Curb Appeal The Plot

When we bought our 3-acre plot, and the funky little fixer that sat on it, there wasn’t a whole lot of landscaping goin’ on…

We’ve spent the past few years mainly working on the inside of the house, but my master gardener Mom has helped us add a few touches of color here and there…

I took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and got some much-needed weeding and exterior-related cleaning done. The chairs on the porch had definitely started looking more shabby than chic…

I hosed them off and sprayed them with some leftover oil rubbed bronze spray paint I had from our Eagan mirror project

I washed the inexpensive Ikea cushions we have on them too…

Amazing what a quick coat of paint and a spin in the ol’ washing machine can do!

And I finally got my beloved begonias. I planted two light pink ones in the big pot between the chairs, and this ravishing red one in a smaller pot by the front door…

And speaking of fun flowers- I got couple of them in the mail this week too…

They came from Santa Rosa Gardens in Florida. (My Mom just got a job there, so I just had to place an order!)
I don’t think I’ve ever received a live plant in the mail before now, but I gotta say, it was pretty neat. (And their customer service lady is SO friendly!)

They were buried in puffy layers of brown paper, and wrapped up snug in little netted ‘socks’…

I got the baby daylily to go next to the big one you can see back there in the distance…

I think I’ll get one more to completely soften the edge of that curve at some point.

I also received this fuzzy little fella…

I planted it in front of the hanging plants we got last week…which, by the way, are so pretty when the sun comes out…

Their little flower heads stay closed if it’s cloudy out. (Kinda like mine- LOL!)

So, the house doesn’t look quite as drab today…

…but there’s still lots of work to do out there. Kev’s chompin’ at the bit to paint the place, and he’s determined to do it him$elf, ifyaknowwhatI’m$ayin.

Here’s (sort of) what we’re thinking…

(Come on over Google reader! We’ve got some presto change-o’s to show ya!)

(Move your cursor on and off of the photo below)

A warmer paint color on the house, new DIY wood shutters, and crisp, white-painted window trim.

And maybe we’ll go wild and wrap our round columns with wood, to make them square, kinda like these…

Move your cursor on and off of the photo below to see what that would (sort of) look like…

I’m not sure it’s totally necessary, but we’reĀ clearly obsessed with making changes always up for tryin’ something new!

This next presto change-o shows what we’re thinking about doing to our currently unfinished front door…

Don’t you think a little warm walnut-colored stain would look loverly on it?

There are so many different things we could do to the exterior, but we’re trying to keep costs down as low as possible, so maybe we’ll just tackle a few of these types of (semi) cost effective changes a little at a time

(Move your cursor on and off of the photo below)

(FYI- none of these colors or ideas are set in stone)

We’d also kinda like to investigate the option of replacing the vinyl siding in the eaves with some kind of cedar shake material…

(Move your cursor on and off of the photo below)

(Maybe the front door and/or shutters would be a different color then? Kinda diggin’ the green!)

Who knows!

Kev and I always say that creating our own place together feels kinda like living in the ‘big kid’ version of a couch cushion fort.

There are so many opportunities for DIY adventure within those wacky walls!

PS- Here are the still photos in case you can’t view the presto change-o’s above…

Inspiration A:

Inspiration B:

And for more couch cushion inspiration…I give you: Lily…


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  1. says

    I think that color would look great, along with the shutters and door color. And I always have a soft spot for cedar shingles. I think you guys are on to something!

  2. says

    Love your curb appeal ideas!

    Have you ever thought of ripping out the concrete pad under the window and extending your lawn? I think it would look fab!


  3. says

    Love the exterior changes that you have in mind…changing out the colors, and adding the cedar shingles will take it over the top! Amazing! :)

  4. says

    Love the presto! I need to be doing exactly what you did last weekend…maybe next weekend. Thank you for the inspirational push in the right direction!

  5. says

    Hi Layla..I like all your choices..the wood color on the door. I love getting out in the garden and planting new plants…experiment all the time. Have you gotten any of my emails with pictures attaced for some presto chango’s…I’d love to see what you’d do to our outside…struggle with what color to paint..can’t make a decision…thinking of going Charcoal black with a crisp white trim and a pop of color on the door…but not thinking so good with a brown roof?

