Design TV Show Update

We spent yesterday shooting “pick ups” (little bits and pieces of footage and audio that didn’t get recorded the first time around) for our pilot episode for HGTV. And even though it was significantly chillier here at our house yesterday than it was when we shot the initial footage in Suwanee in September, we managed to git r’ dun without getting frostbite. (ha ha)

That’s me and one of our producers, Stacey, sitting on the loveseat (a.k.a “Cecil”) in the photo above.

If HGTV decides to pick our show up, there’s a good chance Cecil will be a part of every episode, too. We took him around with us to several different locations (both yesterday and in Suwanee) and we thoroughly enjoyed collapsing on him every once in a while so we could talk to the camera about blogging and design stuff!

(Side note: doesn’t Stacey totally have a Reese Witherspoon-esque smile?)

Here’s a shot of Kev and Stacey discussing what he needs to say before they started shooting that scene in our driveway.

It was quite challenging shooting on our street during leaf blowing season, and we never realized how many planes flew overhead, dogs barked, birds squawked, or how many loud vehicles drove in front of our house til yesterday either! We spent many a minute waiting for things to simmadownnow- so we could get a usable take- LOL!

After we finished shooting outside, we did all of our interior shots. Max insisted on being involved in most of those (yay!), and Kit-Cat had fun stalking the camera man’s cords most of the afternoon…

Here’s another shot of me and my fur-ocious co-star, watching the camera man (Tom) shoot some footage of our (still stove-less!) kitchen…

I’m sure there will be some creative editing going on if that footage makes it into the final edit!

And speaking of getting creative, we don’t have anything but a plain white desk and a few empty, plain white bookshelves in our home office right now, but the production company wanted to get some footage of us blogging at a desk- so we had fun temporarily turning our dining room into an office so that they could get the (close up) shots they wanted…

That camera slider thingy was so cool and I kinda want one for Christmas.

After the sun went all the way down (ya know, at like 4:30pm) Kev sat down at the desk and surfed the web for sales on new stoves while they filmed him using the computer, too…

I watched what they were shooting on a little monitor off to the side, and I think it’ll really look neat if they decide to edit it in there!

(PS- the overhead light wasn’t in any of the shots)

And speaking of things acting as different things- the armchair in our living room became an audio booth that night, too.

Who knew facing a couple of pillows, propped up in a chair, would help create such an echo-free recording?

The production company plans to deliver our finished episode to HGTV by Christmas, and hopefully we’ll hear something back from them in January or February. Either way, it was a whole lotta fun shooting the pilot for them- and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many fun/talented blog friends, and re-do Alex and Emily’s living room in the process, too!


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    • Layla says

      Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence, Skye. You’re so sweet to say that, and we appreciate your encouragement SO MUCH! :-D

  1. cathy says

    All you were missing was me riding by and blowing the horn like I use to do, LOL. If anyone did, I promise it wasn’t me!

    So excited for y’all!

    Cathy :-)

  2. says

    How exciting! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! I would love to see you guys on tv. You are so talented!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Linda says

    I always thought you guys should have a show. You have the “it” factor! I love how down to earth you both are and creative all bundled into one!! Be prayin about the show!!

  4. says

    This is cool, it’s neat seeing (through you) how they put together a show. I love seeing you both “blogging” er stove surfing. This all must be very interesting.. and very exciting. :)

  5. says

    It would make more sense with the word “the”! Geez! It’s hard to comfortably type after your child pulls the space bar off the laptop! (that’s my excuse for typos and I’m stickin’ to it). Let’s try again. ;)

    Holy Batman…

    I swear. You two are THE cutest couple. Like. Ever.

    • Layla says

      LOL- Deidra! :-D
      Thank you for the sweet words, and hope you’re having a very happy holiday season!

  6. says

    How exciting!!! And how cool that you do this together- does Kev still jam with the band sometimes ;-)

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Sharyl! He hasn’t jammed since they went on hiatus earlier this year, but he does still write tunes on his acoustic here at home! :-D

  7. says

    This is SO exciting, and I hope it will turn into something wonderful for you guys! (And yes, sound guys clue you in to a whole new world in video production…)

  8. says

    I feel like we just got the insider’s scoop on how they film these shows!

    I am so hoping HGV picks up your show! Ya’ll will be great representatives for our state. Well, as long as you keep the “War Eagle” stuff to a minimum :)

    Good luck and Roll Tide!

  9. Stacey B says

    You totally deserve a show! You two rock! I get excited everytime I see you have posted something new!

  10. says

    Saying big prayers for you friend for all the great things God has in store for you! This is SO exciting!!

    Loving that lantern light!

