Design Star Giveaway

We’ve got an awesome giveaway courtesy of the folks at Design Star for ya this weekend!

The new season starts this Monday, July 11th (9/8 central) and will once again feature 12 talented designers, all competing for a chance to host their own design show on HGTV.

The show takes place in New York City, and like we mentioned in this post, the fabulous Mr. David Bromstad will be mentoring the contestants this time around.

Host, Tanika Ray is joining the cast this season and she’s tons of fun, so I’m stoked they’ve added her to the show! And, of course, judges Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olson and Vern Yip will be back to critique the contestants designs at the end of each episode each week.

And look! David was right! The judges are smiling and laughing more this time! (LOL)

This season will also include a few celebrity guests such as Nate Berkus, Robert and Courtney Novogratz, Kathy Ireland and Paula Deen.

Here’s a couple sneak peek videos…

And because we all love outtakes…

I’m so excited for Monday night!!!

Alright- now for the giveaway! Leave us (and the Design Star peeps!) a comment on this post and on Monday (July 11, 2011) at noon (Central Time) we’ll randomly select one lucky Lettered Cottage reader to win a $100 American Express giftcard courtesy of Design Star!

Good luck, have a great weekend, and we hope to see you next week!


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  1. says

    I’m SO excited about the new season of Design Star! It’s one of my favorite shows, and I can’t wait for it to get started! :)

    • Lise Gauthier says

      Design Star can’t start soon enough…..It’s truly on of my inspirationsl shows!!!!

    • Jan says

      I can”t wait for Monday night and the new group! It just gets better and better!

  2. Colleen says

    My girls (14, 14 and 11) and I love watching design star together. So much creative fun!!

  3. Ben says

    Every time y’all post about HGTV I keep hoping it will be about your show.

    • says

      Looks like a great season and am so looking forward to the season when we get to see your beautiful face and crazy good design skills!! Looking forward to Design Star :)) yeah!

  4. Aislynn says

    I haven’t watched this show before, but I think I’ll give it a shot. Always enjoyed Vern & Genevieve on Trading Spaces!

  5. Megan Werner says

    I am so excited about this new season of Design Star!! My Monday nights just got to looking better!

  6. Jess M. says

    Oh! I just saw on Selling New York last night the episode where the contestants’ apartment was chosen! It was a gorgeous place right on the river and next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Super jealous!

  7. says

    I CAN’T WAIT for DS to start Monday!! So excited. I seriously {heart} David Bromstad and hope to fall in love with a new designer as well!

  8. Megan Werner says

    I am so excited about the new season of Design Star! My Monday nights just got a little bit better!

  9. nancyo says

    $100 giftcard could go a long way!

    As for a shout out for DesignStar .. I’m sure there are thousands of fans out there that would prefer to have a room designed rather than seeing you work on a blank space envisioning your ideas rather than working with a real client.

    What do you do with the white rooms after you decorate them? Return the items, trash it and re-do? Although I love the show, it seems to be a waste. I think you can do more than just a white room. There are so many people out there that could use some help.

  10. Sara says

    I can’t wait for Design Star to start! (even though my husband hates watching it) :)

  11. Kelly says

    I can’t wait for Design Star to come on. It’s going to be awesome!!!! Good Luck to all the finialists!!!

  12. Joanne says

    So stoked to start watching the next season! It will be even better with David Bromstad (my fav:)!

  13. Emily says

    Ooh I hope I win. I could use this money to put towards the new nursery I’m working on!

  14. says

    I am so excited about the new season of Design Star! I love David Bromstad and know that he is going to make it an extra fun season! Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway! Twyla

  15. Sandra says

    I’m new to your blog Layla and love it! So much inspiration everywhere. Looking forward to watching Design Star.

  16. Deneen says

    I am soooooo excited about this season of Design Star! Have David is a PLUS too! Can’t wait for Monday!

  17. Laurie A says

    Can’t wait for the new season! Could really use the $100 to knock out some of these nagging house projects. Thank you!

  18. Lauren says

    Yay! Excited for the season to start! $100 is a lot of updates for the apt!

  19. Monica says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’d love to get an outdoor rug for our deck if I win!!

  20. says

    $100 would be just what I would need to finish up our current master renovation to accesorizing it with towels, decor, and a nice new toilet paper holder!

  21. Jamie says

    Oh to have the talent of any of them. I can’t wait to see their ideas and how to use them in my home! Then again … How does my home get selected as a project? Bring it on!!!!

  22. says

    Tivo is set! Looking forward to seeing the Novogratz’s again as well. Thanks so much for this giveaway — so many ways to spend it. :-) -amy

  23. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says

    I am sooo looking forward to this year’s Design Star! Can’t wait. Please enter me in this great giveaway!

  24. Lesley G. says

    Love Design Star and excited about the new season! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. SuzG says

    I love your blog – it’s so inspiring, warm and gracious! And like one of the other commenters, I’ve never watched Design Star but always liked Vern and Genevieve on Trading Spaces. So fun!

  26. says

    My husband thought this started last week, he was major disappointed when he realized he was wrong. Can’t wait for this season to start!

  27. Nathalie says

    Can’t wait for the new season…. I am a huge HGTV fan and I have been watching Design Star since cutie pie David won.

  28. Lexie says

    I don’t normally watch but this season looks great (and I love Emily from last year) so I am excited to see it!

  29. says

    It looks like an exciting new season with many talented designers. Although I think you- Layla Palmer have more talent and style than all of them. You are “the” Design Star in my book. :)
    My best- Diane

  30. Lisa R. says

    LOVE Design Star! But more than anything…I love Candice. I can’t help but just adore everything that woman does! :)

  31. says

    We’re moving into our dream home in just a couple weeks! I can’t wait for all the great ideas to be had on the new season! We have some serious updating to do in our new home, there’s lots of pink to remove! Pink carpet, pink counter tops, pink tile! Whew, a lot of work ahead of us.

  32. kathy mcgowan says

    I just discovered your blog and read it everyday. Your design savvy is so inspiring.!

  33. Jenny says

    can’t wait for the new season of Design star~looks like it’s going to be great!!

  34. says

    I would love a gift card! We just bought a new house that needs decorating and re-painting, so it sure would come in handy!

  35. says

    YAY! Great giveaway Layla! I used to watch Design Star faithfully but a deployment and two kids kind of stole that away from me. My DVR is primed and READY to catch all of this season’s episodes! :)

  36. Alissa says

    This will be so much fun; hope they show full episodes online!
    Thanks for the giveaway HGTV!