  6. says

    Looks wonderful!! What kind of plant are those purple-ish bushes? Oh and that little tree too? We’re planning to tear out some overgrown bushes this weekend, but I’m struggling with what to replace them with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Jennifer M says

    Beautiful ideas! I loved the warmer color on the front door, until I saw the green! Now I’m on the fence. They are both delightful! The cedar shake is nice too-also warm and inviting. Isn’t that amazing? Can’t wait to see what you choose. I am also a lover of Begonias. Your red ones have so many delicate petals. Are they a special kind?

    Love your blog!

  8. says

    Great ideas & so inspiring! I love the cedar shake idea & the warmer color & yep, the squared off columns. Like you said, not necessary but such a pretty look!
    It’s wonderful that you both find these kinds of projects fun :-)

  9. says

    Oh my goodness, my chairs have 2 sisters. I picked up the same 2 wicker chairs from my neighbor last summer and I painted them black and popped them in the house. I love them. You can see them if you click over to my blog.

  10. Lizziefitz says

    The whole presto ,move your cursor doesn’t seem to work on my iPad? Two websites you might want to visit, Flythroughmywindow and justbeachy blogs. First one for great paint combo Texas Leather(warm and smart looking) .second DIY cedar shakes that turned out fantastic and very inexpensive . What about Bermuda shutters over your double windows so they are functional as well as gorgeous? Have a great day!!!

    • Layla says

      Hey Lizzie!

      We have actually featured both those fantastic blogs, but I don’t think I’ve seen the paint combo or cedar shake posts- thanks for the head up!

  11. says

    Hi Layla, first time commenter here. :-) I just love your blog and all your beautiful decorating ideas. We live in a similar size and style of home so I get lots of wonderful ideas from you. Love your exterior ideas. Last year we painted our exterior in similar browns and have ordered a mission style wood front door to finish it off and would love to add more landscaping like yours. Beautifully done!

  12. Pam McCormick says

    Okay my 2 cents…leave the brick you have but go fern green. Keep the door color, but freshen it and add cedar shakes. You then have 3 colors to mix and blend- shades of brown because of the roof and cedar shakes, shades of green because of the body of the house, plants, etc., and mustard-gold tones because of door.
    Seasonally you could add pops of color like pink flowers for summer, orange/pumpkin for fall, and cranberry/reds for winter.

    • Layla says

      Hey Pam!
      Our roof is actually a medium gray color, but I love the idea of all the colors you suggested!

      • Pam McCormick says

        OOPS that could change the color scheme SORRY! medium grey is terrific and I love your door color ….I actually like your exterior texture with the stone/brick material but agree with you to change it’s color.How would charcoal or slate grey, green shades and your door all look? it gives you tons of options for flowers and landscape otions.Best of luck with whatever colors you choose.My husband and I painted our house 1913 cape cod and helped our daughter/son-in-law paint their house last summer with Behr primer included paint and it worked great.

  13. says

    It is sooo funny!
    I was totally thinking you should change the vinyl and then the next picture was of you changing the vinyl to shake…it’s like you took the thought right out of my head:)
    Great ideas- as always!

  14. Joyce says

    I really like the new paint choices- makes the house look more cottage-y than the more formal color it is now, tho’ the current color is lookin’ good, too!
    The portion of the driveway closest to the front door? Maybe an old bench, umbrella & table/ ironwork/ trellis w/ plants beneath to give you more height there to balance off the other side of the house…. of course, if you need that for parking- never mind!

  15. says

    Love the presto chango days! The warmer color looks so pretty and inviting – and how lucky are you to have your mom for ideas and inspirations for your garden???

  16. says

    Love it! You have some great ideas! And how nice to be able to see what it might look like before spending the money. It does my heart good to see that you are also in a little rancher like we are, however I don’t see the dreaded carport in your picture :-)

  17. Rachel Pedersen says

    Santa Rosa Gardens is not far from me… Doesn’t planting new things just make you feel good?!?! It is nice to step back at the end of a yardwork day and see all that has been accomplished :)

  18. says

    Layla, I can’t get the cursor movement to work for me. I’ve had it work in your other posts like this. What’s wrong, can you tell me? Thanks BTW, the landscaping makes a huge difference. Once you get the house painted it will be gorgeous.

