• Cooters Pond/Eastbrook Flea Market Excursion

    Before Mom and I headed out to Eastbrook Flea Market on Saturday, we made a stop at Cooters Pond. Kind of a goofy name, but what a beautiful place to walk and think.
    Kevin shot these photos (and the one above) there recently:

    Here’s Mom and I on Saturday…checking out the view…

    After a nice walk, we parted ways with Kevin and made our way to the Flea Market.

    Here’s a photo of the first thing that made my heart flutter…

    It was supposed to have made its way home with me, but I forgot to grab it on my way out the door. I did hide it though…so hopefully it’s still there and I can go get it sometime soon. :-)

    This booth is always filled with such cheerful things…

    I had to take a picture of this sign because I’ve had three different people quote this exact same line to me recently! (You know who you are!) :-)

    This cotton wreath is full of Southern charm…

    I would have bought this scrumptious, chippy old shelf too, if it wasn’t $125!

    I stopped in my tracks when I saw this old seltzer bottle. I would love to start a collection of these someday. I love the idea of displaying them in my Kitchen. They would really speak to my stainless steel appliances and vintage, metal locker baskets. (Oh, that’s right, I don’t have stainless steel appliances yet. Boo.) :-(

    Not far from the Seltzer bottle I spied this lusciousness.
    Priced at only $15, I may have to go back for this baby too…

    The dusty blue color of this next piece really appeals to me. The price tag read “$699″. Ouch. I think I could replicate this piece pretty easily though, so I put it in my idea file. :-)

    I’ve seen these old rolling laundry hampers used at side tables a lot lately…

    Here’s an example from the book “Decorating Junkmarket Style”:

    Of course, you could always use it for what it was intended to be used as too…

    I think it would be so fun to base an entire Laundry Room around this piece!

    Another item I may have to go back for is this old grain sack:

    It was only $15, and I can already see it as a pillow or a seat cushion here at the Lettered Cottage.

    I don’t remember how much this frame was, but it seems like it was priced a little high.

    I love it’s crusty, time-worn patina!

    I love the simplicity of this sculptural, tin candlestick holder. I imagine seashells scattered on the base of it…

    And another galvanized treasure, this “candlelier ” would look lovely in a shabby chic interior…

    I’ll be back soon with photos of the rest of the goodies we saw, including what I took home with me!
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