Cottage Style Quilt

I went back, y’all.

Flea Market Sale

Cheryl, Jennie, Miranda, Cheryl, Debbie, Lisa, Deborah and Betsy made me do it, and the sale sign totally sealed the deal. :-)

Yellow Vintage Sunshine Quilt | The Lettered Cottage

I don’t think it’s vintage…but it will be one day, right? 😉

Here’s to a weekend full of snuggles and sunshine! Kevin and I are hoping for an adoption update later today, and we’re excited to start bringing some stuff into Sweet P’s room this weekend, too! XO

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Kitchen Island Paint Colors

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  1. Dawn says

    Love the happiness the quilt exudes! Good choice to go back for it! I can’t wait to see what else you do in Sweet P’s room! I hope your update has good news for ya today!

  2. Debbie Curry Rodriguez says

    It fills my heart with joy to see you wrapped up in the quilt knowing that soon you will be sharing it with a little someone special. :) <3

  3. Ter'e Lindsay says

    I am so glad you went back for this quilt. Always trust your heart when you see a treasure like this. And a discount to boot????? Way to go, Layla. Luv it.

    I positively love the picture of you wrapped up in the quilt………it is past darling. I can’t wait to see Sweet P wrapped in it. OMGosh……….I am getting so excited. If you ever need an Honorary Grandma……..I’m your gal.

  4. Nicole B says

    Can you take a picture of this quilt flat? I LOVE it and would love to try to come up with my own pattern for it. THANKS!

  5. says

    Just got back from 10 days in the Florida sunshine…I hope I was one of those “Cheryl’s” that convinced you to go back and get the quilt…I loved it from the get-go!! …and as I said “everyone needs a little sunshine in their day”!! so glad it was still there, and even more happy that you got a deal!!

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