• Design TV Casting Call # 3

    As with most design-related projects, the concept of our design TV project continues to twist and turn. The good news is, it seems to be shaping up into exactly the kind of show we’d love to have the opportunity to be a part of! And as an….uh….anxious gal, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to be working with such friendly and encouraging people on this thing!

    Earlier this summer we did a casting call looking only for people who lived in fixer uppers. After that, we had a casting call looking only for folks who had just purchased a home, but hadn’t moved into it yet. Now, we’ve been given the green light to widen the search even more, so we’re also looking for folks who…

    - recently lived in rental home they loved, but for one reason or another couldn’t buy it, so they bought a different home and want it to have the same feel as the home they were renting.

    - are “house poor” because they bought for a great location, not because they loved the house. (This dilemma describes our cottage buying experience to a T!)

    - have purchased or inherited a family members home and think it’s a great place to live, but are having trouble making it feel like their own.

    We’re also still seeking submissions from folks who live in fixer uppers, or have just purchased a home but don’t live in it yet- but we’re beyond thrilled that they’re open to helping folks in some of these other types of situations as well. The more design dilemmas we can help tackle with fellow bloggers and blog readers the better, I say!

    I think they’d like for us to do a pretty wide open living space for the pilot, specifically, a living room, dining room, or family room- and (for the pilot) it should be in, or around, Alabama.

    So…if any of the above mentioned qualifications apply to you, and you’re interested in having us swing by for a fun 5-day redo the week of September 12th-16th, please send an email to:

    [email protected]

    Make sure to include photos and information about yourself (and your family), information about the house you’d like help with, and information about your budget. (Note: the network will be adding a nice chunk of change to your budget as well- yessss!)

    If you’ve already sent in an email about being a part of the pilot episode with us- don’t fret! Our production company hasn’t made a decision yet, and many of the submissions sent in are definitely still in the running. Plus, who knows…if the show gets picked up, we may be able to work on 12 more makeovers next year! (insert potential dream come true here.)

    Thanks in advance for entertaning the idea of teaming up with us…we appreciate the opportunity so much more than I could ever put into words!

    PS- We’re also still hoping that fellow bloggers and blog readers who live around the home(s) we shoot at will come out and join in on the redo fun! (insert pretty please with cherry on top here!) Stay tuned for deets about locations on Facebook and Twitter!


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