  37. Laura says

    About to have my first baby–a $100 gift card would be great toward the nursery!

  38. Tracy says

    I have always loved Design Star. I want to redo my son’s room. I would love to add $100 to help with the cost.

  39. Tracy says

    I have always loved Design Star. I want to redo my son’s room. I would love to add $100 to help with the cost.

  40. Lara says

    I don’t get HGTV at home, but whenever I’m visiting someone that does it becomes and HGTV marathon! I get so many fantastic ideas!!!!

  41. Jana H. says

    Yay!! Who doesn’t love Design Star?! And, for that matter, who doesn’t love giveaways?! I could SO use that $100 to help update my 1/2 bath! :)

  42. says

    I love this show. Great designs and some Type “A” personalities make for a fun time. Can’t wait!

  43. Morgan M says

    Love everything on HGTV. Especially love the show Design Star! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. Morgan says

    I’m so excited for Design Star to start!! It’s one of my favorite things about summer:)

  45. Jennifer of Texas says

    Very excited for this season! I love David B. and all the other designer/judges. I have learned so much through HGTV that I can actually use in my house (and stay on budget)! Thank you for the give-away!

  46. Dana says

    I love Design Star! Looking forward to Monday. Would like to win a gift card. I have many projects that could use some money to finish up! Thanks!

  47. says

    HGTV is creative juice for the masses!!! I can’t wait to see the show!
    I absolutely love David Bromstad – he is incredibly talented and has such a fresh approach to everything! He will be the PERFECT coach for the contestants because of his fabulous personality. And Candice Olsen does some of the most amazing work I’ve ever seen – the judges are going to be great. Absolute heaven! Good luck to all the contestants!!!!

  48. Teresa says

    Lokking forward to the new season! Especially after last night’s Selling New York which showed the house they’ll be living in.

  49. says

    Yippee! I’m excited for this season. I love David Bromstad–I met him at a meet and greet once and he was so nice.

  50. Lindsay says

    This was so nice of them to offer a prize to your readers! I know I’m going to love the new season…Thanks

  51. teryn yancey says

    I’d love this to add some cottage board and batten to my master bedroom!

  52. Amy E says

    The DVR is already set…just in case I get stuck in traffic or something equally awful to make me miss it! So excited! (but a little sad that Clive won’t be back.)

  53. says

    I haven’t watched Design Star since the season David won but you’ve got me psyched about this season!
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  54. Kathy Saldana says

    Yea…soooo excited about the start of a new season… money is on Leslie….just like all the other winners in Dallas….gooooo Leslie…your a slam dunk….!!!!!!!!!

  55. Christina G ♥ says

    Looking forward to having something fun to watch during the summer.
    Always great to pickup some new decorating ideas. Thanks!

  56. DiAnn C says

    I’m so excited to this season of Design Star! Thanks for the giveaway – wish me luck!

  57. Donna says

    I’m stoked about the new season of Design Star. Its always so much fun and so inspirational.

  58. Annie says

    I know what to do with the prize. Spend it with one of your advertisers from last month. I saw some really cute pillows.

  59. Laura Fuller says

    I love Design Star! And this gift card sure would come in handy right now for painting the ceiling on the porch of my 1865+ yr old house!! Just had the porch roof and ceiling replaced but sadly, we are out of money for now!! :/

  60. DiAnn C says

    Oops! I meant to say “for” instead of “to”. Oh well, I’m excited either way.

  61. Gina Jordan says

    I’m definitely going to be watching…even if I have to go to my in-laws home to see it! :) (We don’t have cable.) I would love $100 to buy paint for my living room!

  62. says

    I’m setting the DVR right now, wouldn’t want to miss a minute of the new Design Star! Thanks for the contest Layla and Kevin!

  63. says

    I said I wouldn’t watch it after Antonio won but I’m thinking I’m gonna change my mind…..

  64. says

    So glad I found yalls blog! I too am from the Montgomery/Prattville area, so I love seeing all the things you get from local places like Eastbrook and the fabric barn! So excited to see all your takes on Design Star as well!

  65. Christina says

    So excited for Monday! I love David! But I love Candace too! OH and Genevieve and Vern are both favorites from way back to the Trading Spaces days. Oh how I used to wish they would come and design my dorm room at the time. Now that I have a house, I could still use their help (or yours!). Nate Berkus?? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Seriously. This season looks like it’s going to be amazing!

  66. Katie says

    Never seen this show but definitely intrigued. I remember some of the designers from Trading Spaces…looks like it is good times!

  67. says

    Yay for Design Star! It is the only “Reality TV” show worth watching. Can’t wait to see all the designs this season for inspiration!

  68. says

    Thanks Layla, Kevin and of course Design Star. So looking forward to the changes in store for this season. I love some of the new guest judges, Love, Love, Love Nate Berkus he has such a liveable down to earth easy style, I love when he worked with Kirsti Alley on her kitchen. Robert and Courtney Novogratz I think are amazing, I love there lofty mix on vintage and modern. I don’t know how they balance all those kids and thier designing too. Oh and of course Paula Deen might inspire some of that beachy what I call “Layla Style”. Love her place in Tybee! Now a $100 card would just be icing on my cake!

  69. Megan says

    I just caught the end of last season’s Design Star….what an awesome show! Looking forward to the new season to get some great ideas. Maybe, just maybe, I could have a $100 gift card to help with some of those ideas!

  70. says

    I love Design Star, it is one of my favorite shows. I am really excited that this year there is a contestant from my home State…Oklahoma. And who doesn’t love David Bromstad?

  71. says

    This is one of those times I REALLY, REALLY wish we had cable! I just may have to escape to my parents house for the evening. I would love to watch this.

  72. Kathy Gerber says

    Love HGTV and Design Star is our family favorite! We always watch,and also anything with David B. or Kim M. Can’t wait!

  73. Kendall Reaves says

    Love the show….have from the beginning….my styles have changed since first marrying 21 years ago….my husband just LOVED Laura Ashley flowers in our bedroom as a newlywed, I am sure! :) Thanks for the whole teaching and entertaining aspect! :)

  74. Aida says

    Love your blog!! Love Design Star! Love HGTV!

    Most definitely would love $100!!!!

  75. Kathy says

    I went to undergrad with Meg and will be cheering for my fellow JCU alumn! Good Luck Meg!

