Decorating With Pumpkins

Howdy, friend! We’ve got a cute and cuddly giveaway to share with you this week!
Have you seen these plush little pumpkins yet?

Our sidebar sponsor LoveFeast Table carries them and they are just the cutest (squishiest!) little things!

We adopted a neutral-colored little bunch…

…but they come in tons of different colors…

(photo: LoveFeast Table)

(photo: LoveFeast Table)

I love that each one is filled with what feels like little beans (so they’re squishy!), and that each one has a real pumpkin, gourd, or squash stem…

I love the extra-curly one attached to our “baby” pumpkin…

So cute!

If you’d like to sign up to win a set of six plush pumpkins (courtesy of LoveFeast Table) just leave one comment on this post between now and Friday- September 9th, 2011 ( at 8:00 am Eastern Time). We’ll randomly select a winner after that, and announce his or her name next week!

Thanks for stopping by today, and good luck!


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  1. Johnna says

    I would cuddle with those pumpkins every night. Unless, of course, one of their stems poked me in the eye. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. BornInaZoo says

    I always get sad when autumn rolls around (especially when we had record breaking low temperatures at night the last two) … but it’s my favorite season for decor.

  3. Heidi says

    How cute!! I’m TOO excited to start decorating for fall! Just bought some mums for outside today!!!! :)

  4. Kimberly L. says

    Love the pumpkins! They would look great in my dining room for the holidays!

  5. says

    I was just bemoaning my home’s absence of fall decor to a friend over margaritas tonight. These pumpkins are pure yumminess.

  6. melissa tyler says

    Would love those pumpkins! I’m getting ready to decorate for my favorite time of the year!!!

  7. Gina J says

    Love the pumpkins! They would look great on the tables at Fall Fest, our school fundraiser. :)

  8. Shannon Tracy says

    Love them! So unique-what a great addition it would be to our living room for the holiday!

  9. Jenifer says

    Adorable! I can’t get over how they are luxurious and cozy at the same time. Very clever.

  10. Meghan says

    Those are adorable! I love that we are in pumpkin season… so ready for fall!! :) :) :)

  11. says

    oh my….I have never seen pumpkins so plush! I would love to get my hands on these. I am totally ready for fall and changing up my decor! :)

    Have a creative day,
    Amy W.

  12. Erin says

    I LOVE THOSE!!! I HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jennifer says

    Wow!!! Those are adorable… they are just screaming at me to be picked up & squished!!! Squeeee!!!!

  14. Frances says

    Wow- those are THE coolest things ever!! Would LOVE to have them, winning or not!!

  15. Sarah L. says

    Love those!!!!!! Oh, my if I don’t win those I will have to find some money in my budget to order a set.

  16. Angela Fritz says

    I am OBSESSED with decorating for fall. Since I have 2 small children (and a really curious cat), squishy pumpkins would be amazing! :)

  17. Lynn Petty says

    How adorable! Please enter my name for the drawing. I LOVE the textures!

  18. says

    Last year I carefully collected pumpkin stems so I could make my own set of velvet pumpkins. I set the stems out to dry and my hubby walked by and figured the kids had torn them off the pumpkins and threw them out. This year, he knows better =0

  19. Dottie says

    We would love to have these to decorate for our oldest girl’s 4th birthday in October!

  20. Keri Stonecipher says

    Oh my gosh I love love love the blue/green tones in these! How gorgeous!!!! Your website is awesome!

  21. Heather says

    As one born on Halloween, I have an obligation to love any and all pumpkins. And I do!

  22. Melissa says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these cuties! I am obsessed with everything Fall and these would look great in my house!!

  23. Betsy says

    These pumpkins are amazing! I especially love the aqua ones … would go great in my blue family room. Pick me!! :)

  24. says

    Those are the cutest little things…I’d love to win as my mantle needs a serious makeover for the fall!

  25. nancy nichols says

    Those are so original and I really really really want them. I just adore pumpkins.

  26. Marina {Yummy Mummy} says

    Oh how darling! The real stem really is what makes them so outstanding.

    My fall mantle went up today but I can’t find any real pumpkins yet.

  27. Purposeful Homemaker says

    Oh my goodness! I love, love, LOVE these! How amazingly creative.