  11. Geri says

    How do you do it!
    Paint a giant wall chalk board one day and look
    so “fabulooso” and relaxed the next in the middle of
    holidays and shooting a pilot.
    Hats of to you……ALWAYS!!!!!!!
    I have fingers and everything else crossed.
    I just know that HGTV will see what we all do.
    A beautiful young, creative, and charismatic
    couple filled with love, talent and personality.

    • Layla says

      Geri! :-D
      Thank you, once again, for your sweet comment. You always make my day and I appreciate you taking the time to check in with us, so much! :-D

  12. Deneen says

    Oh I can’t wait for you all to be on the air! So exciting! Wish I was there painting again :)

    • Layla says

      Thanks so much for coming all the way from TN, Deneen! It was so nice meeting you, and we appreciate you being there to help! :-D

  13. says

    Gosh, sure was fun seeing the behind the scenes process. Keep us posted so we can have a LETTERED COTTAGE Party for your debut! :)

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Carrie! I appreciate your kind comment and hope you’re having a very merry holiday season! :-D

  14. Melanie says

    I would be so thrilled to watch your show when I get home from work. Best for you both, you two deserve every bit of it! I enjoy the videos you share now but a whole show?!! ouhh!! I’m hoping it happens!

  15. says

    That looks like it was a lot of fun (and a learning experience, too! Who knew that thing about the pillows?? Cool!).

    Best of luck on getting the HGTV spot – I’ve seen you guys in action on your videos and it would be great to learn from you two on a TV show.

    Fingers crossed – from all the way up here in Canada!

  16. kelly in georgia says

    Yay for the update! I just KNOW they will pick up your show…any names you need to throw out at all of us so that we can make it happen with some kind of written “campaign”???
    Lusting after your sugarboo print. I have loved that thing for years since I first saw it in a beach house in Watercolor.
    Don’t know how you do without a stove!!! I did without an oven for 2 months, and that was torture. Finally broke down and bought a very cool GE one. Good luck shopping!

    • Layla says

      Hi Kelly!
      No names I can throw out there, but I sure do appreciate you asking! :-D
      We’re working on getting a good deal on a stove, and I’m sure we can round one up in January! ;-)

  17. says

    I am so excited to see your show! I love your blog and really connect with your style. Speaking of your style, can you tell me more about your couch and overstuffed chair in your living room? I’m looking for something extremely similar, neutral and so comfy. Thanks! :)

    • Layla says

      Hey Amy!
      We got them a few years ago here in Montgomery, Alabama at a furniture liquidation place. They’ve worked out really nicely with our furkids! :-D

  18. says

    OH, what fun Layla! I love the behind the scenes stuff too. Everything is looking so good at your house. I do not remember that lantern light fixture, LOVE it!. I just know that HGTV will be smart & pick up your show. They would be nuts NOT to!! We have to have a party when the pilot airs. I’d drive to Prattville for that or you can come to ATL and we can have one here. xoxo

  19. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I feel like a proud MOTHER and I don’t even know you two, personally.
    You and Kev ROCK. SO PROUD!!!!!!! You are just naturals!!!!! You’ll be the darlings of HGTV for sure!!!!! Cutest things since David B hit the scene!

    • Layla says

      You are the sweetest thing, and I can’t tell you how much I love seeing your comments pop up on my posts! :-D Thank you for the continued encouragement- you’re the best! :-D

  20. Angela Fritz says

    crossing my fingers for you! i’ve followed your blog for a long while now and get so many ideas from you! i would LOVE to see you both on HGTV!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Angela! So glad you like the blog and we’ll definitely keep you posted about the show! :-D

  21. Rachel says

    You guys could bring something great to HGTV! Fingers crossed that everything works out. Anyone we could Email with a note of support?

  22. Melinda says

    Wishing you the best with your pilot episode. I am a regular reader of the blog and would absolutely love to see it come to life on HGTV! Your dining room looks amazing as a faux office : )

  23. Linda says

    Good Luck with HGTV. I really enjoy your creative spirit and think you’d be a great addition to the channel.

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Linda! I sure appreciate your kind comment and hope you’re having a very happy holiday season! :-D

  24. says

    Hope Santa brings you and Kevin a shiny new HGTV design show of your very own!!! Can’t wait to hear what fun you will be getting into next year…
    Had a blast working with you and your crew on the September shoot, and wishing you a fun and fabulous holiday.

    • Layla says

      Hi Donna! It was so awesome of you to come out and help with the room redo! I’ll never forget saying goodbye to you that day, as you were covered in a million teeny tiny paint specks that had dropped onto you from the ceiling- lol! :-D
      I have no idea what footage will make it into the final cut, but I did see a nice smiley shot of you at the flea market in the initial edit! Hopefully it’ll stay! :-D

  25. says

    Good luck, Layla! I too will keep my fingers crossed that HGTV picks up your show, but I agree with Rhoda: they would be nuts NOT too! Ya’ll are a wonderfully talented couple!

