Color Cravings

I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately.
I used to think that I wanted all my walls white.
When I look through magazines, white rooms are always the ones that captivate me the most.
But the longer I live with my white walls, the more I crave a little color.

My Kitchen recently got a coat of pale seaglass blue, my Dining Room has been warmed up with a soft, sandy color (Julie, you’re the winner of my “guess the kitchen and dining room colors contest…contact me for more details!)
Once we get the beadboard fully installed, I’ll be sharing updated Dining Room photos here on my blog.

Some days I crave yellow…

Some days it’s green I’m drawn to…

Other days I just want to be surrounded by blue…

Country Living featured this orange room, painted Gliddens “Southern Tip”:

Although, I don’t think I could personally live with Orange in a main living area, I might look forward to seeing it make an unexpected appearance in a Guest Bathroom.

What do you think? Do you like every room to be a different color? Do you love living with all white walls? Do you only use neutrals? Are you okay with using different colors, as long as they’re monochromatic? I’d love to hear your opinions on color.

I know I’ll receive a variety of opinions here, and I’d like to draw inspiration from all the different view points. (I’d like to think of this as an online “study guide” for me to prepare for the Design Star competition!)

Ciao for now!

Layla :-)

PS…What is your current favorite paint color and who is is made by?

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