  76. Deana says

    So excited for the new season of Design Star! And thank you for all your helpul tips and great ideas on your blog too! :)

  77. Paulina J! says

    What a great giveaway Layla! I could definitely use this moolah since we will be moving in August and I’ll have to work from home and need to accessorize my new space. Oh yeah, thanks Deign Star!

  78. Leslie says

    I am looking so forward to Design Star again this summer! Will I be able to pick the winner? Probably not – they all look so good! Thanks Layla for keeping us updated!

  79. Annamarie says

    I didn’t plan to watch this show but after reading this post, I can’t wait to see it. Have been following the designs and careers of all the judges/guest judges. This is going to be awesome!

  80. Calley Crawford says

    Always loved Candace, Vern, and Genevieve…..but now Nate, Paula, Kathy and the Novogratz’s….how awesome is that!! Can’t wait to watch. My head is already spinning ’cause I know the ideas and inspirations are gonna be overwhelming!!

  81. LaVern Williams says

    Soooo excited about the new season of design star, I have seen all the other seasons but this one looks especially fun!!Cant wait till Monday.

  82. says

    Yay – I am so excited for the new Design Star season to start!! I think it’s great that David Bromstead is going to be mentoring the contestants – I love him! Thanks!!

  83. Alica Brinson says

    I love this show,great is a woman who loves her husband,teaches her children the way of the Lord,and makes her house a home:)You give me so many ideas!

  84. Suzy Bryan says

    Love this show. Have watched every season. Got lots of ideas
    from Antonio…

  85. Megan says

    I’d love to use the gift card to help spruce up our living room – watching HGTV always gives me so many ideas!

  86. Alyssa says

    We no longer have cable or satellite – I really wish there was a way to view HGTV online, even for a small fee. So disappointed to miss the show this year. :(

  87. says

    Excited to see the new Design Star and what kind of spectacular things they will come up with. There is so much talent out there and inspiration.

  88. tamara says

    ooooh gosh, my daughter and i our so excited for Design Star. Our DVR is ready to start recording.

  89. Raylan says

    I am so excited Bob & Courtney Novogratz are going to be on the show. I LOVE them!

  90. says

    I have only watched bits and pieces from the last seasons but Im so excited to watch the full season of Design Star this time around. It looks like its going to be amazing!

  91. Kate says

    I’m so happy they’re going back to the friendlier judges thing – my daughter loves this show, but was really put off by the tone of the show last year.

  92. says

    I’m counting down the days until it starts. My favorite show! Sign me up for the gift card too, I could sure use it!

  93. Sandra says

    I love the direction HGTV has been taking lately, and this season of Design Star is no exception!

  94. says

    Can’t wait for the new season! Getting my charge cards ready for the additional inspiration these shows always give me :)

  95. Shari says

    I always seem to try and find one of the designers whose style is closest to my own and then they become the ones I root for, with the exception of David. David’s style was unique and adventurous while maintaining courage and wisdom. I began rooting for him because his style was so opposite from mine-yet we go about decorating the same way, using similar techniques. Can’t wait to learn even more from someone new!

  96. says

    Looking forward to a new season of Design Star! Would love to win a gift card…thanks for the opportunity!

  97. Missy G. says

    This will actually be my first year watching. I already have my DVR set to record all episodes. :)

  98. Callie says

    I love design star (and your blog!) I follow you on FB and I’m so glad or I might have missed this contest!

  99. says

    It’s times like these, I wish I had cable!! Sounds like a great season for Design Star!! Layla, my favorite feature on your blog is “Pick My Presto”…I always get a few butterflies waiting for the page to load!

  100. Lorrie says

    Can’t wait for the new season of Design Star! I’ve got my DVR ready to go!!

  101. Wendy says

    I admit it! I love design star. I am will be happy to so the judges enjoy themselves a little more!

  102. Shala says

    I’ve never watched this show before but it looks fun!! I’ll have to try it out!! :)

  103. Sandy A says

    Can’t wait for the new season of Design Star–this give away would really help as we are moving soon to a new city in a new state!!

  104. Shelley Hill says

    I can’t wait for Design Star, all my daughters and I love it. It gets the creative juices going and is such an inspiration. My husband, not so much, usually means a new project. Love your website, I check out all the face book posts. Shelley Hill

  105. says

    What a great giveaway!! And I need to remember to set my DVR to record this show. I always miss it when it’s on!

  106. sandy johnson says

    I love Design Star. Can’t wait for Monday!! (I can’t believe I just said that)

  107. Jenna Soon to Be Married to the Most Wonderful Guy Ever! says

    Kevin & Layla- Great job on your blog!! My fiance knows all about my love for it! :) We are super excited to start decorating our new home in the next month when we are married! + gotta love Design Star!!!

  108. bobbie buchanan says

    Just a 50 something “retired auditor” loving design blogs and can’t wait for the new season of Design Star-if it were only me on there-a girl can dream!!

  109. says

    I am so so so so so excited for this season! I have been a fan since the start! It is so fun seeing some of the behind the scenes here! :o) And of course thanks for the chance to win!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  110. says

    I am so excited for this new season of DS, I am doubly glad it won’t be so somber this year!!! And hey who couldn’t use a $100 towards those DIY projects we all have on going. Keeping my fingers crossed for sure! Sure would be fun if they had YOU and Kev guest star during the season! :)

  111. Kristina Bailey says


  112. Jennifer says

    I always look forward to a new season of Design Star…and extra David Bromstad is always a good thing! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Candace D says

    Wow, great give-away! Thanks HGTV and Lettered Cottage! Can’t live without either of you!

  114. Jena Rennier says

    I love Design Star!!! I can’t wait to watch! They’ve changed it up a bit but it looks like it will be a wonderful season.

  115. jjk says

    I can’t wait for the new season! The guest judges should bring an interesting twist, so many different ones!

  116. gina says

    Love Design Star!! Got the DVR set for the whole series just in case I’m out for the evening some Monday night. Love David and really hope the judges do smile more this time around.

    Love TLC too!!

  117. marina says

    I’ve actually never watched the show…but I’m getting excited to see it for the first time!

  118. says

    Love, Love, LOVE! Not only all of the judges–and guest judges, too–but the show! I’m always able to take away something–advice, inspiration or in Paula’s case a recipe idea (that my husband executes!) in some way. Very excited!

