• Dandelions

    Come with us, Kevin!“, called my second-cousins, Carter and Toby.


    I was ordered to stay put by the littlest one, but I was so curious about what they had up their (short) sleeves. It was the first time the boys had ever called Kevin away from the rest of the family like that, and the mama-to-be in me just couldn’t help but tip-toe after them with my camera.

    I peeked around the front of the house and found them hard at work. Picking dandelions, and arranging them into bouquets as they plucked.


    They heard my camera clicking in the distance, and waved for me to come closer.


    Turns out, they had planned to present me with their “flowers” after they had assembled large enough bunches. As I walked towards them, Carter popped up on his knees, held out his bouquet, and motioned for the other two to quickly do the same. He whispered something to Kevin as I was taking pictures, and I never did find out what. I sort of love the way that photo makes me wonder though. :-)


    They may not always want to dandelion-hunt with their second-cousin Kevin, but this memory will always remind me that sweet little guys can turn into sweet big guys…especially if sweet big guys take time to stop and smell the roses pick the dandelions with them.

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