Cottage Rooms

I emailed our neighbor, Dale, yesterday morning to see if it would be okay if I came over and snapped a picture of their kitchen. I shared a small photo of it with me on Facebook a while back, and I’ve been dyin’ to get over there and see it in person ever since!

Within a few minutes, Dale emailed me back and said that I was welcome to come over anytime after lunch and that his daughter would be there to let me in.

I got there at 1:00, and by 1:18 I was excitedly racing back down the street with a camera card full of pretty pics!

My experience was sort of like shopping at Target- you go in for ONE thing and come out with SO MANY FUN GOODIES! :-D

So, here’s the photo of his kitchen I went in for…

Tall White Kitchen Cabinets Lettered Cottage 3

…and here’s the other “goodies” I came out with!

Aqua Bathroom Lettered Cottage

cloche bathroom lettered cottage

Aqua Dining Room Lettered Cottage

Aqua Dining Room Lettered Cottage 1


Guest Bedroom Bed Toile Lettered Cottage

vintage quilt tablecloth lettered cottage antique alarm clocks

What a fun house, huh? I just kept snapping every time Dale’s daughter led me through another door- LOL!

Anywho, I had originally planned to write a post about some kitchen ideas I had floating around in my head, but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing pictures of those lovely rooms instead. :-)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. debbier says

    No wonder u wanted pics. That is beautiful and original looking. I really love getting a little look into other peoples homes. Sometimes when i drive by a house at night and the light is on in the window i can’t help but wonder who and what is going on in that house.

  2. says

    You know that moment, when you’re gazing at multiple blog photos, + you see ‘that one’ that makes your eyes open wider?

    That was me when I spied that beautiful bedroom with all the blue toile!

    Everything’s gorgeous — thanks for sharing; it’s caring.

    K A Y

  3. says

    Oh my word! This house is gorgeous. I especially liked the chairs at the ends of the dining room table. Beautiful. Oh, and the archways…and um….the stools in the kitchen. Oh, yeah….and the bathtub. What’s not to like???

  4. Dorothy Sadler Hemphill says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I had to go back again and again to absorb it all. Wow!

  5. julie says

    That house is breathtaking. I adore the antique wood furniture, the quilt as a table skirt, the clocks, the yellow kitchen. But mostly the donor room. That’s my favorite ever. The little birds on the edge of the trim near the door <3

  6. says

    Any chance you could get the name of the paint in the bathroom and dining room?

    What a gorgeous house! So light, airy, and soothing

  7. says

    I can’t believe it was sitting there all perfect and tidy and styled in every room, just waiting for you like that! I think I just got inspired…. or jealous. :)

  8. says

    What a beauty! I’d love to see more of that one if they are willing to share. There are some amazing details just in those few pics.

  9. Jill says

    The pictures are amazing. It is comfortably bright and lovely. Soft line, soft colors, bold furniture pieces that aren’t overwhelming. Wow!

  10. Robin O says

    Seriously?! Amazing!! These rooms are gorgeous! Such a dream home! Love looking at shots like this… Really gets the creative juices flowing!

  11. says

    Seriously??? That house is amazing! He must have been running around sprucing it up before you came over. Our house is in order but they can’t possibly have the table ready to go like that all the time? I love the centerpiece idea–I have enough boxwood wreaths! Time to get going on my table cover! And I gasped when I saw the archways! This house is stunning. How about you do a house tour of your neighbors homes? Like you, I would love to peek into so many!

  12. says

    Wait a minute, someone actually LIVES in that house? and it is that clean? Wow. I am so jealous. This has to be one of the most beautiful homes I have EVER seen. Right down to the details…like a shoe in a cloche….please give me a week or 2 notice before you come knocking :)

  13. says

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t decide if I”m more impressed that their house is that gorgeous or if it’s that clean and put together enough for you to do a spur of the moment photoshoot that is totally magazine spread worthy! Amazing! Great pics and great house, thanks for sharing!

    • Dale says

      Lola, you are too funny….why do you think we had her come after lunch? It took that long for Paige, our daughter, to whip it into shape. And she obviously did a great job! Thanks Paige!

  14. Hayley says

    I’m Dale’s oldest daughter and I just want to say THANK YOU for appreciating their hard work! They both love decorating and finding eclectic pieces and I am so proud of them. I live in Bridlebrook down the road but hope I get to meet you sometime soon!