  119. says

    My husband and I really enjoy watching Design Star together and are excited for a fun, new summer show to start!

  120. says

    My DVR is set and I can’t wait to watch it when I get back from vacation! I am so looking forward to it this year!!

  121. Lynette C. says

    This season looks like it’s going to be the best one yet! And I would LOVE to get this gift card!!

  122. Sandra says

    I cannot wait for the new season to begin! Sure could use the $100.00 gift card to help decorate our new house.

  123. Diana says

    I’m a fairly random person, so hopefully I will be random enough to win this give-away… I am slightly addicted to HGTV!!! LOL..

  124. Judy says

    Great to see things shaken up a bit this season…can’t wait to see Paula Deen, she cracks me up.

  125. says

    YAYAYAYAYA! I can’t wait to watch!!
    And I’d love one hundo to work on my silly living room madness!

    Sarah @ Stella&Gray

  126. Britabroad says

    Just about to move to a new home in a new state next month, so really super-keen to see this great programme and get some fab ideas for our place. Could surely do with the $100 for kitting it out too!

  127. says

    Layla! I cant wait til the day I get to watch YOU on tv! You’re amazing!

    I look forward to watching Design Star every summer! Glad the judges will be happy again… That bothered me last season!

  128. Sharlyn LePage says

    I’m so excited about the new season of Design Star. I watch this show every season to see what these talented can come up with and who can make the cut.

    Awesome give away!!

  129. says

    My husband says “projects” is a dirty word in our house (even though I think he secretly loves everything I do), so this would be a guilt-free project endorser!

  130. erika says

    thanks to you & design star for a great giveaway, my 2 1/2 year old will appreciate it for the use in the upgrade to his big boy room :)

  131. Dar says

    Can’t wait to watch the new season! Hoping to hear some great ideas for the new place i just moved into!

  132. says

    This is a nice overview…thanks for the heads up. I hope the judges can lighten up this season and have more fun with the show.

  133. Kelly says

    Thanks – would love to win. Would also like to know the history behind your involvement in the show – were you on it in the past? Thanks Layla and Kevin!

  134. Melissa says

    How fun! Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Design Star and TLC what a great pair up!

  135. Edwina says

    Thanks for giving us this awesome scoop about Design Star and for offering such a generous prize! :)

  136. says

    Oh how I LOVE David B and Vern Y of Design Star!!!!!
    they are my FAVES!
    But the entire program is simply amazingly wonderful!!!
    would ADORE being the winner of the Amex gift card..
    that would simply be the icing on the cake!!!

  137. Nicole says

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!! I’m excited to see how David is as the host of the show, I love Color Splash!

  138. Courtney M says

    Design Star AND a chance to win a $100 gift card?! Mondays could be lookin up for me!

  139. Gale says

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for the show to start…LOL.. can’t wait to see it all!! :) Thanks for the chance to win – fun fun fun!!!

  140. Kelly says

    I wish had a working tv to watch on! I will just have to follow your tweets!
    <3 KC

  141. says

    Yes ! finally Design Star is back….I’m always so sad to see it end and wait in antisipation for it to start again for all my decorating ideas I get from the show!

  142. Joy Jenkins says

    My sister and I watch Design Star every season and call each other back and forth asking… Did you see that, that was Awesome!! Seriously, she did not do that! lol We love it! And You blog!

  143. says

    Well I’d love to win of course! I really wish we had tv at times like this. I’d love to watch Design Star. I’ll have to wait until it comes out on video!

  144. Judy Hinten says

    Love, love, love that show! Looking forward to new ideas for decorating. Thanks for the chance to win some $$$.

  145. Brett says

    Excited about this season of Design Star!! Seems like it will have a much better feel to it this year!

  146. Larissa says

    I love HGTV! such a collection of ideas from high end to design on a dime. love it!!

  147. Becky D. says

    Love Genevieve Gorder!! Wish she could help me with every room of my new place!!

  148. Caren says

    Thanks for the heads up info for new DS season. Not to be missed! Love the Lettered Cottage.

  149. says

    I am SO excited for Monday night! Next week will be the best ever! The premiere of Design Star and the new Harry Potter movie! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  150. Carly says

    Love Design Star! I don’t have tv and only watch my FAVORITE shows online…and I definitely take time for this show!

  151. says

    Can’t wait for the show to begin. I love Design Star and I love HGTV!
    And the Shabby Old House sure could use their help!

  152. Bethany says

    Yay! Design Star is back! I’ve always kind of wanted to try out for the show.

  153. Megan says

    I don’t have cable, so I can’t watch the show. But, I enjoy reading your recaps of what happened!

  154. Bethany says

    Ok, just watched the videos and am now even more excited. Also, I can’t believe they ACTUALLY threw paint on them. I thought that was digitally added!

  155. Jackie M says

    I am so pumped for the new Design Star to start!! ahhh!! I love summer and HGTV! :)

  156. Elizabeth H says

    Design Star is the best. Love it. Also love everything you guys do. You are both so talented.

  157. Jennifer says

    So fun looking through all the behind the scenes photos…can’t wait for the new season to start!!

  158. Sarah says

    As a married graduate student on a budget all projects are DIY and usually the time we spend together. $100 = over 100 hours of homemaking/designing fun!!

  159. Kendra P says

    I can’t wait for the new Season of Design Star to begin. I love, love, love the show!

  160. Karli says

    Can’t wait to watch my first-ever season of Design Star – recently entered the world of satellite tv (goodbye bunny ears!) and am addicted to hgtv!!!!

  161. Vickie W. says

    I love HGTV Design Star and it sounds as if this new season will be the best one yet! Can’t wait!

  162. sharon says

    With TV becoming a dead zone in the summer
    design star will be something great to view.
    I hope it is on demand as I like a mini marathon

  163. Kim says

    I’m super-psyched for the new season design star! My four absolute fave hgtv stars, Genevieve, Vern, David and Candice is why I’ll be watching but I’m sure the new contestants will keep me watching too :)

  164. says

    I can’t wait to see the show! A gift card would make Monday the best day ever! =) Thanks for the give away!

  165. Chelsea says

    Yes! These videos made me super excited – the contestants look like so much fun this time around.

  166. Lthrbth says

    Eeep! We’re fixing up a fixer-upper, hoping to move in Sept.! Don’t have cable but wish I did!

  167. cecily says

    fun show! too bad i don’t have cable. maybe they will show it on the hgtv website? hope so!

