Cookie Jar Christmas Craft

I thought I’d sneak in one last Christmas craft before it’s officially time to back away from the Christmas decor. 😀

Evan and Layla

I met up with my friend Evan yesterday morning, and we had the best time making our Christmas cookie jars. We were super inspired by the one Tamara created for Becky on Instagram, and spending that time crafting yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, we found out our hard drive is officially toast, and none of our photos/files/footage are recoverable. :-( The good news? We don’t have to pay Data Savers thousands of dollars to recover anything. The bad news? Two years worth of work and my almost-finished episode 3 for The Design Network was on that hard drive. We’re especially bummed to have lost all that video footage, but I do still have all the photos from Kathy’s new space (I hadn’t uploaded them yet), so I look forward to sharing the before and afters with you here on my blog very soon!

Anywho- back to Christmas crafting! 😀 Evan brought over the cookie jars, glitter paper, star punch, bird nest, wooden beads and tapered corks, and I picked up the Epson salt, miniature fence and Christmas lights. I already had the twine, and we gathered the twigs from our front yard.

Cookie Jar Christmas Craft | Epson Salt | Picket Fence from Hobby Lobby

Becky‘s talented friend Tamara put a cute little camper ornament in her cookie jar too, and I immediately thought of our Airstream ornament when I saw hers pop up in Becky’s Instagram feed. Evan and I used twigs to support the lower strand of Christmas lights and create the campfire, and I cut the flames out of a translucent piece of gold scrapbook paper.

Cookie Jar Christmas Craft | Mini Lights Hobby Lobby | Epson Salt | Airstream Ornament from Michaels | Picket Fence from Hobby Lobby

(Miniature fence, trees and lights: Hobby Lobby, Airstream ornament: Michaels)

Cookie Jar Christmas Craft | Airstream Ornament from Michaels | Picket Fence from Hobby Lobby | Epson Salt

Our nativity jar turned out super cute, too:

Christmas Cookie Jar Craft | Espon Salt | Tapered Corks Wrapped In Twine | Nativity

Here are a few in-progress shots so you can see how that one came together:

Cork Twine Wooden Bead Twig Nativity | Cookie Jar Christmas Craft

Christmas Cookie Jar Craft | Espon Salt | Nativity

(Wooden beads, nest, glitter paper and tapered corks: Hobby Lobby)

Christmas Cookie Jar Craft | Nativity | Espon Salt

These jars were SO much fun to make, and I think it would be a great craft for kids, too. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you fill them with, and where you can display them. Thanks again to Tamara and Becky for inspiring this fun project and to Evan for always making everything so much merrier!

Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a calm and creative weekend, too!

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