Decorating the Dock

Remember my friend Katy, from my budget blazer post?

Fall Blazer Outfits

Well, I was inspired to share another Katy-related post here today because something really special has happened since I published that first one.

Let me start from the beginning…

Last month, Katy’s boyfriend, Matt, bought one of the carriage houses down the street from us:

Carriage House | Pike Road | Alabama

It’s a two bedroom/two bathroom (just like our place, minus our half bath) and he got an amaaaaazing deal on it because it’s been on the market since before we moved out here last Fall.

We are so excited to have him in the ‘hood, and at some point after he’s done doing some construction/painting projects, I’m definitely going to see if he’s up for me snapping some pics of the inside of his new place so I can share them here, too.

In the meantime though, I want to share some photos of another exciting Matt & Katy moment that Kevin and I were blessed to be a part of this past Saturday.

It all started with a phone call from Matt to Kevin on Thursday.

He asked if we could help decorate the marina so that he could “pop the question” when he and Katy got back from Ikea in Atlanta that day. :-)

We talked about some ideas, and then came up with a plan to tell Katy I wanted to shoot some more photos for another fashion-related blog post at the marina that day. I texted her that night and was so happy when she responded, “Yes! We’re going to Ikea that day, but I’ll come down there as soon as we get back!“.


Kevin and I had some things to do Saturday morning, but we headed down to the marina just after lunch. Neither of us had ever done this kind of decorating, so we were reeeeally hoping it was *sort of * what Matt had in mind!

Wedding Proposal Decorating

We strung up string lights (thanks again, Evan!) and Neighbor Bill let us borrow two of his beautiful sunshine-y mums.

Proposal Decorating

I brought some candles and a jar full of hydrangeas from our house, and (Shoot Fly Shoot) Neighbor Josh clipped a bag full of roses from his front yard for me to sprinkle around, too.

Hydrangeas and Roses

Then we waited.

Kevin Palmer | Guitar

We got into position, and waited.

Layla Palmer | Proposal Decorating

Kevin Palmer | Marina Proposal

And then five minutes later…they appeared.

Wedding Proposal Decorating Ideas

So Kevin started playing…

Kevin Palmer | Proposal | Guitar

…and I started crying. :-) The sound of Katy’s high-heeled boots getting closer from one direction, and Kevin’s acoustic guitar in the other was just too sweet for my heart to take!

This next photo makes me wonder when she *knew*, ya know?

Wedding Proposal Decorating Inspiration

Something tells me she definitely had an idea of what was going on by the time she reached those mums. :-)

When they were inside the circle of string lights, Matt turned to Katy and dropped down on one knee.

Wedding Proposal Marina

Smiley Katy…

Josh Moates Wedding Photography | Proposal Ideas

…turned teary…

Matt and Katy Morgan Proposal

…and it was seriously one of the sweetest moments I have ever been lucky enough to see!

Marriage Proposal Idea

Wedding Proposal

Kevin and Layla Palmer | Matt and Katy Morgan

Marina Wedding Proposal

Silver Wedding Ring

Wedding Proposal | The Lettered Cottage

Southern Wedding Proposal

We love you Matt and Katy! Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your precious proposal!

For more pics between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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  1. amanda says

    OH MY GOSHHHH that is the sweetest thing! They’ll be so glad their whole lives they had you guys to document it for them! :)

  2. Sue says

    Oh my gosh! They are the cutest couple and so fortunate to have you as their friend. The pictures are precious.
    This almost made me start crying here on my lunch hour! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. says

    That was JUST seriously darling….good job y’all! That couple should do commercials for hair stuff, they got it in spades. She looks like a model and he looks like Jake Owen. :)

  4. says

    This post got better with each picture. First, the “Katy is too cute!”. Then the simple yet beautiful decor you did! I sighed when I saw it Layla. And then me thinking how you have a little piece of heaven on earth down there in your neighborhood–friends and neighbors included! Then Kevin waiting to play, the pics leading to the moment. Truely beautiful!!!! LOVE this post! Congrats Katy and Matt! And of course LOVE the carriage house!!!