  28. Stacy D says

    So cute and cuddly! (2 words that I never thought I’d use to describe pumpkins!) ;)

  29. Heather Johnson says

    WOW so cute! I’m not going to lie..I have stared at these cuties for awhile trying to figure out how to make them if I don’t win ( :/) THEY ARE SO FUN! I love all the stuff I see you put on here!…Really EVERYTHING! Here’s to hoping I win, because they will be a great addition to my fall theme fireplace..that I am finally getting to do after three years in our home!

  30. Marijo says

    These are beautiful. Someone will be lucky to win them. I hope it’s me.

  31. sheila roarks says

    I’m in love with Fall….And now I’m in Love with the cutest pumpkins ever!!!

  32. Vintage Resurrections says

    I need these as I’m really bad at decorating during this time of year. I think it has something to do with 4 birthdays and getting all my kids ready in their costumes. I have no time to decorate. These would be much needed in my home.

  33. Amy P. says

    Another cute item!!! Of course – you never disappoint. PICK ME PICK ME!

  34. sheila roarks says

    I’m in love with Fall….And now I’m in Love with the cutest pumpkins ever!!

  35. Stacey Bettelon says

    Adorable! I can totally picture these on my mantel! Perfect for Fall!

  36. says

    Love the color palette she uses! So fresh! Winning this giveaway would be the kick in the pants I need to start some fall decorating!

  37. Amber Dorn says

    So festive and fun! I love that they use real stems, thats so creative! These beautiful plush pumpkins would be awesome for fall photoshoots and sitting on my mantel. Im going to check out the website now! Thanks for sharing Layla! :)

  38. says

    This giveaway is so timely! :) This is what I love about Etsy… let’s the SUPER creative people shine!

  39. Tina says

    Raising my hand.. Jumping up and down!!!
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!! Pleeeeeeeze!!!

  40. Sue dunlow says

    I love them and am getting ready to bring all my fall decor out for display!

  41. says

    Yeah, these are so cute….and they won’t spoil. Love the colors and that real stems are used. Thanks for showing these beauties to us!
    A punkin lover :o)

  42. Sandra says

    Those are the coolest autumn decoration I have seen in a long time!! The pumpkins are awesome and I would be thrilled to win them on your give-away!

  43. Laura says

    If I win one, maybe it will feel fall-like here in Texas! (It has gotten a bit cooler. Hallelujah!)

  44. Jody says

    they are adorable!!! how fun – would love these to start the fall festivities!!

  45. Dana Samway says

    Oh these are so cute! This would be the perfect early birthday present for this Virgo! LOL

  46. says

    Love, love this! I just bought some faux pumpkins today and one of these would look perfect next to the others!

  47. Angie B. says

    Oh my goodness… I would love to have these… I am hosting our large family Thanksgiving this year and I NEED accessories. These are perfect!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Angie B.

  48. Betsy G says

    Those are adorable! I love pumpkins and fall, and those are the perfect color scheme!

  49. Colleen Lenahan says

    Oh those little pumpkins are just tooooooo cute, what a wonderful, creative idea!! I love seeing all the fall decor, it’s always so refreshing starting a new season.

  50. Dede Rhodes says

    OMG! Those are the cutest things I have seen. Love all the colors. Thanks for posting those little jewels.

  51. Linda says

    I love the pumpkins! They’d look so great on my coffee table!…or in my foyer, or bookshelves, or porch…

  52. says

    Those are the cutest, most adorable things I have ever seen!! I especially love that itty bitty baby one.

    • Lora Spangler says

      SOOOO creative! Most all these colors would match some area of my house! ;)

  53. Kathy says

    beyond cute, would love to add them to my pumpkin collection. Of course they would be the finest!

  54. Joyce Carr says

    Please enter me in the contest. I love fall decorating and these pumpkins are the bomb!



  55. Jennifer says

    I found your blog about 4 days ago, and I am obsessed! Love your ideas, style, and general outlook. The pumpkins are so sweet!


    I love the beautiful colors they come in. What a great way to personal your space.

  57. Rebecca says

    The teal would go great with my new den color scheme and give me a reason to finish a DIY basket project!

  58. says

    You bet I’d like to sign up for those adorable pumpkins! They are so unique and very tasteful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. says

    Okay, living in Oregon, where summer has just started and is already over, I’ve been totally anti-fall. I’m on board now. Those pumpkins are ADORABLE!!!

  60. gina says

    Thanks for the chance to win these cute pumpkins. Love the tiny one with the
    curly-q’s on the stem!!

