Dear Edie…

Some sweet gals have organized a place for us all to wish dear Edie a happy birthday this week. (Thank you sweet gals!)

If you’d like to wish her a happy birthday too, click here. If you haven’t met Edie yet, click here, and then here. She is lovely, and talented, and has a heart of gold.

And if you ARE the lovely, talented, and sparkly-hearted Miss Edie, click
here or on the photo below. I made a birthday card especially for you!

Master Bedroom Re-do Update: HomeGoods Bedside Lamps & Ikea "Lenda" Curtains
I love the part where...

Have posts from The Lettered Cottage sent right to your INBOX!


  1. says

    That card is adorable.

    This is the first I have heard of Edie and would love to send her some kitchen and tabletops items (I’m a prop stylist with three storage spaces filled to the brim) do you know if she is ready to receive anything and if so where to send?

    Thank God she has her faith, and her family…and friends like you.

    • Donna Goff says

      Below is info that I lifted from Edie’s blog….I thought i would forward this on to you since you asked about making a kind donation and where to send it to….
      Edie’s blog reads …

      “So many of you have asked how you can help. I so appreciate your gracious, willing spirit. I promise that our every need is met. And if we have needs arise, I will let you know.

      My sister has provided her address if you’d like to send cards but please know that we really are well provided for and your sweet messages online have been more than enough. My aunt sent us a generous gift card through Amazon and we will reorder our school books soon. Love you and thank you for caring so deeply.”

      She then goes on to provide the following…

      My sister’s name and address is:

      Gina Williams
      506 Helton Road
      Maryville, TN 37804

  2. says

    I’d never “met” Edie before she lost her house, but it sounds like everyone knows and LOVES her!! You said such sweet things… I love YOUR heart. :)


  3. says

    I had never met Edie before…. You all have said such sweet and loving things about her, she has to be a very special lady. My heart goes out to her, I know what it is like to have a house fire..
    You both are such sweet people and your card is precious!
    Giant Hug,
    Rene’ xo

  4. says

    This was the first I’d ever visited Edie’s blog – since you & Nester both mentioned her I knew I had to visit. I was taken by her schoolroom and kitchen posts before I even noticed the posts about her devastating fire. My heart goes out to her and her family. I’m sure she appreciates your kind words & support. :)

  5. says

    Layla, I took a peek at the card for sweet Edie. I know it was meant for her, but I couldn’t help myself. She will love it. Isn’t she an amazing role model for us all? God bless her and her family!

  6. says

    What an absolutely wonderful thing to do for Edie. I didn’t know Edie or know of her blog until I started reading about her home burning down recently. From what I can see, she is definitely one speacial lady with a whole lot of blog friends. Thank you, Layla, for sharing the links. I’m certain Edie loved your birthday card too.