Daffodils for the Guest Room

My Mom is coming up for a visit today.
I am so excited to see her!
I think we’re going “junk huntin” at Eastbrook Flea Market tomorrow.
I’ll be sure to take my camera and share some of the treasures we find.
Tonight, I imagine we’ll play a game of “Upwords”, drink some sparkling wine, snack on cheese and crackers and, no doubt, laugh til we cry. :-)
In anticipation of her arrival, I took a short stroll out my back door this morning, to clip a little bunch of daffodils for the Guest Room.

I bunched them together, and wrapped some hemp string (tied into a tiny bow) around the stems, above the water line. My Mom’s favorite hobby is combing the beach for shells, so I used a handful of them at the bottom of the glass jar as a personal touch that will really speak to her.

Refreshing, pretty and guaranteed to brighten up the Guest Room.

Just like my Mom.


Off to the Flea Market!
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