Credenza To Sideboard Makeover

Happy Friday! I wanted to share where we’re at with Kathy’s credenza makeover today because it’s really coming along nicely and we’re almost ready to start putting everything into the room!

Remember the credenza the day Kathy bought it?

Low Credenza Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

Kevin and I met Brian the Carpenter at Home Depot last Saturday morning…

The Lettered Cottage | Credenza Makeover

…and we got all the pieces we needed to create something like this:

Credenza Makeover

Of course Brian knocked this project out of the park:

Credenza Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

The Lettered Cottage | Credenza to Sideboard Makeover

Credenza Turned Sideboard Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

I think Kevin must have snapped that right after I said something like, “Dude. This is looking SO awesome!“. :-D

Credenca To Sideboard Makeover

Credenza Sideboard Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

Once it was together, Kathy, Kevin and I took turns coating it with Annie Sloan’s “French Linen” chalk paint.

Chalk Paint | French Linen | Sideboard

We’re not quite done working on it yet, but I hope to be able to finish painting and waxing it soon so we can show Kathy (and you!) how it looks in her “new” room next week!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Laurie says

    You are so creative! The French Linen is really pretty. Can’t wait to see her new room design! You were so smart to match the wall color to her sofa to make the space flow — it worked! We have a small den, and I love shabby chic, so to make the space feel more airy, it has been fun to bring in various shades of white and cream.

  2. jules says

    Beautiful makeover! Do you have any posts about how to use the chalk paint and the waxing process?

  3. denise says

    your “French Linen” looks like what i call “accidentally put Downy in the last rinse cycle”.

  4. says

    Love this idea! Vintage furniture can be updated with a little work and imagination. Great way to upcycle and have wonderful unique pieces for your home.

  5. Danni says

    Hi Layla
    When you say, “…but I hope to be able to finish painting and waxing it soon so we can show Kathy…” – what do you mean by “waxing” ?


  6. Dolores says

    That is the best idea! I have held off buying a new flat screen because I cannot find anything I like to put it on and this would fit the bill perfectly! Love it and can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. LIsa W. says

    I cannot WAIT…to see the finished project. It’s one of those things that you look at and think, Ahhhh that looks a bit out~dated. But THEN Layla, and Kev put on their magic….lovvvvvvvvvve!!!

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