  26. Carrie Allen says

    Oh, how I hope HGTV picks up your pilot and runs with it! I would definately watch!! Been a follower since you started your blog!

  27. says

    Looks awesome Layla, but I have to say the light should have made the cut. I love the proportion of the light to Kev. I think it totally makes the shot….silly HGTV. Fingers crossed for ya both! When will we know?

    P.S. The big Fed-ex box arrived on my door step:) Once I get my room presentable and the wood piece hung I will send ya a pic! Thanks again I am so thrilled!

  28. Tracy says

    Layla – How exciting for you both! HGTV would be nuts to not pick you and Kev up for a show. I’m crossing my fingers and sending all good thoughts your way! It’s nice to see pics of your living room especially since your beautiful pillow to the right of you as you are sitting on your sofa caught my eye. Love the pattern and colors! I would love one and am curious as to where you found yours?
    Best of luck to you both!

  29. says

    Its all coming together 2012 here we come I hear you cry :)))

    Will tell my friend who lives in Denver to look out for you guys I’m in OZ so will not be able to see :( wishing you great things for the new year :) x

  30. says

    Wishing you all the best of luck with your pilot! HGTV definitely needs some new programming and you guys would be perfect. I would be watching!! Lots of love and Happy Holidays!

  31. LuvWheaties says

    I love you and Kevin, and I am sure HGTV will love you and Kevin, too! Can’t wait to see your new show!

  32. Gwyn G. says

    I soooo hope HGTV picks up your show! I LOVE your style and would DVR every episode! Good luck! Gwyn

  33. Andrea Reynolds says

    Hi Layla, I enjoy your website and wish u much luck with your show. I have been looking for the picture in your dining room shot with the dog that has sayings listed on the blue and green background. Do you know where I could buy one?

  34. Jacque says

    I hope HGTV picks up your show. I want more shows like you would do. I am so tired of House Hunters and International House Hunters. Good luck.

  35. Sara says

    Not only should they pick up your show, but they should also turn you guys into a series. I can’t miss a morning without checking in with you guys. How cool to see you all having success on TV! It’s a no brainer! Enjoy your Christmas =)

  36. Lisa W. says

    WOW…just getting to my emails:) BUT this is SO so so so so exciting. I LOVE H&G I so can feel it…they need some new stuff. Here’s to you kid!!! I think its awesome ALL the stuff you do…all working with your hubby…thats amazing in itself too!!!

  37. Karla Church says

    Hi! I’m excited for you two. Hopefully HGTV will pick up your show! I have to ask…where did you find the dog picture (on the wall of pictures) to Kevin’s right in the photo with the desk? It’s great! Thanks.

  38. says

    Layla – if HGTV picks up your show I will forgive them for a) not choosing you a few years ago for Design Star, and b) putting me through to 3 call backs and not calling me in for the 4th. haha You have SO got this! You and Kev are exactly the new breath of fresh design air that HGTV needs. I am very anxious to hear your news, and you have some extremely wishful fans out here cheering for you. My best!

  39. Jan says

    I am soooo hoping that HGTV picks up your show. They would be crazy not to! I love your sense of style and how sweet and funny your both are. You are the cutest couple ever! Fingers crossed!!!!!

  40. Lacey says

    So excited for you- I know HGTV will pick you up and I can’t wait to watch you guys on tv! Also- love your bamboo blinds in the living room. It’s the perfect solution for my house where I have a window that’s too large for 1 set of bamboo blinds and I kept worrying about having to invest in some custom treatment…never thought of doing 2 sets of bamboo blinds side by side! Do you know where you got them? Any tips for doing multiple blinds side by side (ie how much clearance do you give between? do your windows have to be a certain configuration to do it?)? This could save me a boatload if it works! THANKS!

  41. Ashley says

    Wow, I really hope you guys get the show! I will actually watch HGTV again!!

    Just curious where you got Cecil? I need his brother from my new home!!

    Best of luck, you guys totally deserve it!!


  42. says

    I will be faithfully watching HGTV when your show goes on. That is a show I would regularly watch! Best of luck! You really deserve it! Kristie

  43. says

    Do you know if or when your show will air on HGTV? I am so excited to see it! I think you are so talented, (both of you) and think your friendly personalities online would be great for tv, too! Plus I love love love your casual and approachable design sense and the way you make everything look doable.

    • Layla says

      Well thank you, Dana! We’re hoping to hear back from them in February on whether or not the pilot episode will air! :-)

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