Deck the Hall

Follow your heart. That’s just what Kevin and I did when it came to this hallway. The discovery of the tongue-and-groove wood planks in here thrilled us so much we could hardly wait to uncover them!

What once looked like this…

…now looks like this…

…and it feels like this area has finally exhaled after all these years.

The transom opening that Kevin cut has a lot to do with the lighter, airier feel in here too.
Here’s what the doorway that led from the living room to the hallway used to look like…

…and here’s a photo I took today…

…it’s like the room finally got to stretch after all these years.

The view into the reading room has changed for the better too.
What once looked like this…

…now looks like this…

It’s like the house finally smiled back at us. :-)

My friend Susie is going to make us a long, old-looking sign to hang on the wall above the doorway to the reading room. I sent her these photos to use as inspiration…

Photos: Country Living

We can hardly wait to see what she creates!

Remember when Kevin left me a message on the wall to the left of the reading room?

Well, here it is today…

…anxiously awaiting accessories. I was thinking of doing a vertically-hung row of vintage plates. What would you do?

Here’s the last part of the hall…

We’re thinking of adding two custom-cut pieces of mirror to the skinny closet door in the middle. We know a guy that can cut it for us and he can even trim them out with unfinished wood trim so that we can paint it the same color we paint the door. We’re not sure what color we’ll paint the door yet. Any ideas?

And last, but not least, we’re kind of thinking the door on the left and the door on the right need transom openings above them now too. (Yes, we’re cuckoo for cut-outs!) We also plan to replace the doors themselves with older doors to add even more old-fashioned charm to this space.

I really look forward to the challenge of decking out this hall of ours. I also can’t wait to read through any ideas these photos might spark in the talented minds of our creative readers!

Have a great weekend y’all! :-)

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