• Countertop Series, Part 5 – Antiqued Absolute Black Granite & Carrara Marble

    Hello- and welcome to the final installment of my favorite countertops series!

    Today’s countertop picks are antiqued Absolute Black granite and carrara marble. I have a crush on both of them- so I asked my friend, Kim, if she would snap some pics of the pieces she has in her kitchen.

    Here’s her antiqued Absolute Black granite island countertop:



    It sort of has a soapstone vibe, and Kim said she just cleans it with soap and water. (Apparently most types of cleaners leave streaks.)


    And here’s her GORGEOUS Arabescata Carrara marble:


    She used in on both sides of her stove, and I love the way it looks on top of her light gray-painted cabinets:


    She got all three countertop slabs here locally at Robert F. Henry. They were all leftover remnant pieces, so she got them for a really great deal. Lucky duck!

    Feel free to leave Kim a comment below if you’ve got any questions about either of these kinds of countertops. She’s had them for a few years now, so she’ll be able to tell you what they “live” like.

    All this talk about countertops has helped me to realize that I’m definitely a black, white, or gray countertop kind of girl.



    Or aqua with stainless steel edging. ;-)

    Happy weekend!

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