  61. says

    Oh My! I love these pumpkins–but I am not ready for fall…what do I do? Maybe if I win-it will help me get ready:)

  62. Nikki says

    Those are so pretty. I don’t have many fall decorations. I would love to win this!

  63. Tracy says

    Saw these at a local store and Loved them. I would have bought them if I could!!!

  64. Kimberly says

    Love the unique take on the traditional fare. Would love a set to send to my sister as a house warming gift. :-)

    Cool stuff!

  65. Julie says

    These are pretty much the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Definitely need them for my fall decor! :)

  66. Sarah Farley says

    Love these!! I have been looking for the perfect fall decorations and these are it!

  67. Gail E says

    What gorgeous pumpkins!!!! They would be such a delight to decorate with this fall!

  68. says

    I have a pair of these pumpkins, but they definitely could use a few friends to decorate with. Crossing my fingers

  69. Lisa Hankins says

    Those are totally adorable! I’d love to put them on my dining table to enjoy for months to come! xoxox

  70. Lauren says

    All love anything pumpkin related but not of the cheesy variety. These are adorable and such a subtle yet class taste of fall!

  71. Mary Lemon says

    Wow . . . these are seriously the best handmade pumpkins ever. I want a whole bunch of them!! Love all the colors.

  72. Stacie Calvert says

    Love,Love,Love those squishy pumpkins! :) They would look so cute in my entryway!!!! a

  73. Kary Ross says

    I have seen these little velvet pumpkins last Fall in a cute little Farmers Market here in Arkansas! I wanted one then! Love the colors!

  74. says

    Love these. And perfect timing! I just started my fall decorating and may have told someone that “goards + pumpkins = happiness”!!

  75. Carley says

    Just the fall decorations I’ve been looking for. These are adorable and so chic!

  76. Jane Frederick says

    Unbelievably cute! I’ll decide on which color while you decide to pick me. K?

  77. Gena in Texas says

    LOVE pumpkins and these are so darn cute!!! I can never have enough pumpkins!

  78. says

    I have been admiring these beautiful pumpkins for a while now and would LOVE to have some. Thanks for the chance!

  79. Anne says

    I need these! I’m still unpacking boxes in my new home and am dreaming of the ways I’ll decorate it. These gorgeous pumpkins would be awesome.

  80. Tricia Nelson says

    These would look great at the foot of my fireplace ! Love the green ones!

  81. Traci Mork says

    Such creative minds out there. These are so cute. wish I had thought of it and had the know how to make them!!!

  82. Miriam says

    Long ago I made these out of fall-themed fabrics, but the stems were just interesting sticks I found outside. I love these with the REAL stems! Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  83. jen says

    in the words from despicable me: they’re so FLUFFAAAAAAAYYYYY!

    want/need/in all colors, por favor!

  84. Lisa says

    I never really thought of pumpkins as beautiful….don’t get me wrong I think they are neato….but these add luxury to a pumkin! Thanks for sharing!


  85. says

    Oh Layla these are fabulous pumpkins!! I love how they used real stems – So pretty! Oh to be so blessed to win these pretties!

  86. Virginia says

    Such beautiful little pumpkins! Holiday decor is my favorite favorite home decor! These are so homey yet glamorous

  87. Jennifer says

    Sometimes the simplest things are really beautiful. Like, I can imagine how I would make one of these, but the idea of doing it and making it look that good is impossible.

  88. kristin says

    Love the pumpkins! Perfect because the ones in my garden aren’t looking so great.

  89. Bonnie Haycraft says

    Cozy looking pumpkins … reminds me of cozy fall days that are ahead!!!

  90. Korbie Yeoman says

    I think these pumpkins would be the perfect start to my fall decorating!

  91. says

    Would love to decorate with these this fall. They’d look perfect on my new mantle- inspired by you!

  92. Rhonda says

    Just when I thought I’d seen every cute pumpkin, bam!! you see something different you couldn’t have imagined. They are elegant and set the tone for a lovely fall, harvesty look.. Yup, these are awesome!

  93. Karen says

    Love,love,love..these little guys…I want to win me some! If not I will buy me some!

  94. says

    I have been collecting these little guys for the past few holiday seasons! I LOVE them! I Can’t imagine life before them! I would LOVE to add to my fabulous collection, especially since I NEVER win anything!

  95. says

    **Count me in!!!** Thanks for the opportunity …I would love to be sporting all that lovely fall plushness with my autumn decor! Crossing my fingers!! :)

  96. says

    Aww! I fell in love with these the first time I saw them. They are so adorable. Crossing all my fingers and tosies in hopes that I win! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. :)

  97. Staci says

    Crossing my fingers…they are adorable!!! And the real stems are my favorite!

