Design TV Eve

The team is all here in Suwanee

…the iPads are all functional and connected…

…my secret weapon is ready to go if I wake up to dark circles tomorrow morning…

…and there’s a sweet, young (newly-married) couple with an outdated living room in their newly-purchased (foreclosure) home…just down the road from our hotel.

Tomorrow is day one of shooting and redoing, and we’re getting pretty excited/anxious to see how it all plays out. Here’s to hoping we can sleep tonight!

If not, I guess we’ll just use a little more secret camouflage than usual.


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Design TV - Pilot Episode
Suwanee, Georgia

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  1. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    It looks like there are alot of “MOTHER HENS” out there. All of us, sitting, waiting, praying, hoping, laughing (already) and waiting to hear the blow-by-blow, firsthand from Kev and Layla! Are we a trip or what????
    Can’t wait!!!!! Know this is nothing but GOOD GOOD GOOD coming out of all this.
    You kids just ROCK!
    You’ll go to HGTV with your own gigantic groupie base!!!!!!!

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