  5. says

    It was perfect :D
    A while back a good friend of mine prayed a special prayer with me in Panera Bread – our usual hangout…..The prayer went something like this…”God open the doors you want Matt to walk through and lead him to boldly walk through them….and God close the doors that need to be shut so as to reveal your perfect will to Matt.” Ever since that day God has perfectly placed things in their divine sequence to lead me and Katy to this moment.

    1. Job change
    2. The ring. Perfect contemporary with a twist and not too bling bling! Custom ordered and for an amazing price! Cant wait to add that wedding band on Katy’s finger!!! Matches perfectly.
    3. Mortgage approval was super fast “amazingly” even through my job transition.
    4. Perfect House in the perfect neighborhood became perfectly affordable! The one blue house I wanted so badly dropped drastically in price! Ironically it was the first house I looked at a long long time ago and wrote it off the list before we even began looking.
    5. Perfect friends had a perfect opportunity to throw Katy off with the whole blog photo shoot idea and pull off the most sweetest engagement. I teared up for real.

    I cant wait for these last two greatest moments of my life!!!!………..
    6. The wedding. Oh man it’s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!
    7. Honeymoon………No comment :D!!!!!!

    • says

      Awww. I cried in the actual moment of the proposal and I cried now just seeing the moment from someone else’s view. So romantic and special. I will NEVER EVER forget it!!!!! Thank you Matt, Layla & Kevin(and Josh for the awesome photos that captured the moment) for giving me a heart melting moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel loved. :D

      Matt, I can’t wait until the big day!!! <3 :c)

  6. Terri says

    Oh my word………… I am sitting just smiling… and then wiping a tear or two!! That is just beautiful!!!!! Thank you for sharing Layla!!!!!! (btw…. Love love love your “Neck of the Woods”!!! That Carriage House is SWEET!!!! :)

  7. says

    That is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. You guys are blessed to be a part of something so special. And they are blessed to have you as their friends.

  8. says

    This brought tears to my eyes. You guys are so sweet, and the photos they’ll have to cherish…makes me want to set up my hubby for a re-engagement LOL

  9. erin says

    what a great proposal!! So glad you were able to capture it for them.

    My proposal happened on an architectural tour on the Chicago river. Of course it was just me and him and a boat full of strangers on the boat. But when his brother put a banner/sign “Erin, Marry Me” hanging down off the side of the Michigan Ave bridge, a really nice stranger took that picture and of the ones following of him proposing. I’m so grateful for her to come up to us later to email me the pictures. I will forever cherish them. :o)

  10. Kathi says

    So beautiful and romantic. What a great looking couple. Congrats and please send more lovely pics of the wedding!!

  11. Marianne in Mo. says

    Oh, how sweet was this! I’m all weepy with joy for them. So great of you and Kevin to help decorate, provide nusic and photograph that special moment for them. I love this kind of stuff, watch wedding related tv all the time! Congrats to the happy couple!

  12. Penny says

    What a beautiful and touching memory that you have helped to create.

    Thank-you so much Layla for sharing it.

    All the best of wishes to Matt and Katy in their future together..

  13. Beth says

    My goodness! What awesome neighbors you guys are and have around you. What a great way to propose and all the best to them as they start their new journey!

  14. Marisa Franca says

    Darn!! I’m crying and I don’t even know them. That is so very beautiful. Those pictures are awesome. They will have a great pics of that special moment. Good Job!!!!

  15. says

    This is so cute! I think I started getting teary just going through the pics. I love love love your photos! Especially the ones where it started getting darker and you had the glow from the string of lights. What camera and lens were you using. I’m just getting into photography and am trying to learn everything I can. I might need some Shoot Fly Shoot lessons. LOL

  16. Cindy says

    What a lucky girl! You & your husband did such a beautiful job. And the picture’s are just as beautiful. I got teary eyed just looking at the picture’s! Good job!!!!