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure Patsy. You may have to refresh the post? I know how to draw, but I haven’t a clue when it comes to anything technical! LOL!

  19. says

    I really love the wood shutter look (been thinking about doing the same on our abode), but my favorite detail is the thatched looking eave where the vinyl is. How cozy does that make it!?! I have a question. What software do you use to update your colors on existing pics? That is so much fun to be able to visualize what your plans will look like after the fact. I would love to do that for an area of our house. I am guessing by a few things you have mentioned that we may not be that far apart in proximity…we are in Montgomery.

      • says

        Suh-weet! My hubs lived in Prattville when we met (and brought together our blended family of five). Shoot me an email if you ever want to meet for coffee or a chat over paint swatches. I have the utmost respect for your vision and eye for design.

  20. says

    I like the green door. I’m a believer in the 3 color combo for houses. So far, no one has mentioned porch boxes! That’s all I could think of when looking at your house. Porch boxes under the windows filled with flowers would really “cottage-it-up.” :-)

  21. Kelly says

    I like the warmer colors on the outside too! How nice to buy the plants through your mom – very sweet.

  22. says

    Lookin’ good! I would DEFINITELY add some shake shingles to the eaves, but I’d use the same color you use on the stone. You can get vinyl ones in many colors. They would be much more subtle and add another wonderful texture against the stone. Also, wouldn’t you like a dark stormy gray next to that creamy stone color?? I think that would be amazing, especially looking at the color of your roof.

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…we were thinkin’ the cinderblock would be a taupey-tan color, more than a cream color. Guess we’ll just have to keep playin’ around with things until we come up with the look we love! Thanks for the suggestions Beth!

      • says

        Oh, I forgot to say that I LOVE the color you’ve shown for the cinder blocks – and yes, I’d call it taupey-tan other than cream, too. :) Love everything you do!!

  23. says

    I tried again, now it’s working. I have to tell you those colors do not do it for me. I think the house needs more contrast than the beige with the natural wood shudders. Then again it’s your house. I just imagine something more cheerful looking to prepare people for the gorgeous inside y’all have created. I will send you a photo of my exterior just to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

  24. says

    I love it! Big vote for the shakes in the gables, after all you can’t ever have too much texture :) It’s so funny you posted this today, I’m hosting a giveaway for a curb appeal makeover as we speak! It’s funny though we’re going the opposite direction on our house :) If you see my “present” and “dreaming” pics we’ve gone from beige to grey, but I think with the cinderblock avoiding grey is a smart move. Such a clever girl you are!


  25. Dawn says

    Ok! I love the brownish changes except the Mom in me says keep the extra concrete for safe bike riding in the driveway… And instead of ever needed maintance cedar siding try the regular siding but they make a newer version that we used on our home that is vertical instead of horizontal. Home maintaining is tough work and motherhood is always calling! :) Good luck with whatever you do and keep up the wonderful blogging about it along the way!

    • Layla says

      Right there with ya Dawn! In fact, our neighbor kids often use our driveway to ride their bikes on. (theirs is gravel)
      Plus, it always seems like we need the extra parking spaces. (Kev’s in a band ya know!) :-D

  26. says


    Love the ideas you have for the exterior of TLC! I suggest you host a painting/planting party. Kevin can just play some tunes for us to pace ourselves. Considering the turnout you got for your garage sale at Rhoda’s, I’d say your house would be painted in 15 minutes! :)

    Your Friend,

  27. Deb-IL says

    As usual, Layla, you have come up with some big bang ideas for relatively little bucks! I’d love to get inside your head while your’e doing the mental gymnastics for some of these ideas. Love the warmer colors for your house and have no doubt you’ll tweak them until you come up with the best combo.