  15. says

    I love it all! And I’m so impressed that they were able to have someone come in and photograph on short notice! Must be wonderful to have a house that’s always in order! I particularly love the color of the kitchen island base.

  16. Angie W says

    Two things – 1) I’m seriously impressed that the place is spotless. If you asked to snap pic’s at my house, I would have to undergo a 2 day intensive shine/polish job and I still don’t think it would look that good. Mercy! and 2) that house is beyond gorgeous. It’s like a magazine showpiece. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Terri says

    WOWOWOWOW…. I want to live in your neighborhood!!! EVERY SINGLE POST AND PICTURE…. is just amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! (AND btw…. Camp Wandawega was featured over at “Talk of the House” today.. sound familiar?? :) … )

  18. says

    Oh those color!! I felt so relaxed just looking at them. And the peaked doors and hallway are so clever.

  19. Amy F says

    that house is amazing! I can’t believe it’s SO clean and uncluttered without any notice! (I’ve got to clean my house…)

  20. says

    Wow…just WOW! What a beautiful home. I am swooning over the kitchen and bath. Oh, and the bedroom and the dining room!!

  21. Heather says

    Gorgeous! Everything is lovely and has a true personality and character. I love that there are great design basics like white cabinets, schoolhouse lights, etc, but so many personal touches that there is nothing cookie cutter about the place. Just the way home should be. :) Glad your neighbors were willing to give us a peek at their beautiful home!

  22. Karen says

    Oh my ~ what a beautiful house!!! As I looked at each photo, I kept thinking ~ I can’t believe there is nothing out of place………thanks for sharing!

  23. Allison says

    So beautiful! Would these talented homeowners be willing to share the paint names of the blue in the dining room and bathroom? Such a lovely house! I could imagine Beatrix Potter being at home there.

  24. says

    drooling over these images i said out loud, “what a fun house!” and then you said it and i laughed.

    i could spend a week in that kitchen. or bathroom. either are perfect. oh man, who am i kidding…I could spend a month in their home and be a happy, happy girl. so gorgeous!

  25. Judi Thompson says

    Layla, your postings never fail to inspire me! My home is over 100 yrs old here in Oregon, and everything you post about would work in this house.

  26. says

    my friend Kelly at talk of the house featured the “guest house” recently and I was surprised to see it belonged to “Dr. Dale” E_____. I remember going to him years ago when he was my dentist. What a lovely home he and his family have. BTW, a couple of weekends ago my husband and I were out for dinner and rode out to The Waters…we haven’t been in a few years and I was shocked to see how it has grown. A friend of ours brother was the original developer and we helped out on a model home…love that place!

  27. Kathy says

    That home is GORGEOUS!!!! I kind of lean towards warm masculine decor,, this is the opposite of that and I love it!

  28. Trenna Berry says

    Layla, Is this white, pure white? I have wondered that with many of your pics:). The outside of my house is pure white, and I LOVE it…but many rooms on the inside are more of a cream. I love the crispness of this whiter white though. Advice, thoughts?? Thanks so much!

    BTW, this house is breathtaking!!!!!

  29. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Good Golly!!!! This home is past wonderful. Is this how y’all keep your houses, for real???? It is just gorgeous. I love every room!!!!! Where do they hide their “stuff”??????
    I am blown away (and feeling a little guilty). I better go dust!!!!!! and hide the doggie toys!

  30. Kat says

    Do you have picture of other side of kitchen? This has me inspired to flip my whole kitchen around!

    • Layla says

      I will take one for you tomorrow, Kat! (I’m heading back up the street for more pics- LOL!) :-D

  31. says

    Lovely rooms indeed! Thank you to your neighbor for the peek inside and to you for snapping such great photos. It’s magazine worthy yet cozy.

