• Debbie’s China Cabinet Makeover

    Today’s post was written by my friend, Debbie. We met at church a couple of years ago, and she has been such an inspiration to me! We worked on a piece of furniture at her house recently, and I thought it would be fun to invite her over here so that y’all could meet, too! :-)


    It’s amazing what a little paint and wax can do, isn’t it?

    red geraniums

    Complete transformation. That is the only way I can describe this project Layla and I worked on together!

    China Cabinet Makeover | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

    Brian the Carpenter replaced the glass with thin plywood, and then Layla and I used wood filler to fill in the grooves on the legs, switched out (and relocated) the old knobs, painted the whole thing with Old White chalk paint, and distressed all the edges to create a more casual look.

    Knobs from Hobby Lobby

    We started with an outdated-yet-sturdy, dining room china cabinet and ended with a cute little armoire that I can use in any room. I love it, and it’s hard to believe that something we’ve had around the house for so many years now feels like such a fresh, new treasure!

    White Chalk Paint | China Cabinet Makeover

    Watching it transform was very exciting. A little hard on the back, but definitely very exciting. ;-)

    China Cabinet Makeover | Red Geranium | Wood Box | Stacked Books

    As we worked, I was reminded me of how thankful I am that God is in the restoration business, too. Thankful that He specializes in life-change transformations. Transformations that begin with an Encounter, and last forever because of Hope. Transformations that take away our shame and bitterness, and replace them with forgiveness, joy, and peace. Transformations that, before long, make our lives look completely different than they used to. God has been hard at work in my life since the day I first met Him, and like my old china cabinet, He sure has a way of making me feel like a treasure, too! :-D Debbie Signature

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