    My husband and I are planning a move for a lifestyle change and are scouting a few different places around the country. Of course that means lots of nights spent on Trulia looking at houses and wondering if we could fix up this one or that one and make it home. You’d be a great person to go house hunting with – I’d be walking out the door of a dump and you’d be grabbing my sleeve saying “Wait, wait – just picture this….” !!! Hey – I just thought of another business idea for you – PRE-purchase design advice!

  28. says

    The color definitely warms things up but I do love the white/grey? Especially if you are leaving the stone. We have a house in our neighborhood that is the same stone and their shutters are what I call blueberry. Their door is also blueberry. Then they have window boxes and gardens overflowing with jewel colors, pinks, reds, rich greens, golds, oranges. It’s just beautiful. Whatever you two do will be beautiful, it always is.

  29. Lorrie says

    I love all the ideas for exterior changes. If I had a vote, it would be the last presto chang-o with the green door. I’m sure whatever changes you make will look amazing!

  30. Kim in MD says

    Love, love, love each and every idea for the exterior changes, although I do think it looks very cute as is! I really love the square columns…I have square columns in my house (trimmed out exactly the same as your potential column) and I just love them!

    The video of Lily is just adorable! :-)

  31. says

    I’m really digging the idea of square columns – they are fabulous! It really is amazing what paint and washing stuff can do; the chairs on the porch look really great now. Once the beautiful landscaping fills in it will be a real showstopper. Hope you & K have a lovely week.

  32. says

    LOVE!! Especially the door w/ walnut and the cedar shakes. I wouldn’t go for the green door but if you want color instead of stain, what about a barn red??? (you know you wanna try it)

    ps>> your presto works for me…but then I’m on a Macbook Pro. (I love my Mac, can you tell?)

  33. Anne says

    I love the all the colors you chose for the facelift – really warm and classy. Adds so much to your already pretty house.

  34. says

    I love the round columns,and the shutters you already have,the grass isn’t always greener ya know! I get why you itch to change but it really looks beachy now! Maybe just add some pops of colour but I think it’s perfect as is…
    See I just saved you a bundle of cash now you can put in a pool LOL

    • Layla says

      Hey Natalie!
      Well, if you could see how terribly bowed those old shutters are, you might not think they look that great! :-)
      And I’m toooootally feelin’ ya on the pool thing, but there’s too many mosquitos in them thar woods! LOL!

    • Debbie Esteppe says

      I love the cedar shakes too—I would love that but my hubby said the woodpeckers tear them apart. We have 2 WONDERFUL woodpeckers that wake me up very early every morning. LOL Love em. I think the house plans are great—I have been wanting to do some new curb appeal—unfortunately our house has siding—and the budget right now doesn’t have room for new siding—disappointing for sure. So, I live through your postings. Pls keep them coming. Haven’t met you but feel like we are kindred spirits. Pray for your adoption daily. xoxoxo

  35. says

    ok do the cedar shakes,but let them get grey over time..and a turquoise front door…appease me will ya!
    make a presto change o like that

    • Layla says

      Hey Natalie!
      I actually tried every color in the rainbow on that door, but the green one appealed to me the most!

  36. says

    I really like the walnut stained shutters, door, and trim very, very much. It definitely gives the house a nice casual look and works very well with your window shades. Nice job on the yard too.

  37. says

    Love the warm colors. Plus the green front door is just perfect! But I am partial to colored front doors. Quick question…are you going to paint the vinyl is you do not do the cedar shakes? We would love to change the color of our house but it is all vinyl. I just didn’t think you could paint vinyl.

    • Layla says

      Hey Jody!

      It’s sort of hard to see but I added a green front door in that last pic. I tried out every color but that’s the one that appealed to me the most!

  38. Leah says

    Love the color ideas, but where are the blankets and couch cushions? (..and chips, and cookies, and games??)

  39. says

    I just realized I don’t think I had ever seen a picture of the front of your house! I think chunking up those posts would make a world of difference and give them some weight on your porch. Is the driveway really big or does it just appear that way in the picture? Kind of hard to tell from the angle.

  40. says

    Love your ideas for exterior changes! I’m trying to figure out something for our cottage too — painting the gray siding isn’t an option….but the door and the shutters — are up for anything.