  168. Rebecca says

    Can’t wait for the new season to start! Loved last year’s season too!

  169. Nancy Munshower says

    Looking forward to the start of the new season. I love and highly respect ALL of the judges :)

  170. Heidi says

    Can’t wait to get new decorating ideas from the Design Star folks. Always fun to watch!

  171. Sarah K says

    Since I can’t be a design star, I would sure love to win the gift card!

  172. says

    I am very excited about this show! I love all of the inspiration and ideas it gives me! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Pam M says

    Can’t wait for the 11th and Design Star to begin. I’ve been waiting since the show ends last season!! Fingers crossed on a win too!!!

  174. says

    Love, LOVE design star…wish they’d stop by my 1906 house with 10 foot ceilings and do their do :)

  175. says

    hey layla and kevin! well, sign me up! i would love to go shopping! i can not wait until monday night! i have been waiting for the new season to begin! feels like its been forever! thanks for the chance!

  176. Sarah from WI says

    Yeah!! Another Design Star! Have an awesome time. I’ve loved the shows in the past.

  177. Eva Lidis says

    My fiance & I just bought our first home so allll we do is watch home decorating/improvement shows. I can’t describe how excited he is for Design Star to start up again!

  178. says

    I’m uber excited for the new season!!! I LOVE Design Star! It’s so fun to see all the different styles the designers come up with! Good luck everyone!

  179. Alise says

    Hi Layla, I love watching Design Star and can’t wait to see what this season has in store. Would loke to see you and Kevin have a show like the Novogratz’s. Maybe one day soon…huh???

  180. Kelley Barton says

    So excited to see what’s in store for this season of Design Star!

  181. says

    So excited for this season! Thanks for all of the sneak peeks! We are in the process of building our house, and can’t wait to decorate after we close in September….need all the ideas and help we can get!

  182. says

    Oh, fun! David and Emily Henderson are my favorite “Design Stars.” I hope this year is interesting. I’d love to win some spending money for new sheets or curtains or lamps, or….

  183. says

    I can’t wait for this season of Design Star!! My husband even watches it with me – and thats really sayin’ something. :)

  184. Nicole says

    Ooh! Ooh! I’d love to win! :o)
    My fiance and I will be buying a house when we get married in November! I have followed your blog for a year or two now and I looooove your style! You guys are seriously my favorite!! :o)

  185. says

    Put my name in the hat for the drawing! Very excited! Can’t wait to watch Design Star. But, having the Novogratz’s on HGTV…. gives me goosebumps! WOOP WOOP!!

  186. Tina says

    I’ve been giving my hubby the countdown until Design Star begins! He pretends to hate watching it with me, but gets hooked each year. Can’t wait!!! :-)

  187. Beverly says

    Thank you for the sneak peek! This will be the BEST SEASON EVER. Looking forward to lots of fabulous decor, design and fun!

  188. says

    Thanks for the Design Star “teasers!” I can’t wait until it starts :) I like the giveaway too!!

  189. carla mackey says

    I love Design Star! It always gives me such great ideas to try–plus it is entertaining!

  190. sarita says

    thanks for the chance to win thie great Design Star gift card!!! thanks to all…

  191. Laurel Meribela says

    The new show sounds like it will be great, would LOVE to win that gift card!

  192. says

    I read The Lettered Cottage and watch Design Star like it is my
    J-O-B! Can’t get enough of the creative fun inspired by both. Looking forward to the new season.

  193. Aly says

    I wish I had cable/satellite! Maybe I can catch a re-run at my dad’s house sometime!

  194. Deidra Dunbar says

    *Raising my hand* “Pick me, pick me!” I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity TLC and Design Star!

  195. Diannedlm says

    I just found you! What a wonderful blog. And, what a great give away. I already have Design Star set on my DVR, just in case I can’t sit down to watch it uninterrupted.

  196. Sarah C. says

    Vern Yip was my favorite designer on Trading Spaces. They even filmed an episode in my neighborhood! I’ve never watched this show before, but I’ll watch this season!!

  197. RoxanneK says

    I love Design Star…almost as much as the TLC Blog! When does your show start??

  198. Lyndsey K. says

    I obviously LOVE anything HGTV, but I especially enjoy Design Star :) It’s fun to take the journey with all of the contestants.. At least it feels like I’m right there with them :P

  199. Allison says

    Ooh! What a great lineup for Design star this season- I will absolutely be watching:) And thank you for the give away!!!

  200. Laurie H says

    I love all the advice the judges give. They are three of my favorite designers. Can’t wait. Excited for the lettered cottages’ future too.

  201. Susan Bertelsen says

    Looking forward to this season of DesignStar- thanks for the giveaway- if I win it’ll be used to help buy a new bench for our dining table!

  202. connie tacazon says

    I have not watched this show before but your post is making me excited for this upcoming season. Thanks!

  203. Jeri Carroll says

    I’m ready for design star to start. I am new to the lettered cottage, but I have fallen in love with your designs!

  204. says

    I admit…I’ve never watched Design Star, despite my HGTV addiction. You are so making me add it to my DVR To Do list… Thanks for the chance to win!

  205. Ana says

    I’ve been a HUGE fan since season 1!!!!! Can’t wait til Monday :)
    Thanks for this giveaway:)

  206. Jennifer Barbo says

    I love Design Star and your blog. I have watched Design Start since it’s first season and I’m stoked to see David back. I’m new to your blog and love, love, love it.

  207. Debbie says

    Hi! Since I will have evenings to myself (I am a theater widow again) I am really excited about this season. I have the remote all to myself! Can’t wait for your show also!

  208. Cheryl says

    I can’t wait for Design Star to start on Monday! I already have the DVR set!!!

  209. Carolyn says

    Finally something new and interesting to watch in the middle of the summer TV doldrums! I get so inspired watching Design Star!

  210. Annika Knocka says

    Can’t wait to see the new season! And with all my projects going on, I sure could use a gift-card to help me out! :)

  211. Kirsten says

    Have my DVR locked and loaded so I don’t miss a minute of Design Star! Can’t wait to see the new location and all the new contestants!

  212. Lois Martin says

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  213. Cathy frame says

    I cannot wait for the new season of Design Star!!! Only a few more days to go! Thank you HGTV & The Lettered Cottage!!

  214. says

    I have to be one of your biggest fans….I have watched every season and can’t wait for this one to begin!! I am crazy about all the HGTV designers who will be on the show…..I NEED Candice Olson to come decorate my home….SOON!

