Colorful, Modern Photo Consultation

(Hover over the photo with your cursor to see my Photo Drawing and the “before” photo!)

I worked on a really fun, modern, Photo Consultation recently, and thought I’d share it here today.
My clients dilemma was figuring out what type, size, color and style of artwork to hang on one wall in her Living Room. She also wondered if any of her existing artwork might work.
Lastly, she and her family are huge fans of color, so she really wanted to inject more of it into this area of the room.
She said she and her family love their green shaggy rug, so as you can see from my photo drawing, I suggested bringing in a little more green in the form of decorative, moss-covered balls, accessories on a narrow, dark wood, wall ledge- and stripes in some of the throw pillows.
To further satisfy her love of color, I also injected
blue, orange and charcoal gray.
The large, dark orange piece of framed art really pops against the complimentary bluish gray accent wall, and the orange tones in the cognac-colored leather throw pillows, and hammered copper bowl on the coffee table really speak to the orange tones in the artwork.

The bi-fold shutters doors in my drawing got a coat of black paint, to give them a more interesting presence. I love dotting the color black around a room, so I also suggested black on the framed art. Because the curtain rod and coffee table legs are already black, there would be a very well-balanced feeling throughout the space with my suggested additions.

That “symmetrical sprinkling” of color occurs again with the white mat around the orange artwork, the white sofa and the white lampshade.
The charcoal gray table lamp base is from Crate and Barrel, and while it makes a strong statement, it also blends nicely with the bluish-gray wall color behind it- allowing the artwork to really be the focus of that wall.

I love this fun, yet sophisticated, style and can’t wait til she sends me their “after” photos!

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