  98. Jamie says

    Don’t you just love it when you don’t need an excuse to get what you want!
    Love love love these. I’m already packing up signs of summer to make room for these.
    Thanks so much for the ideas; keep em coming!!!

  99. Lynda says

    Holy Great Pumpkin, Batman!! These knock me *out*!! Of course it’d be fun to win one, but I’m on my way to LoveFeast Table right now to see about adopting my own sweet herd. Love these!!

  100. says

    I love decorating for fall when things don’t have to be just orange and black. What a gorgeous and elegant twist on an old favorite!

  101. Heather Capener says

    What cute pumpkins, that never go bad! Thanks for the great give-away!

  102. Nancy M. says

    I am having a party in October and these sure would look great for a table scape! Pick me, please!

  103. says

    I don’t know what it is about pumpkins, but just seeing them really does get my heart racing. And, these are the best!!! Thanks Layla and Kevin!

  104. KitchenKelBel says

    These are so cute! I’m so excited for fall! I’m new to your blog but am getting great ideas for my new place!!!!!

  105. Nikki says

    Wow, these are SOOO cute! Would love some of these to adorn the mantle at halloween!

  106. leslie aquilino says

    After being sick for over a week I woke up this morning to these sweet little pumpkins that made me smile:) Would feel so blessed to be chosen:)

  107. Bobb says

    Love love the pumpkins… They would look great as a centerpiece on my table…

  108. says

    The power to make people smile is quite sweet. I think Layla has that gift.
    I hope a million people respond to receive a thanksgiving reminder. Pretty sweet to live in our USA.

  109. Allison D. says

    Those pumpkins are SO cute! I’ve never seen anything like them!!! What a nice giveaway! :)

  110. Jill Fisher says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pumpkins! Want to try to make some, but would be thrilled to win some!

  111. Jess says

    Those lil punkins’ are so cute!! Just moving into a new house and those would look great!

  112. Lorrie Niemann-Pederson says

    Ok..those have got to be the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen. Crossing my fingers (and toes) that I’m a winner :)

  113. libbywilko says

    Wow these are so pretty I’ve never seen anything like them !

    Thanks for the chance to win them..

  114. Donna Patterson says

    What a clever idea! Just love creative people. Here’s hoping to win a set for the Patterson Homestead :)

  115. Nikole says

    Oh my gosh, I love this! There are not a lot of halloween decorations that go with my home decor – but these would be perfect!!

  116. Michele A. says

    LOVE the pumpkins!!! My hubby and I just bought a new house and they would be perfect to decorate with this fall!

  117. Shelley says

    Adorable! Such an interesting take on the fabric pumpkin! Love the real stems!

  118. Gram Cracker says

    I love fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. What will they think of next? I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win the beautiful pumkins!!!

  119. says

    those little pumkins are pure delight.
    I have the most amazing, the most gigantic dough bowl that is screaming, literally screaming, for some of them.

    please, oh please, let me win these!

    i’ve resorted to begging…you know they’re awesome when you beg for them.

  120. donna mclaren says

    I would love to win these pumpkins to add to my fall decorating! I love your website Layla!

  121. Dawn says

    These are so lovely and elegant….just the thing for my annual Halloween bash!

  122. Katie Greenlaw says

    Those pumpkins are adorable! I would love to win….love those little curly cues!

  123. Angie says

    WOW those are the most unique, not tacky fake pumpkins I have ever seen too cute !!!

  124. Casey Barnhard says

    I’m loving your site! Glad I found you! I would also LOVE to have these in my fall decor!!!

  125. says

    Too funny…my mom is the head designer at United House Wrecking in Stamford, CT and she actually met with woman who makes these pumpkins when she went to Market at High Point, NC a few years back (she’s a also a buyer for the store)! She was just telling me how popular these cute pumpkins have become…they made a big statement at my wedding in 2009! Who knew I was so ahead of the times? ;)

  126. says

    Yes, I do love them! I was able to buy one last year, but it needs some friends!! Thanks for the chance! Love the monochromatic combo!

  127. Leigh says

    LOVE the velvet pumpkins!! I have been thinking of getting some for the last 2 fall seasons, & now I may win some!

  128. says

    I LOVE those pumpkins, especially the teal and tuquiose colors and the real stems are a nice touch.