    I’ll be there next Monday and all the weeks to come!!!

  215. Leah says

    Knock knock..
    Who’s there?
    Woo who??
    WOO HOO !
    -So excited, can’t wait!!: )

  216. says

    I LOVE DESIGN STAR!!! Can’t wait to watch the next season! And, of course I would love to win $100. My bedroom decor needs some sprucing up, and I could make that $100 go a long way! ;)

  217. Holly says

    I could use some serious Design Star workers in my nursery! I’ll settle for the $100 gift card though :)

  218. Lindsay says

    I’m an HGTV NUT! (it’s actually on right now!) I can’t wait for Design Star!!

  219. says

    I AM Sooooo Excited for Design Star to begin!!! I think the kids and I are going to have a little party on Monday to celebrate and watch! Thanks or hosting this giveaway! I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the new season of Design Star only being 4 days away, or this wonderful American Express giveaway!

  220. Renee C says

    Can’t wait to watch on Monday. Hoping to get some inspiration for my new house this season!

  221. says

    Wow! That sounds like quite a show! I always like to watch David B. and all the other fabulous Designers. I wish I had the talent and resources to make one of my rooms as beautiful as they do on their shows! Design Star, I’m your next biggest fan! Whoot Whoot!

  222. Gayle! says

    With Vern, Candice and Genevieve as judges, this is going to be a GREAT season!

  223. Leigh says

    AAaaaahhhhh, can’t wait for the season to start!!!! $100 would offset the $$$$$ Ballard Designs rug I have my eye on!!

  224. DesignStarRocks says

    Design Star has ALWAYS been #1 for me. Cannot wait til Monday!! Very excited on new host and new judge.

  225. Vickie Ramos says

    Looking forward to the new season – but no contestants from CA! Ugh! I love all the inspiration and the list of guest judges. To die for!

  226. Sheila says

    Love Design Star and looks like it’s going to be a great season, but really guys…No contestants from any states west of Texas?

  227. says

    I”m excited to watch the new season! I hope I can get the hubby to watch it with me… we’ll see about that! ;)

  228. says

    I have never watched a full season of Design Star! I know- what is wrong with me?! So excited to tune in and see what the designers come up with!with!

  229. Ameneh says

    This is great! I love design star…can’t wait for the new season on Monday.

  230. says

    I can’t wait for the new season! My husband and I love watching this show together and are both glad the judges will be smiling more. :)

  231. Jessica bachlor says

    How exciting! I love David, thanks so much for this expo about the upcoming season. What a treat. Have a great weekend,
    Green Country Gang
    Broken Arrow, OK

  232. Angie Tieman says

    Thanks for the peeks and the giveaway! Can’t wait for this to start! It was cool seeing the HGTV exec shop for a living space for the designers on Selling New York!

  233. says

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve never watched Design Star before:( But your post definately has me intrigued!! I’ll be tuning in on monday night!

  234. heatherholla says

    I LOVE design star! one of my favs, i especially love the white room challenge, i think thats where the stars really stand out. oh and huge fan of 9 by design!

  235. robin says

    I love Design Star! Can’t wait for the season to start. My DVR is ready!

  236. Lisa Cole says

    Just moved into a new apartment and $100 would definitely help with the decorating. Now if only an HGTV designer would come help too! -Love HGTV!

  237. says

    David Bromstad has been my fav designer for years! So excited to watch this show …. and of course David :)

  238. Alisa d. says

    LOVE TLC & Design Star! Thanks for the opportunity to win some decorating cash

  239. Rae says

    I love Design Star and so happy to here the judges will be smiling and laughing more. Anxious for the series to start and waiting impatiently to see your show….. :)

  240. Kathy says

    I have really enjoyed this show in the past – have the new season all set to TIVO! The new twist with a mentor sounds fun!

  241. says

    Looking SO forward to this new season of Design Star! Last season was so good, and I’m excited that David Bromstad will be on the show this year! Would love to freshen up my bedroom with a new comforter with that $100.

  242. Dorrie Bell says

    SOOO excited for the new season to start!!! I can’t wait for Monday night to come!! I would love to be picked just to get that adorable card! I am excited to get to know the people and see their designs!!!!
    Good luck to all the Design Star Contestants!!!!!

  243. Liz says

    I am so excited about this season of Design Star! Love me some David Bromstad and all the judges! Yay!

  244. Denise says

    Can’t wait to watch this season! I love all the crazy personalities trying to work together to produce an end result in record time…..STRESS!

  245. Kath says

    Good luck to all you talented design stars, you do a great job. Kevin and Layla, you two should be on the show. You do some awesome decorating and your house is so inviting. Thanks for the giveway~ Kat

  246. April in CT says

    We just moved to sunny CA and I could definitely use this for the new place!!

  247. Misty O. says

    Eeeeek! I can’t wait, the DVR is set. I’ve never wanted Monday to get here so quickly!!!!

  248. Linda says

    I love this show. So sure if HGTV was around when I was in high school, I would have studied interior design.

  249. Merritt says

    What a cool giveaway! Love TLC (favorite blog EVER) and love Design Star!

  250. Crystal Myers Martin says

    I can’t wait for the new season of Design Star to start! Winning the gift card would be nice as I am in the process of painting a house :)

  251. says

    I’ve never watched it before but am super excited about this season! I can’t wait to see great ideas from the designs each episode. Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. rebecca.k says

    I can’t wait for this season to start! (Although, I have to admit, I miss Clive!)

  253. Nikki says

    I can’t wait for this start! AND I could really use $100 for our kitchen reno!

  254. Christy says

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  255. Dana says

    I only recently learned about the show. You bet I’ll be watching it! Good luck to all the contestants!

  256. says

    Ooo – super fun! I love rearranging furniture and redecorating little spaces in between chasing our four crazy kids around the house!

  257. Kelli Patterson says

    Oh, yay…yay…yay… I can’t wait for Monday night. Candice Olson is my hero.

  258. says

    Love Design Star. And I’m really excited that it will hopefully be a bit more upbeat this season. The judges were real downers last go round

  259. Lisa says

    Thanks for the chance to win the gift card! Love to watch anything on HGTV!

