Design Star – Season 4, Episode 1

Did you watch it?
You can bet your bottom dollar I did!
I have to admit that there were times throughout the show that I was definitely happier to be sitting on my friend Sarah’s couch (stuffing my face with HUGE bacon-wrapped scallops), than standing in front of the judges in L.A.

As many of you know, I made it to the second round of auditions this past Spring. And although, in the end, I wasn’t cast- I couldn’t help but think about some things I might do to some of the rooms if I had been invited to be a part of this years group.

Take the Dining Room for example. Talk about a blank canvas!

Dan and Nathans work was very high-impact, and turned out to be quite a visually appealing design.
I was very impressed with their abilities and creativity. Not only did they come up with a great design, but they also did a heck of a paint job on both the walls and the floor. Not to mention the building, shopping and accessorizing they did in the short time frame. Exhausts me just thinking about it!
After watching the first episode, I feel very fortunate to be able to design in the comfort of my own home. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all the designers that are a part of this years show.

Just for fun, I thought it would be neat to quickly create a design plan for one of the rooms each week, after I’m done watching the show.

This week, I was drawn to the Dining Room.

When I got back home last night, I put together a photo drawing of some things I might have done.
I chose a putty-colored wall paint for most of the room, and to combat its cool & contemporary vibe, I used a textural, ivory-painted board & batten wall treatment on the far wall.

I sprinkled a happy mix of both contemporary and traditional furnishings & accessories throughout the space.
I gave the room a pulse by incorporating earthy art & photography, and large chalkboard wall plaques- which would display a friendly, motivational message for all those in the house to see.
(After the judges harsh critiques, they might need one every once in a while!)
A collection of symmetrically-hung plates on either side of the chalkboard plaques would help to fill up that wall, and a would inject some traditional charm, in a contemporary way.
I painted the floor in a way that would simulate stained concrete. It would be a paint/glaze process that I think would really do a nice job of grounding the space.
A large, jute area rug atop the smooth floor would anchor the dining table and chairs.
The dining table is espresso-colored, and the chairs would be an ivory-colored leather- a nice contrast to the jute texture below.
On top of the table, a silver loving cup, filled with pheasant feathers would be my centerpiece.

Against the focal wall, I too, created a seating area.
An enormous dark-framed floor mirror is flanked by a pair of vintage, green wingbacks.
A small table in front of the mirror would be the perfect place to set a cup of tea at the end of an exhausting 12-hour day.
Close up, framed, black and white photographs of flowers above each chair would bring the outdoors in, in a sleek and modern way.
On the wall on the left, a large oil painting of white birch trees against a muted blue & green backdrop would breathe even more life into the once sterile space. I love the idea of creating a pretty and colorful view for those dining on the opposite side of the table.

Hover your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see it transform!

I had a ball putting together this plan in my PJ’s, and I can’t wait to watch next weeks show!

Headboard Bench Video
Headboard Bench

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