• Design Consultation Services

    Note about my Consultation Schedule:
    Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I’m no longer able to work on design consultations. :-(

    If you’d like to see some examples of previous consultations I’ve worked on, move your cursor back and forth over the photos below to see the inspiration drawings I put together for my clients…

    (The suggestions shown in the photo drawings above were created based on my clients specific tastes and requests.)

    (Photo Consultations are completed within 6 weeks of when your photos and questions are received.)


    4. Virtual Consultation – $299.00

    Send me your budget, measurements and photos of the space you’d like my input on, and I will create a 3-D virtual drawing/model of your space to work from. I will completely design or re-design your space, whichever the case may be. Your 3-D model will show furniture, lighting and rug placement, as well as textures & paint colors.
    This process will ensure that you are completely happy with the colors, furniture layout, and all other aspects of the design BEFORE you spend a dime bringing it to life. Even if it’s something that you intend to implement over a long period of time, with my 3-D plan and instructions in hand, you’ll be set to pull the pieces together bit by bit, or all at once, whichever works best for you.





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