Design TV Casting Call # 3

As with most design-related projects, the concept of our design TV project continues to twist and turn. The good news is, it seems to be shaping up into exactly the kind of show we’d love to have the opportunity to be a part of! And as an….uh….anxious gal, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to be working with such friendly and encouraging people on this thing!

Earlier this summer we did a casting call looking only for people who lived in fixer uppers. After that, we had a casting call looking only for folks who had just purchased a home, but hadn’t moved into it yet. Now, we’ve been given the green light to widen the search even more, so we’re also looking for folks who…

- recently lived in rental home they loved, but for one reason or another couldn’t buy it, so they bought a different home and want it to have the same feel as the home they were renting.

- are “house poor” because they bought for a great location, not because they loved the house. (This dilemma describes our cottage buying experience to a T!)

- have purchased or inherited a family members home and think it’s a great place to live, but are having trouble making it feel like their own.

We’re also still seeking submissions from folks who live in fixer uppers, or have just purchased a home but don’t live in it yet- but we’re beyond thrilled that they’re open to helping folks in some of these other types of situations as well. The more design dilemmas we can help tackle with fellow bloggers and blog readers the better, I say!

I think they’d like for us to do a pretty wide open living space for the pilot, specifically, a living room, dining room, or family room- and (for the pilot) it should be in, or around, Alabama.

So…if any of the above mentioned qualifications apply to you, and you’re interested in having us swing by for a fun 5-day redo the week of September 12th-16th, please send an email to:

[email protected]

Make sure to include photos and information about yourself (and your family), information about the house you’d like help with, and information about your budget. (Note: the network will be adding a nice chunk of change to your budget as well- yessss!)

If you’ve already sent in an email about being a part of the pilot episode with us- don’t fret! Our production company hasn’t made a decision yet, and many of the submissions sent in are definitely still in the running. Plus, who knows…if the show gets picked up, we may be able to work on 12 more makeovers next year! (insert potential dream come true here.)

Thanks in advance for entertaning the idea of teaming up with us…we appreciate the opportunity so much more than I could ever put into words!

PS- We’re also still hoping that fellow bloggers and blog readers who live around the home(s) we shoot at will come out and join in on the redo fun! (insert pretty please with cherry on top here!) Stay tuned for deets about locations on Facebook and Twitter!


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  1. says

    Layla, I just get chills thinking of this. I don’t meet any of the criteria for your pilot, but if I did I’d sure be applying!! You could come stay with me here in North Carolina. You and Kevin could stay in my guest room, where you could pretend that you’re on “I Love Lucy” or “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” talking to each other from the twin beds. I’d carry your luggage and bake you cookies and shower you with attention and generally get in your way. But, oh, it would be so exciting!

    I do so hope this all works out for you! Please let us know how we can lobby the network to pick up your show!!

  2. says

    oh phoey layla!
    i almost qualified for the purchased family home (been in family on & off for over 182 years) but due to your wonderful blog and MANY others, i’m not having trouble making it my own, just not enough cash for what i’d like to do! ;)
    hmm…can there be another category? please, pretty puleez?!
    much success with this new endeavor!

  3. Lacy says

    Wow! How exciting for you! I cant wait to see what unfolds. I have just bought a house that we will be moving into in 2 weeks…My husband and I bought the house for the location and small acarage…..ha but if you could see the inside….we are going to be so house poor and we dream of the possibilities…but we are in Texas…I suppose that would pose a problem huh?

  4. Jo says

    I love my house but I sure could use help with the yard if you want to do an outside project. I live in the country and the house is on a hill. To get from the house to the unattached garage is downhill. Not bad in summer; terrifying in winter. I often have to walk sideways so I don’t slip. I fall every winter! Someday I could break a hip!! If you want to save me from that, I have ideas but not the skill. So set me aside if you want to do an outdoor project!

  5. kelly in georgia says

    This is soooooo exciting! You guys definitely deserve all the opportunities coming your way. I don’t fit in any of your above categories…just let me know when you get “have a room above the garage that is waiting for someone to decide what it is supposed to be.” ha ha (It has an identity crisis.) And if you are in my neck of the woods I will be glad to help you however I can.

  6. says


    We love your blog and are so excited you guys are going to get a TV show. I’ve emailed the production company even though we are not local. If you guys ever get a chance to do makeovers on the East Coast we’d love to be considered. Our house is a short walk to the beach. I’ve been so inspired by The Lettered Cottage. Thank you for all your incredible design ideas.