    Since you are already on a “roll” with exteriors — take a look at the Presto Chango of the front of my house that I sent ya!
    K. Thanks.

  41. Kelly G says

    I really like the cedar shake on the front. It really warms the look of your home.
    I noticed that your roof looks like it my be a metal roof? If so that is the perfect roof for the new solar laminent for solar power! Solar laminent is like putting a big sticker on your roof. I have to replace my entire roof in order to do that.

    • Layla says

      Hey Judy!
      I actually tried pretty much every color in the rainbow (including red), but I kept going back to the green! I’m normally such a ‘red girl’, so it kinda surprised me! :-D

  42. says

    For what it’s worth….I like your house the way it is. The white siding is fresh looking and there is nothing wrong with the grey. If it were me, I’d save the money. :)

    • Layla says

      Awww…thanks Lesley! I guess it just looks more drab in person than it does on film, and compared to the rest of the houses on this street. Nice to know it’s not as bad as we were thinkin’ it was! :-D

      PS- I should mention that the siding is actually light gray though. :-) The whole thing is gray from top to bottom!

  43. says

    I like the idea of a colour pop for your front door though think I prefer the eves white.
    Hey Layla, any chance you could do a short Photoshop tute on how you change the colour of stuff in your images? I know basic Photoshop though am sure I do things the hard way and find so many of the tutes out there just plain jibberish. Would love to know how you do it.

  44. kelly (in georgia) says

    Well, you know I love the taupey-tan, the cedar shakes, and the square columns! I think it warms up a place and brings on the cozy (especially with woods right near your home – it just fits the setting) I like the green door in the picture…never tried that on mine…although I did try red. It lasted all of one day for me (and you know I’m a red addict) so I might have to give green a shot. In your spare time (ha ha) you two should wander up to Highlands, NC and look at some of the architecture up there. A lot of the exteriors there have the color combo and style you look to be going toward.
    p.s. Can’t wait on your soon to be magazine and Kevin’s photography blog launch!

  45. says

    My do to list two weekends from now– begin those same DIY shutters!! I really want to paint our brick. Is this something that could DIY’d our is this a project best left to the professionals. The thought of paying someone thousands of dollars really doesn’t sound great to me… nor do I have that kind of dough sitting around.

  46. says

    I adore presto change-o posts – so fun to instantly see the desired change.
    You picked a great color for the exterior. I’m all for the square columns and wood shutters too.

  47. says

    The yard is looking lovely:)
    I love inspiration B presto chango.
    Did you however think of maybe flipping the colors and going chocolate brown on the bottom stone and a warm cedar shingle on the top?

  48. Melinda says

    Love the warm wood choices to soften the stone and the color you picked is great. Before you know it your outsides will match your insides : )

  49. says

    Ooooh, those inspiration photos are so warm and inviting. You’re inspiring me to tackle the great outdoors now that the weather is finally getting warmer!

  50. Sarah says

    Is your roof metal? We put a metal roof on our house last year and we lurrrrve it! I thought maybe if you ripped out the concrete at the front of your house and did some planting there it would look great, but instead of that, what if you put a variety of potted plants there and maybe some window boxes?

  51. Dawn says

    Really like the vision. What do you think about putting faux stone to compliment the new colors, on the fireplace?

  52. says

    YES!! Paint the door!! Mine is Sun Dried Tomato and I love it!!! I mentally paint all my neighbors doors. Periwinkle here, orange there-ooo that one should be teal, yes, much better! Colorful doors say welcome and can be a pop of fun color that is easy to change!!

  53. says

    Love the possible change ideas for the house!!! Just followed you on Twitter and saw where you guys live in PRATT-VEGAS!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! That’s my hometown!! Why do I feel like I know a celebrity now?!?!?!! Ha!! All my family still lives there and we are about 3 hours away. Cool! Made my day!

  54. says

    This is so fun to read because we are in the process of buying our first house and it has 0 plants in the yard. Not a single one. This makes me excited to get going on some landscaping.

  55. says

    I love the changes and would really love some flower boxes too! but my favorite of all…was Lilly with her English accent. I could watch it over and over!!!! Good luck with with your adorable house!!