  17. Robin says

    Wow this is so amazing. You helped create such a romantic and memorable proposal. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Pat in Chicago says

    Wow-the pictures were amazing. They should hire you to photograph the wedding. Just beautiful. What a blessing to have friends like you and Kevin. Your talents are endless Layla!

  19. Susan says

    That is seriously one of the most romantic proposal sites I’ve ever seen! EVER!! You and Kevin and neighbors did an amazing job and your photography will be cherished forever. What a sweet, sweet thing for friends to be included in and help to make happen. I cried and cried, went back and reread and cried some more. They area an adorable couple. Happy Life, Matt and Katy!!

  20. Lisa says

    *chills*. So very special. You two are amazing, and were the perfect couple to ‘create’ this setting. Do we see ANOTHER career for you two??

  21. Maryjane says

    Oh my gosh! He should give lessons. I know a whole class full of guys who could use lessons – they’ll have anniversaries to do sweet things on!!!!

    Wow. I hope all the blessings in the world for them. Is Katy ever pretty! What an amazing thing to be a part of! How lucky you and Kevin are.

    There are many posts though, that I admire you two (Layla & Kevin). Happy vibes for EVERYONE!

    This blog is perhaps my new favourite. Thank you for sharing it. How lucky are we the readers. And how honoured I would feel to maybe in your shoes one day Layla, that’s really special. …or Katy’s.

    Peace and blessings!
    from Manitoba, Canada

  22. Jennifr says

    How sweet is that? I’m crying now! Beautiful decorating and the pictures will be fantastic to show their kids and grand kids. Thanks for sharing their proposal with us too.

  23. Lisa W. says

    THIS was so cool…THIS made me cry…THIS made me so happy…This was awesome!!!!!! Thank you Layla, only you could post a post (lol) about a proposal AND decorating that was SO cool! Thank you for AGAIN just making my day…love THIS!!!!!

  24. Jeanette says

    I just saw a man on shark tank the other night propose a company to take photos of proposals. It would make it big with you involved!

  25. Louise says

    You two are the cutest! What stunning photos! They are so lucky to have those to remember such a special moment! Just beautiful decorations! Congratulations to Matt and Katy, and thanks as always for sharing.

  26. Sandra Mulsand says

    Oh, God has surely blessed Matt with some extra smarts! So lovely, thoughtful and romantic! Thanks for sharing!:)

  27. Sharon says

    What beautiful pictures…and how lucky you were to witness such a wonderful event event in their life. Witnessing a proposal is on my Bucket List!

  28. j.farmer says

    I’m totally crying now and I just did my make up. So lovely and they are model beautiful to boot!

  29. Roxanne says

    Heck, I just cried looking at the photos and reading the copy-what a generous, not to mention, momentous, favour to do for someone. Layla, you and your husband have tender hearts. I also love the fact that your neighbours contributed props for this special event-whole lotta love going on in your neighbourhood. Fancy a trip to Australia to help me out with a few projects???? Roxy x

  30. Kathy says

    I have been waiting to see these! Looks like it was absolutely perfect, sweet, romantic, personal, and just right!

  31. says

    Oh, this is the sweetest! Your decorations, the music, the tears – all come together for such a sweet and intimate moment. Thank you for sharing with us and prayers for a lifetime of love for the happy couple!

  32. Ter'e says

    I was wiping tears and mascara too. First of all, Katy is just gorgeous and Matt is a cutie-patootie!!!!! How wonderful it is to have such great friends.
    In one of the pictures, is Matt crossing his fingers. LOL?
    What a momentous evening.

  33. Susan LeBlanc says

    Layla love you neighborhood and your neighbors. It looks like a fun place to live. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment in your friends life. He must be such a thoughtful person to think of a beautiful time to ask his love to marry him.

  34. carrie says

    I go to church with these two sweet souls, and am ECSTATIC about their news! They are lucky to have friends & neighbors like you- who were able to help make that special moment everything she ever dreamed about! SO SWEET!!! Good job MATT! The pictures really capture it perfectly!

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