Cottage Kitty

I‘ve been hearing lots of tiny meows, outside my office window, for a couple of days now. At night, the meowing really seemed to pick up- which made me feel like whatever was doing it was afraid of the dark.

Turns out my neighbor, Jessica, at the Half Note Cottage has been hearing it too. This morning I set a bowl of food out where I thought it was coming from, and later in the day Jessica set out a bowl of water right next to my bowl of food. Tonight around supper time, I grabbed my video camera because I finally spotted where the meowing was coming from. Watch this video and be prepared to get the warm fuzzies…

…and, of course, I brought him in the house within two hours of filming the video. He’s currently much more tame, and is nestled in an old blanket in our laundry room. (I couldn’t bear to hear him crying outside another night!) :-(
I covered an old cookie sheet with aluminum foil and poured a generous amount of kitty litter onto it. I’m hoping he just instinctively knows “what’s up” with that. :-)

I’ll have to put him back outside tomorrow, but I’m hoping he decides to call our back porch “home”. I would love can have an outside kitty- just like back in the day, on the farm in Minnesota. He’s definitely going to need a name. Any ideas?

A foundling named "Fleamarket"
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