  129. elizabeth normandin says

    cutest pumpkins ive seem in blogland! please enter me, Thank You, Beth N.

  130. says

    Oh my gosh, I love those cute little pumpkins!!! I sooo want one but they are out of my price range right now. Winning them would be awesome!!!

  131. Kathy says

    So fun when someone comes up with a creative new idea – these are adorable!

  132. Kristin B says

    Oh those are so adorable. I found you and this fun giveaway via Our Hiding Place.

  133. Bree C says

    I saw these on another blog and fell in love with them. They are just adorable! Great giveaway!

  134. moesha in mn says

    These would be an awesome excuse to decorate for fall without spending money. Great idea!

  135. ruby hostetler says

    always enjoy reading your blog! love the pumpkins they would make a great center piece for my kitchen table. so I’m going to keep my hopes that you will pick me. keep up your great work!

  136. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Precious. Simply precious. I love the creativity that is out there in cyberspace. Thanks for the chance to win. I am, hopefully, excited! Win or lose!

  137. Tammi C. says

    Hi Layla,
    Thank you for sharing all your amazing ideas and tips regarding HOME!

  138. Dawn K says

    Those are to DIE for! Would love to have a set to decorate with for fall!

  139. Esther from fleur cottage says

  140. says

    These are totally adorable and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win me some of these. What a great addition these would be to our mantel.

  141. Pam OQuinn says

    Oh my! I (jumping up and down) Love these pumpkins! The colors are gorgeous!

  142. Lynne says

    I LOVE the plush pumpkins and all the sizes with the natural stem. Would be really, really nice . . . in my home . . .

  143. Amy K says

    never knew I’d wake up this morning and fall head over heels for a turquouise velvet pumpkin! love these.

  144. says

    I love those pumpkins! Who doesn’t love squishy things? “I shall name you squishy and you shall be mine”.

  145. Nancy K. says

    The season to decorate with those cute pumpkins is upon us! Oh, how I would love to use them!

  146. Karen says

    I was looking at the little velvet pumpkins last week! They are adorable, and would be lovely on a table in my home!

  147. Debbie says

    I love these pumpkins!!!!! The gorgeous fabric combined with the real stems and the bean filler makes them absolutely irresistible! <3

  148. Sandy Brewer says

    Fall is my favorite time of year, I’d love some pumpkins to celebrate the season with

  149. KFowler says

    OMG! These are totally ADORABLE!!! I just love the little off white and beige/taupe colored ones. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  150. Stephanie says

    I love that these are reusable… so they are eco-friendly and will save you money year after year!

  151. Edwina says

    Another totally adorable giveaway-thanks so much! A half dozen pumpkins beautiful to the eyes and tempting to touch….sigh.

  152. says

    I love the fall and the decorating ideas it brings. I have never seen these pumpkins before but they are stunning… Please… Pick Me!!!!

  153. says

    These are adorable! Autumn is my favorite season and I can’t wait to get started decorating for it. (Just waiting for the Atlanta weather to cool off a bit more first…)

  154. Amanda says

    OMG, they are SO adorable. I’m totally going to order a bunch if I don’t win, LOL!

  155. Jess M. says

    Super cute! They’d make a lovely centerpiece, I think. And rot-proof, so you can leave it on the table until February, I mean, um, right after Thanksgiving!

  156. laurie says

    …what a fantastic cute little treasure! …I would love these since my own pumplin plants were destroyed by hurricaine Irene last week…thanks for sharing yet another great site! :)

  157. Olivia says

    I would never have described a pumpkin as cuddly before I saw these! Great giveaway, and I hope I win!

  158. Beverly Palmer says

    Haven’t seen those yet but they are adorable! I would love to get a family of them for free!

  159. says

    oh how cool!! at first, they looked real. cute idea w/ the stem. i would love to win some. i’m going to check them out. thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Amy Lewarchik says

    I love the green and teal pumpkins- so cute and unique to use year after year!

  161. Lynette says

    Oh please oh please! I LOVE decorations that I can keep and reuse each year!

  162. Bernie says

    Love those. Sometimes its hard to find “non-tacky” seasonal decorations….I’d love to win these!

  163. says

    They are adorable and perfect. My sister gave me a couple for my birthday last year and I cannot wait to get them out! I love that neutral set!

