have a girl crush on you…and Adele.
    Keep doing what you do. You do it so well.

    Thank you so much,


  305. Melissa says

    Hi – Can someone please tell me the paint color in this room? I see that some others asked as well, but I couldn’t find a response. I am repainting my family room and would love to use this color! Thank you!!

    • anna says

      I used to love HGTV but as many others have pointed out it is becoming stale with the same shows like house huntes or mediocre design shows…..not enough good home decorating as it used to. That room was very pretty, you did a great job. Sorry for the news however, I truly believe things always happen for a reason. Likely, there is something better in store for you. I’ll be waiting and watching! =)

  306. says

    I was so disappointed to see HGTV turn you down! Are they crazy? Who the heck is doing their programming??? Somebody who has shares in House Hunters and Property Virgins no doubt (if I see one more person whining about granite counters I may scream!!!!). Sigh, well, let’s hope they read all of our responses and have a rethink. I, for one, am going to email them and ask them to seriously reconsider.

  307. lynda says

    Truth is, HGTV is losing viewers due to too much House Hunting crap. I’ve stopped watching HGTV because of the shows-it’s nothing but house hunting in an economy that can’t buy a house. So not being selected is probably the best thing to happen to you guys.

  308. Margot says

    Well, maybe they will change their minds! I love your style and I wish I could afford you to re-do my house! Best of luck ~ Margot

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