    Danielle x

  7. says

    How about moved into a blank canvas new home and need some personality? :-) I can’t wait for that to be an option. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your project.

    • Layla says

      Hey Jenny!
      I’m not sure we’ll get a chance to work on new construction, since all we’ve ever done is love a fixer back to life- but who knows! We’ll keep you posted for sure! :-D

      • Kar in Colorado says

        Ooh, I hope the producers will consider new construction some time down the line! We are in suburban Denver, built our house 4 years ago and paid for just the basic finishes so we can gradually DIY it to have the cottage character we want. In fact just yesterday we finished laying 800+ sq feet of hardwood ourselves after tearing out builder-basic carpet, vinyl and tile. It’s looking great but our list of DIY ideas never ends!!

        Congrats again, and good luck!

    • Layla says

      Hey Susana- we’ll shoot the pilot in or around Alabama, but if the show gets picked up, we’ll be traveling all over! :-D

  8. says

    Oh! We could have so much fun! My daughter and sweet son-in-law just inherited an old ranch home just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Is that too far away? And I live within 5 minutes of their house and have 4 empty bedrooms and a finished basement that could house a crew! I’d love to be “the help”.

  9. geri says

    Hmmmmm, lets see……
    How much time to I have to haul my
    very sweet ( but in need of
    the Layla and Kevin touch) house from Ct.
    to Alabama?
    Find me a lot…If it’s in my budget , I am on my way.
    Prayers always, geri.

  10. Treva says

    I don’t qualify for any of those criteria (although I do live in Alabama). Darn. What about doing someone affected by the tornadoes? I think that would be a great pilot episode. I can’t wait to see it. Your blog is my fave.

  11. says

    Is Idaho considered around Alabama? :) I wish it were because my husband and I fit several of those criteria. We are buying an older home in a great neighborhood and it needs a lot of cosmetic work. Thankfully nothing structural but the whole house is dated, built in the 60’s & remodeled in the 80’s. There is nasty carpet everywhere which is a different color and style in every room, the living room has mauve walls, one of the fireplaces had mauve/orangeish brick, and all the light fixtures are brass, glass, or wood or a combination of all three. So when we close on it on the 15th we’re remodeling everything before we move in so we probably won’t be in until the end of September. I’m really excited to see the end result of all our hard work. Paying off student loans has made us somewhat house poor but we’ll get through. And we’ll finally have a house – yippee!

  12. says

    SO COOL! I’m anxious right there with ya and it’s not even my dang show!! OMG I HOPE they pick y’alls up and it lasts. For sure I would be there in 2 shakes of a dog’s tail if I could. WHen we can buy a home (we’re renting at the moment) I’m so gonna submit my place because I know that I’m gonna fit somehow, someway! lol

  13. says

    Aw I totally fit into #1 but I’m out in California. Also, it’s a condo, not a house so I’m not sure if I really qualify. If you ever come out here to do a show – especially on renovating bathroom areas, I would LOVE to have a chance to submit my place. I wish my bathroom felt like my old rental’s bathroom. :(

    Sounds like a great show though! Good luck!

  14. Tracey says

    Congrats you guys! If you ever get around to coming to Minnesota sign me up. The episode could be about small (1500sq ft or less) one level, 1950’s rambler style homes that are boring and outdated. You’d have an entire block to choose from.

  15. says

    uuuhhh– i’ll get house poor in alabama for you to come over and work on my house!!! :) i can just hear the convo with myhubby now… “babe we are buying a house we don’t love in a state we’ve never been to so we can have layla work on it. she’s a bloggger. you’ll love them they are good people. ” i see no problem with that. i’m sure it will be fine. ;)

  16. Vickie says

    We may qualify since we live in my family home. My parents built our home in 1970. They sold it in 1992 and I could not get it out of my mind and heart. I wrote the new owner a letter six years ago and told her that we were looking for a home to fit our four children and I knew that my old home would do because it raised four children three girls and a boy; we have three boys and a girl. Next day she called me and three days later we were under contract. We have done some renovating but our kitchen is still stuck in 1970. We love what the homeowners in your ezine did to their kitchen cabinets which are just like ours…..I believe it was called the Tudor House. We really want to bring our kitchen up to our vision of french country cottage. I will try to get photos and things to email to you. Our problem is we live in Oklahoma and you live in Alabama….