  32. Gwen says

    You know what I like about your blog, is that it is very spontaneous. I read other blogs that I like very much as well, but where I often feel it became too much of a “business” for the blogger. You don’t hurry to show us a project because of a photo shoot deadline for an article etc….you take your time to stop and deviate. Your things don’t look so planned; we never know what we’re going to get the next day, just love it…I am looking at you as a friend and not a client. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

    • Layla says

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a kind and encouraging comment, Gwen! I always say that I “blog by the seat of my peddle-pushers”. :-) Blogging really is my favorite thing to do, and because I’m not much of a planner, winging things post-by-post and day-to-day, really suits my (a.d.d.) personality-LOL. I noticed your email address said “.fr”. Are you in France? If so, oh, how I’d love to visit you there someday! :-D

      • gwen says

        Well, I was born and raised in France, my family still live there and I spend 2 months there every summer but since I married a US Navy officer 12 years ago, we’ve been moving around the globe: from Spain to Italy to Japan and now Hawaii. We’re moving to South Korea next year. I have never had a house of my own but been collecting furniture now from everywhere we go, wonder how that will look together the day we settle down…probably will have a big garage sale and start from scratch again. My sister just built a modern house attached to an old winery building in France and she gave me carte blanche to do all the decoration when I go next summer. You are very welcome to come help. it’s amazing what you find in second end store and flea market in France.

  33. Bernie says

    I applaud your decision to change gears on the fly. Thank-You. Any way to source that chandelier???

  34. Lisa says

    Please ask your neighbor the color blue that is on the walls….beautiful!
    I want it on mine.
    Thank you!

  35. Marianne in Mo. says

    Sooo gorgeous! Swoon! Had to chuckle at the alarm clocks, (to myself!) Because I’m a clock-lover, and my family can’t understand why I have so many clocks! Love them, until daylight savings time, then I wonder why. Family grouches if their times at wrong, so I can’t let them have the wrong time. Totally love this house, thanks for sharing!

    • Dale says

      I’m sorry, I don’t. We picked it out at the cabinet shop. And I don’t know if it even had a name. It’s really almost a distressed pine green.

  36. Kim says

    Do people seriously have their house looking that “ready for photos on the web” on a random day? I’m lucky to not have dog & cat fur floating around, let alone everything looking so perfectly lovely!

    I LOVE the table with all the clocks, and the fact that they all aren’t even close to being set to the same time!

  37. Bree Soncran says

    how do you recommend making a living room look light and bright like this house, when your MIL bought you a $1600 rug from pottery barn that’s the typical deep red, and green and tan colors. I can’t get rid of it, but when I think about how I want to redo my living room I can’t picture how to do it around that darn rug!

  38. says

    Wow! Cottage rooms? It’s certainly more than cottage rooms. Just beautiful! Ha ~ I was just going to type what Amanda said ~ Is this for real!
    I think I need to go clean now!!!

  39. sarah says

    Hi Layla,
    I am dying to know where the wood base/pedestal think on the dining table under the rabbit came from! I’m planning a wedding and pinned a picture with a wedding cake sitting on that exact stand. I figured it was homemade so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a stump to replicate it but lo and behold, there’s its twin! Crazy.

    • Dale says

      That one came from Southern Homes and Gardens in Montgomery but we have also seen them at Scott’s Antique in Atlanta

  40. Becky says

    Gorgeous house!! I love the dining room! I was going to paint my table, but now I think I might just paint my walls Blue Hydrangea instead! Do you know what the fabric is on the dining room armchairs?

  41. Melissa Parris says

    WOW! Is this person a interior decorator? The home is amazing such talent….of course next to yours(love you)> Take some more “lovely pics”. Great ideas too. p.s. It helps to have a home with a lot of character!

  42. Kelly says

    I love everything about the house! I can’t get those dining chairs out of my mind! Who makes the table and side chairs?? Thank you so much for sharing!

  43. Niki says

    Those hallway ^ arches are amazing. Was it a design choice or creative solution to a problem (hiding ductwork or something), I wonder? Such a charming home!

  44. Shannon says

    Stunning! Can you share specifics about the master bath vanities and the dining room chair fabric? My euro shams want that pattern.
    Thank you.

  45. Rhonda Irizarry says

    Wow, I enjoyed that mini house tour, I love the analogy you gave because it’s so accurate, you came out with tons of goodness.. Loved it!

  46. Hyedi says

    I am in love with the yellow paint in the kitchen! I noticed everyone asking for the blue paint colors in the house but I am interested in the yellow.
    Dale, would you please please share the name of the yellow paint in the kitchen!?
    Thank you so much, hyedi

  47. Kathy says

    I love everything about this house! Thank you to all for sharing. I am midway through remodeling my bathroom with 1.5 inch hexagon white and black tile on floor, white subway tile on the walls, a beautiful antique oak dresser with vessel bowl sink and a chandelier. I love the chandelier in this bathroom. If you find out where they got theirs’ I’d love to hear about it. I had also picked BM Robins Nest for the paint!

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