• Design a Bathroom Around This

    Have you ever seen that Kohler commercial that says “Design a house around this”?

    If not, here it is:

    Well, the sentiment “Design a room around this” sprang to mind when I saw this old, metal toothbrush holder at a flea market near the HGTV Green Home. I paid six dollars for it, and love its “Country Living” look.

    I know, I know, it sounds crazy to design a room around it right?

    Maybe it would help if I gave you an idea of what I see when I look at it…

    I see smooth, old metal and porcelain handles like this…

    …and tall zinc tables with beautiful lines, holding white enamelware pitchers filled with fresh white blooms…

    I see generous amounts of vintage fabric, skirted across the front of my vanity…

    I see birdcages & baskets, filled with candles & towels…

    I see chipping paint…

    And I definitely see a chandelier hanging over my tub…

    These are just a few of the things I see when I look at my little six dollar toothbrush/glass holder.

    FYI- Don’t worry my fellow Germ-o-phobe’s, the holder will purely be for looks. I plan to use a small, antique drinking glass in the top of the holder (for flowers, of course), and a few, decorative wooden toothbrushes (with quotes on them) in the bottom part. :-)

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