  260. says

    I’ve been addicted to HGTV since I was a teeny bopper. I’m 22 now, and while everyone else was watching MTV and Sunday morning cartoons, I was watching home improvement and design shows! After finishing my undergrad in business, I’m making a crazy career choice 180 by choosing to get my masters in design. I’d love to say I won a little piece of the Design Star pie! Best of luck to everyone! :0)

  261. Janna says

    Oh great… A new show for me to get hooked on! I’ve never seen the show but from the sounds of it, I’ll get addicted!

  262. says

    One of my favorite shows! Looking forward to it, and how great is it that someone will have a bit of extra cash to decorate with!

  263. says

    I’m excited for this season of Design Star. But I hope they bring back some of the classic challenges, like redoing a room for a family in need and such. Can’t wait to see some of the white room designs!

  264. AnnW says

    Thanks for reminding us that this is starting again. During the summer it is really hard to keep things straight. Looking forward to this season! Ann

  265. Elizabeth L says

    Look forward to this season. Watched the last few episodes last season and really enjoyed it.

  266. Kim says

    LOVE Design Star and I am sooo looking forward to this season. Of course nothing tops TLC!!!

  267. Vickie H. says

    It is going to be great fun!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would love to win.

  268. Michelle says

    Oh how exciting! I love reading your blog and watching design star. *crossing fingers*


  269. says

    I am sooo excited for this season to start. Goodness I love all of the judges, and would would faint if I ever got to pick their brain for design help.

  270. Shellaine says

    This should be a good season! I’m glad the judges are smiling. I don’t like to watch anything too serious :-)

  271. says

    So sad, wish I could watch it. :( We do not have cable. Maybe I could find a way to get to my Mom’s to watch it. :)

  272. Andrea says

    I’m a Design Star junkie and would love to makeover a room in our home with the help of the gift card and inspiration from the stars!

  273. says

    I am usually unable to watch the HGTV shows I like because of my work schedule (and I’m too cheap to get DVR), but I usually catch the reruns or check the finished room photos online. That’s my favorite part anyways, just seeing the finished photographs.

  274. Tracey Talley says

    I love Design Star and seeing all the creative ideas! Can’t wait for the new season to start!

  275. Tracy Doede says

    I cannot wait for the season to start! I sooo wish we had a dvr! Well, I’ll just old school it and vhs record it if I need to or try to see if it will be online! Looking forward to all the great ideas!

  276. Julie says

    I love your blog!! I also love HGTV and Design Star. Can’t wait for the new season!!

  277. Mary Jane says

    Oh yay for the new season of Design Star. Hopefully I can pick up some decorator tricks from watching the show. May the best decorator win!

  278. Rebecca Justice says

    Cant wiat for the new season! Time to get my DVR ready! Cant wait for all the new faces!

  279. Mary B says

    I have such happy memories of watching the first season of design star with my teenage daughter. Now she’s grown up, lives nearby, and we can’t wait to watch it together again.

  280. says

    Ooooh, free money. lol Thanks for the giveaway guys! Looking forward to all the design ideas from the show.

  281. Michelle L. says

    wish I still had cable so I could watch this season. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! =)

  282. Deborah S says

    So looking forward to this season of Design Star – David Bromstad will be a breath of fresh air on the show!

  283. says

    Can’t wait for Monday! I haven’t seen past shows, but will be tuning in for sure if you are recommending it! I know I”m going to love it & would love it even more with $100 in my pocket;)

  284. says

    LOVE Design Star. Can’t wait to see the new season. Would be even better with that $100 of cool new stuff for my place!


  285. says

    Sounds like a great season coming up. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing all the sneak peek clips and pictures. Hopefully you’ll pick me!!!

  286. kaylene says

    oooh! this looks like funnnn, david, genevieve, vern AND candice in one show? woowww!

  287. Aaron says

    I’m excited to see some more of David Bromstad on the new show :) Oh yea I also want to see new, colorful challenges…and did I mention more David?

  288. says

    I love, love, love TLC, HGTV and Design Star! What a great give-away too. I am imagining all the great organizational furniture for my paper crafting room that I will buy with this $100 gift card….

  289. Katie says

    I’ve not seen DesignStar (no cable :( ) but looking at your overview makes me want to google past episodes.

  290. BessaMcG says

    Ah! So fun!

    I wish I could be on a design show and have a shot at getting my own HGTV show… good luck to all the contestants!

  291. Maryellen says

    Love Design Star! Can’t wait for the new series to start! Hubby watches too.

  292. Joanna Thompson says

    Design Star has nothing on you and Kevin! Love your blog…gonna try to find Prattville Pickers today!

  293. maggie says

    Can’t wait for the new DS season to begin! That David Bromstad is such a cutie!

  294. Paula in MN says

    I’m so excited for this show ~ I even convinced my hubs to subscribe to satellite tv again!

  295. LisaW says

    I can’t wait for the new season to begin! It seems like forever since the last Design Star.

  296. Vonda L says

    Woohoo! It will be so fun to see the designs AND the personalities! Can’t wait.

  297. says

  298. Brandy B says

    ooohhh, pick me, pick me! Can’t wait for the new season, I love stealing all the ideas for my own home

  299. Lou Ann says

    I am even more interested in Design Star since reading this post! 3 of my absolute faves for judges: Candice, Genevieve and Vern! Yay!
    Thanks, TLC

  300. Sabrina says

    My daughter and I never miss an episode! We can’t wait until the new season starts:)

  301. says

    My husband and I love to watch this show together–I’m going now to make sure the DVR is set so we don’t miss any episodes!

  302. Christie says

    Ooooh, can’t wait for Monday and Design Star! Love the guest stars that are lined up for this season. But Layla, when will you and Kevin be on the show?

  303. says

    Looking forward to the new season! That giftcard would really go to use on some new curtain panels & rods for my large living room windows. We just had all new windows put in to replace our 50-yr old original windows which started to leak and our home improvement savings is tapped. lol.

  304. says

    Ohhhhh, I can’t wait for the new season to begin!! Will you guys be on the show this season? I sure hope so.

  305. Susan says

    $100 would really help me with my porch project! Can’t wait to watch Design Star!

  306. says

    <3 HGTV. Can't wait for the new season to start- I always get inspired & must tear up my house & redecorate! (much to hubby's dismay) ;)

  307. Kary Ross says

    $100 Amazon (my favorite place to shop online!) would be a great jumpstart to getting my basement overhaul going! Thanks in ADVANCE!!

  308. scouty says

    LOVE this show! This season sounds like the BEST yet! Excited to see what Nate has to say!

