• Decorating with Branches

    So, I was laying in bed thinking about decorating with branches the other morning.
    But not just
    any branches.
    COOL branches…

    How’s that for some semi-fancy, semi-faux, TOTALLY FREE Fall foliage?!

    Other inexpensive, hot glue-able options might be artificial cranberries…

    or acorns…

    And don’tcha know, we’ve got a driveway full of those right now!
    (But they aren’t pretty half green/half brown ones like the ones above!)

    Anywho, I started to think about where else I could get some cool hot glue-able stuff, and I remembered a website the fabulous Christopher Lowell mentioned on his show one time.
    It’s called
    Loose Ends.

    I looked around their site for a while last night, and they do have some pretty interesting things.

    I like these little “apple pods”…

    And these “cane berries” are pretty cool lookin’ too…

    After I was done snoopin’ around their site, a Google search led me to another online shop called Save-On-Crafts.com.
    Holy TONS of cool branches Batman!

    They sell these great-looking, artificial leaf-covered ones…

    And these KILLER mossy-covered birch ones…

    And these snazzy red Dogwoods…

    And they even carry these faux-snow covered branches…

    They also sell shorter bundles of branches too.
    I love these dried blackberry-tipped ones…

    …and don’t even get me STARTED on these Tallow Berry ones…

    I love Molly Shannon as “Jeannie Darcy” too.

    Happy decorating with branches, friend!

    The hair accessory I’m sportin’ in the video above is from

    Aren’t they fabulous!?


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    One more thing!

    Speaking of the fabulous and funny Christopher Lowell- have you heard about his new project?
    He’s creating a web-series called “Ask Christopher”.

    Apparently, you can ask him questions through Facebook or Twitter (@AskClowell), and unlike some design TV shows that are taped waaaay in advance, his web series will be monitored every day– so it’ll have a more “live” feel. Should be fun to check out! Here’s a preview…

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