  17. says

    Hey, I’ve talked to you before about it but never sent in some pictures. Seriously need to do this. I was asking about an outside space which is what I REALLY want to do but I also have an open floor plan and would like build up some half walls or turn a space into an office??? The possibilities are endless! :)

  18. Kim says

    If you come to Kansas I want to help! Here’s an idea, how about a show with an odd-shaped family space. Now I would defintely qualify for that!

  19. Hope Evarts says

    If you are EVER in the Seattle area, I have the PERFECT house for you! –MINE! :) It’s a 60’s ranch on a gorgeous lake … frozen in time. We’ve been fixing it up gradually, But I’ve lost steam on huge the upstairs/entry/living/dining room. One day I dream of it being a relaxing lake cottage … not an outdated, grandma-smelling, “who am I?” sort of house! :)

  20. says

    Hmmmm… we fit the “house poor” category. Incredible schools for our kiddos – NOT the house of our dreams..

    So ……. Is Oklahoma close enough to Alabama????


    Can’t wait to see the pilot!!! I am telling everyone I know!!

  21. Bree says

    Seattle is a really pretty place, I can’t wait till you can come out this way. We REALLY need your help. 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 acres and a fixer upper….there is never enough time.

  22. Bree says

    It just dawned on me that I put 2 cats (which we do have) but I meant 2 kids under 2…See I’m losing it!! HELP :) lol

  23. The Naked Mother says

    I qualify! I qualify! I QUALIFY! Now I just have to get my husband on board.

    I moved into my husband’s 80’s style farm house when we married. Two kids and four years later it still feels and looks like his 80’s style farmhouse. And it totally does not function well for our cute little family.

    I’ll get right on the task of convincing him. I can do it! Well, I hope!

    • The Naked Mother says

      Oh, and we live just outside of Dothan. Only a few hours from Prattville! Yippee! Ok, I’m getting my hopes up and I haven’t even applied. Simmering down now.

  24. Toni says

    Hi Layla.. we definitely fit into the” purchased a home but having difficulty making it feel like our own” category. Our home was built in 70″s- little county house with an odd shaped living room and a kitchen/dining room that are much neeed of new mojo. I adore your cottage/beachy style. ~We just don’t know where to begin!! We’d love to be a future episode here in Ohio. Best wishes to you on your pilot-we’re pulling for ‘ya!

  25. says

    Just wanna say congratulations to both of you. If you ever want to take on a split level home in a lovely Maryland neighborhood, I’m your woman. I’ll be watching and rooting for you.

  26. Tracy Martin says

    Soooo wish I lived there so I could apply but it seems that Kansas is just not a place HGTV is interested in. However, I am a big fan of you and HGTV and will continue to watch to get some great ideas!!! I pray your show is a big success and I look forward to seeing it!!!! Good luck!!!

  27. says

    Just sent an email! I’m not sure if NC is too far but my husband (newlyweds :) ) and I just bought an old farmhouse that was built in 1890. It is a really cool old place on 4 acres- we fell in love with it but it needs some TLC. We wanted to escape city life so we took the country plunge. Now we have a TON of work to do! (and yes, we are officially house poor!) SO excited about your new show! I am a huge fan! Congrats!

  28. says

    oooh, we match so much of the criteria EXCEPT the “in or near Alabama” …
    IF that changes consider us! :) We are in the process of Buying in WI, total OLD fixer upper ( circa1870’s)
    it’s on a super piece of property, but not exactly my dream home… buying for location (close to the Wisconsin Dells), and the land it sits on.. We hope to do sustainable, organic gardening/farming there :)
    It even has a room big enough to be a bunk room!

    But the land of cheese in’t near Alabama… Happy for the lucky ones who get your service! how wonderful it will be for them! :)

    so excited about the opportunities opening up to you both!
    < a

  29. says

    Ok I think we may qualify. We live in Franklin. TN. Is that too far?
    We live in a 1970 1600 sq feet ranch home. We put hardwood floors in before we moved in and have not updated anything else in the house. A real fixer up! A few major life changes have postponed renovations. I’m not sure of a budget. We are saving now to enclose the garage to make another bathroom, a laundry room and a family room. We have a three yr old daughter and twin two year old boys, one of which has Down syndrome. Life turned upside down when the boys were born at 32 weeks and we have not caught our breath yet.
    Thought? Should we apply?