  56. Kathleen O says

    I live on Cape Cod where we shingle everything that doesn’t move :) Some people use a thin/light coat of white Milk Paint on the new shingles to soften them and that could bridge your taupe/white/brown scheme and keep the front elevation tall and textured looking? . Maybe try a sample piece to see if you like it too? Also wondered if you considered a large planter at the right corner of the house to bring the landscape across the whole front? A little more budget friendly than removing a portion of concrete, I think?

    Love your color scheme and your weekly genius, Layla and Kev.

  57. says

    I’ve always wondered what the outside of your house looks like, now I know! I love the warmer exterior paint color and shutters you have planned. It will allow your home to sink more into those big trees behind it and with nature. :)

    Fun presto-change-o’s! I also love how quickly you transformed the chairs and cushions and those potted flowers are gorgeous. I live in FL, everything blooms year round, but it’s funny to think about shipping plants.

  58. says

    I love grey. Just saying. I think your house is cute as it is currently, but if you’re looking for a change, look to the TX hill country vibe. Limestone-y color to accent the stone look and the shutters you’ve planned would look great…even painting the window trim a darker color could be really nice. Rustic, but cottage-y at the same time. And some really chunky window boxes under the windows on the ends of the house would be amazing.
    Can’t wait to see what you choose to do…you have such great vision for your home!

  59. says

    GUUUURL. You are like the blog ninja with those changing pics! I was like “Crap how does she come up with these things.” As always you are my hero!!

    Love your guts

    ps I LOVE the wood siding

  60. Diana @ OurVintageHomeLove says

    I love the warmer colors and the green door. A perfect match! We painted the outside of our house ourselves and I built the shutters. Totally worth the savings! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  61. says

    Wish I could get my mom & Mimi to drive 11 hours to help me plant some pretty flowers! I was lucky enough to live in the same place until about 6 months ago. So now, I am channeling their green thumb-ness and hoping for the best. Love the presto chango! The shutters are my fav!

  62. says

    Definitely option #2. I love cedar shakes!! We’ve been wanting to add those to our house eves for a long time…maybe someday! Love the presto-change-o’s

  63. Debbie says

    Wow! Love “B”. What a difference it will make on the street. I have really never been a fan of round columns so go square!

  64. says

    Ahh! I love that green door. Tis my favorite color you know.. ;)

    Looks so pretty, it’s still to cold to plant here, boo. But once it warms up a tad you know I’ll be at it. We’re thinking about getting new siding or painting too. :) Ours….used to be white. ;)


  65. Kati says

    Your taste is flawless–so I say go with your gut. But if you are collecting fan input, here’s mine: I don’t like the new ideas at all! You’ve got your home’s interior so fresh and breezy, and this new beige exterior take away from that, I think.

    Since you’ve got a warm grey metal roof (which I like), why not go with some of the colors of your kitchen: Alabaster and Mourning Dove with pops of black/charcoal and some natural wood here and there. You know how some of your kitchen photos have red apples on display and some have green ones? Well, there’s your green for the door (and the red that other folks keep mentioning).

    Or maybe use some of the palette from the reading room/new guest room or your master bedroom. Would Moonlight White and Blue Hubbard, with some accent colors that use in both of those rooms (reds or colors from your multi-colored Pottery Barn quilt) work?

    I’ve got this bias already: I live in a hot climate and have always loved white houses with grey or green trim, and red and white flowers. These houses just seem so fresh and cool. And I love white, grey, and blue-green interiors with natural accessories. But this bias is part of why I’m such a fan of your fresh, breezy style–and is also why this new plan just seem so different from your usual stuff and seems to clash with your current interior.

    And if you love cedar shakes, go for it, but I’ve never seen cedar shakes that really age well and they just don’t seem to work with the metal roof. I’d nix that and try Hardie planks or something like that if you really want to switch out the light grey siding (which looks great to me as it is).

    Anyway, while I’m giving a dissenting opinion, I love your work and look forward to seeing all your projects.