  309. Kelly says

    Can’t wait to watch this season! Just sold our old house and moved into a new house that needs our stamp on it! Can’t wait to see all the ideas coming my way!

  310. Yevette Trussell says

    Gonna be the BEST season ever!!!! ……and then we have YOU to give us the highlights!! I’d call that a winner! Thanks Layla and Kevin!!

  311. Kathy says

    I was SO excited to get your post via e-mail this morning. Thanks for the reminder–it’s NOW on my calendar. Looking forward to this season–glad the judges are back and SO excited to see David B and Nate B–love them. I’m sure you will have other posts on D-Star–I’ll be waiting and watching, too.

  312. Allison A says

    Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Design Star how I love thee. I DVR this show every season it’s on. Gotta admit though, I love me some David Bromstad.

    Good luck to all the contestants. Just remember that you’re already an inspiration to us at home DIYers.

  313. says

    OMG!! Can’t wait, you just got me even more stoked (didn’t think that was possible) for it to start!
    Go Design Stars, go!
    Awesome. Thanks for an opportunity to win a fabulous giveaway too. xo

  314. Kasey says

    I love your blog and hgtv! I’ve never watched Design Star before, so I am extra excited to watch it this season. I love the work that the judges do, and the interviews and posts that I’ve read here have made me excited to watch this season!

  315. Sue Struzik says

    Love Design Star. Can’t wait for Monday nights. Time to get Inspired:)

  316. LINDA SEEHUSEN says


  317. Pam says

    Looking forward to the new season! My teenage girls & I have enjoyed watching together!

  318. Joy says

    Can hardly wait! That is a lot of design talent. Should be a lot of fun and great ideas.

  319. says

    OMGosh! I loooooove DS (and The Lettered Cottage!)… can’t wait for the new season to start and grab some inspiration for my studio redo which is in progress right now xoxoxo

  320. Dawn says

    Wahoo! I am so excited about the new Design Star season and I LOVE David Bromstead! But I didn’t know Paula Deen was gonna be a guest star! I LOVE her too! Thanks for making my weekend with some sneak peeks and a super fun giveaway! Have a great weekend everybody!

  321. Tracey Garcia says

    I LOVE Design Star, and David will be such a great addition-adore him! Can’t wait for Monday!

  322. says

    I am so excited for this to start! I appreciate the chance to win so much as we are doing many home improvements on the house we just bought. It’s hitting the pocket book for sure, so this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

  323. Nancy Hunter says

    I could certainly use a $100 to get my “Design Star” going! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity.

  324. Shannon C says

    I’m excited to see Design Star for the first time! Thanks for the chance to win.

  325. Athena R says

    I love Design Star and can’t wait for the new season to start. Thanks for the giveaway!

  326. says

    WhooP! What a great opportunity! Thanks guys! Looks like many of us are VERY Exicted for the new season to start. Looking forward to Monday! P.S. Pick Me!

  327. says

    I am a HGTV addict. I could sit and watch this channel all the time. My husband & I flipped and house and got some great ideas. Thanks

  328. Maggie Petry says

    So exciting! I can hardly wait. Thanks for the heads up, btw… I love your blog, so inspiring. Thank you.

  329. says

    I love watching HGTV. So many great ideas and designs. My husband & I flipped a house and watched shows to help us get some ideas.


  330. nadine says

    Have got it TiVo’d and ready to go. Our family all gets together and watch it, everyweek. Looking forward to some A plus designers :)

  331. Lauren says

    I can’t wait to watch! This season is going to be great! Thanks for the sneak peek!!

  332. Gena says

    I’ll be watching! Can’t wait for when ya’ll have your own show!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  333. Rachel says

    Can’t wait for the new season of Design Star…a gift card would be nice too!

  334. Laura Daniel says

    I would love to be my own DESIGN STAR! I have a couple of projects that $100 would sure help!


  335. Lili says

    I love Design Star!!! And, I could definitely use the gift card for some new curtains and throw pillows!

  336. Madison Daniel says

    I’m re-doing my room over and need just about $100 to finish it off. this would really help me considering i haven’t had a room makeover since i was in the fifth grade! thanks for this giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters! :) *fingers-crossed!*

  337. Kat Babbitt says

    YAY for Design Star! I SO wish you were on Layla. You would have killed it.

  338. says

    I think you and Kevin should be guest judges on Design Star!!! How cool that would be…!!!

    Hugs, stef

  339. AshMac says

    I can hardly wait for Design Star and what a fun way to kick it off Layla and Kevin! So excited for you!!!

  340. Anne Loyd says

    Awesome giveaway! I am excited for the new Design Star! Thanks for getting me hooked!

  341. GinaE says

    Looking forward to this new season! Some of my favorite designers are participating (now if Layla and Kevin were there, all my favorites would be on). Many thanks for the chance at this great give-a-way!!!

  342. Kristi Staples says

    I love all the inventive ways the contestants do their designing. It’s so hard to think outside the box sometimes.

  343. says

    Loved the sneak peeks! My girls were watching w/me just now! We all said we have to watch it! We’ll be new viewers to the show bcuz soccer runs our lives. Thank God for our DVR! So this season will be our first & we’re excited! Great giveaway too!

  344. Jessica Davenport says

    I love Design Star and can’t wait to watch the season. I hope it gives me some ideas for our new house in the country! :)

  345. says

    WOW!!! What a great give-a-way!!! :) We are in the middle of sprucing up our pad and would love to have the extra cash to throw into the mix! ;) And LOVE DESIGN STAR!!! Can’t wait to watch the new season!!!! :)

  346. Raquel says

    Hey there Layla and Kevin just wanted to say a big thanks for always inspiring me weekly to try new things around our fixer upper. I can’t wait for the new DesignStar to begin. My daughter who is a natural craft master is really excited as well to watch, it’s her first IT show. Big hugs from California!

  347. Tiffany Belford says

    LOVE David – so glad he will be there this season and I am also VERY excited that Nate is helping out – so cool! I love Paula too, but what does she know? Desserts, yes! Design ? haha, love ya Paula :)

  348. Cyndy says

    I am so excited about the new Design Star! I have watch it from the very beginning. This will be a great season cause David Bromstad brings so much fun and excitment to the screen. Cyndy

  349. Barbara Noland says

    who needs Monday Nite Football, when we have Design Star? whooooohoooo… this gift card would help in my updates of 20yo house….

  350. says

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  351. Netty says

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