  164. says

    They’re simply adorable and just in time for my fall decor switch over! Thanks for the chance to win Layla! :)

  165. Jolie says

    I think those are the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! Can’t wait for Fall. :)

  166. Michele says

    Love these pumpkins! I’ve been looking for some stylish Fall decor and they would fit right in!

  167. Catherine says

    Love the pumpkins! I actually thought they were real… I mean… pumpkins can come in aqua velvet right??

  168. Angela says

    These are so adorable! I’m switching up my fall decor this year and these pumpkins would be perfect!! Love the colors :)

  169. Kimberly says

    The pumpkins are so cute! I’m glad fall weather has finally arrived in my part of the country. It’s my favorite season, and I can’t wait to get my fall decorations up.

  170. says

    These are unbelievable! Win or not, I’m having these on my table this fall. A win would be nice, though………

  171. Heather Travis says

    wow! how cute and so original! these would be much better than real gourds and pumpkins…last year our dog ate them all off the table!;)

  172. kelly g says

    Love those pumpkins… SO cute! Also, I love your blog! I’ve been following for a little over a year but I’ve never commented before. My husband was born in Prattville and spent a lot of his childhood there (Daniel Pratt Elementary!). We were in Birmingham for a wedding in January so we drove through Prattville on the way home and he and my father-in-law were so impressed with how much it had grown since they’ve been gone (about 10 years). Anyway I just wanted to tell you that… thanks for your blog and great giveaway!

  173. Jean Murphy says

    These are the cutest pumpkins ever! Love your blog posts and your adorable cuteness and every single thing you’ve done, right down to your shoes!

  174. Allie says

    Would love some of those squishy pumpkins for my newly turned one year old son! :) (and me!)

  175. Jenn C. says

    Wow how neat are those! I sure wouldn’t mind adding some to my fall decor!

  176. Sherry Strong says

    OMG! These are the best pumkins I have ever seen!!!

    I hope this is my lucky day.

  177. Laura says

    I love those pumpkins! I just went out looking for some real ones and they weren’t ready yet : (. I would take these over the real thing any day!

  178. Amanda says

    Those are so adorable!! I’m getting ready to pull out my fall decorations and those may have to be added to the collection.

  179. Gail says

    These are adorable! I love Fall decorating and would love to win!! :) The squishy-ness is too fun too–I agree! :)


  180. Amanda says

    Those are SO adorable! At first I thought they were just pumpkins that were covered, till I scrolled down and saw description of the fillin with the stem. What a great idea!!!

  181. says

    I have seen these floating around on the internet and I love em! They are so stinking cute! I would love to have some.

  182. Amanda S. says

    Those are super cute and the colors are fantastic. I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist purchasing a few…especially the burnt orange/rust toned ones. Would love to win a few of these beauties.

  183. Lexi M. says

    These are so stinkin’ adorable! I would LOVE to decorate my house with these!

  184. Tracey says

    Ooh! I would love to win these! Every year before Halloween I buy a bunch of pumpkins… usually around a dozen or so! We usually don’t carve them, so they last a long time. One year we had one in the house that kept from Halloween to Valentine’s Day! ;D

  185. Nichelle A. says

    These are so cute – I love that they should be hard and smooth, but instead are soft and fuzzy. Thanks for the chance to win them (and the place to buy them!)

  186. Wendy says

    The colors are fabulous, but I love most that they have real stems! Gives them real character. Here’s hoping I win some for my own self ;D

  187. says

    Oh, love them! I’m a sucker for stems with character…they just give me the warm and fuzzies. Hahaha, I sound like a nut. But it’s truly the little things in life that bring me pleasure. :)

  188. Kenna says

    I love the real stems on them – and I completely agree, the baby pumpkin with the curly stem is great!

  189. Jess says

    I love these. How did they get the stems to attach? I think the tiny one is cute, but that red one stole my attention. Great!

  190. Isobel says

    What a unique item to decorate your home with for the fall. You have a broad spectrum of advertisers that I thoroughly enjoy.

  191. Katie W says

    Cute pumpkins, would put me in the perfect fall mood to start decorating!!!

  192. michelle says

    oh these are so festive!! the perfect fall spice for my home :) love all the fun colors!

  193. April says

    I would love to win these….they are lush and beautiful. Definately reminds me everything fall and how much I am looking forward to it :) Thank you for this chance to win some pumpkins.

  194. Sarah says

    That’s some pretty amazing felt! I hope I can find similar quality material to make this project.

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  199. Kingsley says

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  211. LYNDIA RONO says


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