  30. Frances says

    Oh, I sure hope you guys get “picked up,” or whatever you would call it- I live in Illinois, so I’m out of the area for the pilot episode. Would LOVE for you guys to come to our house. We’re actually in the process now of recreating your “wonderwall” in our sunroom/dining room!

  31. says

    Ooh! Good luck to you with getting picked up! I will be sending you an email, as we fit a few of the requirements! You have no idea how many times I have sent my husband an email of your blog updates to show him inspiration I’ve gotten for our new (to us) house!

  32. says

    Well..I’m so excited for you guys…I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ya! I don’t qualify in you categories but if i ever I do I’ll be submitting…we just moved into a fixer from a rental but it is exactly what we wanted and we are in Los Angeles…love ya.

  33. Macy says

    Layla & Kevin! We qualify! Please pick us! We have a 1949 farm house in Tallassee, Alabama that we need to make our own! It’s on it’s 4th generation and needs your expertise! We love everything y’all do! We are sending our application in!

  34. says

    So sad that it must be in Alabama as we meet all of your criteria…I live on the central coast of California, and will be moving into a new home within the next three months or so. I have no idea how to go about designing it as this is pretty much our first house. I have three beautiful (see I am very bias) children…Mason (7), Honey (5), and Royal (1), and we so need help in the organization and designing of a functional space for the 5 + dog (pekingese) of us to live. If you ever want to vacation out our way please feel free to stop by!!

  35. says

    Just found your blog through Ree’s beautiful blog. I love wandering through the recommendations of others. :-) Perhaps I can rediscover my decorating gene (and motivation!) through your blog – I would love to make our small prairie house which sits on 27 acres more of a home. I plan on coming back soon for a longer visit!

  36. Kera says

    This is so exciting for you!
    If you can come as far north as Kentucky we bought a 30 year old house for location, not for the location of the kitchen (which is in the entry way….yes. Open front door, walk into sink….)
    Don’t know if moving a kitchen to another part of the house is what you are looking for in a pilot, but if so we may be your people!
    We won’t even begin discussing the exterior- pseudo 1980’s tudor.
    Yes. Location, location….

  37. Amber says

    If you are ever in Ohio and need a house to do – I’m your girl. Good luck with the show!!!!!

  38. Beverly Palmer says

    We purchased the house that I grew up in and have been working/adjusting it for 10 years and still can’t get it right! We’re in Florida and would LOVE to have you guys visit. I could sure use the help.

  39. Janny A. says

    Come to OHIO!!! We have a 1950’s ranch house that my husband and I have been working at for years!! We need help with our family room. Best wishes on all you do!

  40. Carrie Z says

    I just applied – very exciting! We live in Memphis and are house poor in order to live in a (the only!) good school district.

  41. Natalie says

    Oh the dates! I think my husband and I have the perfect scenario! We bought our house from my parents, who bought the house from my grandfather (who built the house as his retirement house, he was a preacher). I so need a kitchen and/or den re-do. We still have bright orange kitchen counter tops and an old red/brownish brick fireplace (with a tombstone gray marble mantle). Our kitchen, den, living room and dining room are all wide open to each other. Only one wall with an open doorway separates the kitchen and dining room! We also live in Alabama about 35 minutes from Bham! Only problem is we are going to the Bahamas the week of the 9th – 16th! : ( A much needed vacation, but it makes us a bust for your shoot schedule! Can I still submit just in case…by some chance…miracle from the dear Lord above…they change the dates on you?

  42. Jill says

    Bummer – does that mean you guys won’t be at junk bonanza this year? I was hoping to have a “celebrity’ sighting:)

  43. says

    What about homeowners who KNOW they will be moving (crazy military) and need furniture/decorating solutions that will move with them??? I think it’s an excellent idea and would like to nominate myself, please. Really hoping to get to see your great work on tv someday, even if I don’t get to be one of the makeovers.

  44. Margaret says

    Darn, I live in the DC metro area! But good luck and if your show is picked up and you want a big challenge I have one for you two. I recently purchased a 1935 Sear’s Catalog home that has a walk out basement that was last remolded around 1940. My dream is to chase the spiders away and make it a family room.

  45. Erin says

    I have a fixer upper! and I just bought it not even a month ago… and I have wide open spaces with VERY little furniture! but i’m in Texas,.. if you guys decide to expand your area let me know!!!

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