Cottage Style Quilt

I went back, y’all.

Flea Market Sale

Cheryl, Jennie, Miranda, Cheryl, Debbie, Lisa, Deborah and Betsy made me do it, and the sale sign totally sealed the deal. :-)

Yellow Vintage Sunshine Quilt | The Lettered Cottage

I don’t think it’s vintage…but it will be one day, right? 😉

Here’s to a weekend full of snuggles and sunshine! Kevin and I are hoping for an adoption update later today, and we’re excited to start bringing some stuff into Sweet P’s room this weekend, too! XO

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  1. Maryjane from Manitoba says

    You’re too cute!

    I hope you get positive, forward-moving update today.

    Blessings to you all,
    from Manitoba, Canada

  2. Donna Doble-Brown says

    Layla, I LOVE IT! So glad you went back and grabbed it . . . When my kids were little I would sing “you are my sunshine” to them . . . This quilt reminds me of that! What a score . . . Vintage or not! Fingers crossed for today! Woooooo! :)

  3. Robin says

    I’m glad. When I saw it in your post and you said you didn’t get it, it didn’t feel right…I think you were meant to be the next caretaker of that quilt! It just sings…Good Day Sunshine!

    • says

      Me, too! I felt just a tiny bit sad…and surprised….when that yellow sunshine quilt didn’t go home with Layla. Big smile on my face now! And lots of warm hopes and prayers for encouraging news today!

  4. Cheryl Fin says

    Yay! Love it! I wish you many happy snuggles under that quilt with your Sweet P and I pray that happens soon.

  5. Tara says

    Clearly it was meant to be!
    I would have joined joined in on the peer pressure had I commented. Haha

  6. Pam says

    Love the quilt! So bright & cheery for Spring!!!! Praying you get awesome news this afternoon!!!!

  7. says

    Oh, that quilt is just full of sunshine and warmth! Things like that haunt me for years if I don’t bring them home. So glad you went back for it.

  8. Hope Williams says

    I’m a person who mainly just listens, but I want to say that I pray for you and your husband. For your dream of becoming parents to become reality very soon. I know without a doubt, that you both will be parents that will be looked up to regarding parenting. Simply by the way you are already parenting Sweet P from afar. Blessings, Hope

  9. Lisa says

    YOU love it…it would of bothered you AND you would of thought of that beautiful yellow quilt ALL the time if you didn’t go back and get it!!! How’s that for a sob story:) NO really its awesome and I am very glad YOU WENT BACK!!! I know I always “know it” when I see something I love!!! Wishing for that call today!!!

  10. lucy m says

    I love that quilt! It is so bright and sunny – reminds me of one that my great aunt made for me 40 years ago. I don’t have it anymore, but it was on my bed for years, brightening my room.

  11. Angela-Rose says

    It belongs in that sun-filled room! I can just see Sweet P curled up with it on his momma’s lap reading a book!
    P.S. Is that carpet or an area rug? I’ve never noticed it before! Can you provide any details please?

  12. Christy Keyton says

    How could you NOT? I would have gone back too – actually, I think I would have bought it at first sight! One cannot have too many quilts. I have got to get up to Montgomery from Dothan for some antiquing pretty soon!

  13. Deborah says

    I am so glad you got it! I wouldn’t have been able to walk by it myself!!!!!

  14. Miranda says

    Awesome-sauce! So glad you took our advice (gentle/not-so-gentle? pushing) and went back! 😀 Has anyone else noticed that your Sweet P is kinda being dubbed as ‘sunshine’ by your followers?

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Miranda!! And the last sentence of your comment made me smile SO big! We call him “Sonny”! 😀

  15. Denise Z says

    I’m SO glad you went back for that quilt! I was going to reply “GO BACK” on your original post…because if you didn’t want that quilt “I* DID! LOL! I think you were meant to have it! (And on sale–oh YES!!!)

  16. Allison A says

    Sometimes, when the stars align and the world is just right, a gift is given. So glad it was waiting for you. The happiness of it smiles and I’m sure sweet pea will love it for always. Good luck on the upcoming news today. Fingers crossed.

  17. Debra says

    Hi Layla, I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and feel like we are friends – even tho we’ve never met! So many of the colors you use and decorating styles are exactly my taste. Also, praying for you and Kevin during the adoption process. Our daughter and son-in-law adopted a sweet baby girl from Ethiopia 3years ago. Your posts bring back so many memories. Hoping you hear something today! Anyway, my question is, the carpet in sweet peas room is so nice. Could you tell me more about it? God bless you, Kevin and baby. Debra

  18. melissa845 says

    I know you saw 2-26 in your dream. But I was just thinking that it may be 3-26. But, just as I thought that 3/28 came clearly to me. 3/28. I hope it’s something good!

  19. Sheila says

    Woot! Love the sunshiney quilt! It’s such a happy color and made me smile when I saw it. I swear if I wasn’t in Atlanta, I would’ve snapped it up myself. March came in like lamb for us here. Perhaps it will go out like a lion, roaring “Sweet P is coming!” Praying that you get good news before the end of March.

  20. Lori says

    If you ever decide to get rid of it can I PLEASE buy it from you? I love love LOVE it!

  21. Dawn says

    Love the happiness the quilt exudes! Good choice to go back for it! I can’t wait to see what else you do in Sweet P’s room! I hope your update has good news for ya today!

  22. Marianne in Mo. says

    Doin’ a happy dance that you went back, and hoping you’ve received news by now!

  23. Debbie Curry Rodriguez says

    It fills my heart with joy to see you wrapped up in the quilt knowing that soon you will be sharing it with a little someone special. :) <3

  24. Ter'e Lindsay says

    I am so glad you went back for this quilt. Always trust your heart when you see a treasure like this. And a discount to boot????? Way to go, Layla. Luv it.

    I positively love the picture of you wrapped up in the quilt………it is past darling. I can’t wait to see Sweet P wrapped in it. OMGosh……….I am getting so excited. If you ever need an Honorary Grandma……..I’m your gal.

  25. Nicole B says

    Can you take a picture of this quilt flat? I LOVE it and would love to try to come up with my own pattern for it. THANKS!

  26. says

    Just got back from 10 days in the Florida sunshine…I hope I was one of those “Cheryl’s” that convinced you to go back and get the quilt…I loved it from the get-go!! …and as I said “everyone needs a little sunshine in their day”!! so glad it was still there, and even more happy that you got a deal!!