  66. says

    Until now, I’d never seen a photo of the exterior of your house– so cute, but not at all what I would have imagined! The touches of color in the plants is great, but those trees out back: WOW!

    Now, I’ve got to go make a fort!

  67. chris says

    oh i love it! the house looks so much warmer with the creamy paint instead of the white (which i liked until you showed me the presto change o)

    whatever happens you guys will make it look lovely functional and homey… for the littlest homey!

  68. says

    Couch cushion fort. I am dying. Dying right now. You guys are awesome. Just awesome. My kids make couch cushion forts all the time, and even now, I still think they are fun.

    ps. could you give us a few more measurements on your board and batten in your room (ie. how far apart they are)? Cause, I want to rip you off and do it in my master bedroom. You guys always inspire me. Thanks.

    la vie petite

  69. tammylee says

    Love your ideas. I like both of your updates. I guess one could do until $ comes around for the final overhaul with cedar shakes and green door bit. Great job! Can’t wait to see the real thing !

  70. Katie Lewis says

    What about stone around the bottom half of the column to mimic the house and then wrapped in the wood for the top? Might add a little more heft and texture to the porch? :)

    • Layla says

      Hey Katie!

      Yeah, I tried that in one of my earlier photoshop drawings, but because of how close the column sits to the edge of the porch, it looked like there was too much junk in the trunk!

  71. says

    Layla, you do such a great job with the Presto Chang-o’s. I roll over the pic, then off the pic, then over, then off, then over… you get the idea. (So easily amused I guess, haha!) But really it’s because they’re so well done! Al$o love that Kevin is thinking of a doin’ the paint him$self. :)

    Really can’t wait until we have a front porch to decorate. But until then our 1920’s condo is keeping us busy. :)

    hugs, erin

  72. says

    Right before the part about adding the cedar shingles, I was looking at that siding and thinking, “That white siding stands out and doesn’t fit. Wood would be awesome!” And then you went and did it. :) I love your ideas for your “fort”!

  73. Debra says

    What software did you use to change the colors on your house? Was it photoshop and if so, which one (Photo Editor, or ?) I’m new to Photoshop and not sure yet on how it all works. :/ I actually have a pink house (yes pink, vinyl siding) with door and shutters painted a mauvy color. Would like to change the door and shutter colors and this would be a great way for me to see colors before hand and to help me choose something more appealing to my house. Thanks!
    By the way, I Love the colors of the browns on your house with the beige! :)

      • Debra says

        Is there a website to download it for free (basics), if so which site is it or do you know? I see there’s a CS5 version out now. I just would like the basics to be able to change the colors on my house.
        Thanks for the info and any others you have. :)

        • Layla says

          I think there’s something called Photoshop Elements that might be free…but don’t quote me on that! :-)

  74. suzib says

    I absolutely love the wrapped column idea! something I want to do with the round faux finished columns (previous owner done) inside our home. By wrapping do you mean from scratch, with you purchasing the wood/lumber or by chance is there a ready made trick or awesome tutorial that you know of! love love following your ideas!

  75. says

    I loved that you document the changes with the “presto chango” series! What a great was to envision what you’re trying to do! I really enjoyed seeing the photos and think that the color combo that you’ve picked is really nice. I have a neighbor that has similar shutters and I adore them in the darker walnut color. Thank you! You have a wonderful blog and I look forward to reading it each week.

  76. Katie says

    Love your curb appeal ideas! You all should also think about staining your driveway. From what I hear, it’s an easy DIY job.

    Love your blog!

  77. Cindy says

    Hi Layla and Kevin: I really like the idea of cedar shakes! We have them on our weekend home; they are a medium grey tone and I have to say that the paint/stain has held up nicely. The trim is a green/grey and the door is a cranberry tone. It really is a nice palette. As a previous poster noted, the colors from the inside of your home would carry nicely to the outside. I know that whatever you choose, your home will be beautiful! Best, Cindy

  78. Natalie says

    hi Layla. I love your style. Curious…what color are you looking to paint on your house? do you know of a tan type color that you would use?
    we’re painting our exterior and my husband and I are a ways apart on what we like…so trying to get ideas…

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