Classroom Map

It seems like the older I get, and the more I work on this house, the more I feel like following my own design instincts, not set-in-stone ‘design rules’. Ya know what I mean?

These days, it seems to pretty much all boils down to smiling.


‘Cause stress and anxiety ain’t got nothin’ on a cheery interior, right?

Okay, okay- obviously that’s not entirely true, but whether its furniture pieces, or fabric patterns, or fresh paint- my current motto is…


And one of the main things I love about “go with your grin”-style decorating & design is that you can just kind of let inspiration take the reins, and literally just go with whatever it is that makes your heart hippity hop!

We’ve been having fun working on our master bedroom (again) lately, and as we pull things together, we’re trying to focus more on creating an environment that’s inspiring and meaningful to us, and less on what’s “supposed” to go in a grown-ups bedroom.

The classroom map Kev gave me for my birthday last June not only makes me giddy to the gills visually, I think it subconsciously encourages this homebody/nervous nelly to keep exploring, dreaming, and discovering, too…

Sure, it’s not your typical master bedroom art- but it sure does make me smile!

Ooh! And speaking of my big ol’ map…here’s what we’re thinkin’ about doing to the left of it…

We even brought in the wing-back chair that sits in our living room to see if using a chair that size would look & feel right in real life, and sure enough, everything looked and felt just right!

(Note: The items I photoshopped in the photo above are from, and aren’t necessarily the exact pieces we’ll use.  Although, I would like to add that I have ADORED that spectacular seagrass seat for like two years, and if I happen to get one for Christmas from someone whose name starts with the letter K, he or she definitely wouldn’t need to hang onto the gift receipt.)

Anywho…I’ll keep you posted on the cheery chair situation, and in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying my big ol’ map from my side of the bed. Which brings me to the moral of this silly story: Most of the time it’s better to be safe than sorry, but in design, sometimes it’s better to be smiley than safe!

PS- We (finally) started working on our home office this weekend too- yahoo! Up until yesterday, the room was jam-packed with all kinds of stuff we weren’t using anymore, but our (awesome) neighbor, Josette, helped us move it all over to her booth at Prattville Pickers today so that we could start with a clean slate! (If you’re out there anytime soon, check out booth #D177!)


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  1. Amy says

    Good news heard on the news about smiling. “Smiling sends a signal to your brain that tells you to be happy.”
    I’m smiling more…

  2. Shar in California says

    Love the new plan with that beautiful chair. Go with your smile.
    On another note, can’t believe you are selling that wonderful fall artpiece from last years Fall mantle. I love it and would totally buy it if I lived nearby. I’ve been meaning to print one off from your high res download giveaway but can’t figure out how to print it large like yours was.
    Go with your smile. It’s perfect.

  3. says

    I love that you are going with your “grin” instinct. It’s not about conforming to what somebody says is popular and in right now but aobut using what makes you happy. I love the setup of the map with your future chair and rug. I think it will look great!

  4. karen says

    “we’re trying to focus more on creating an environment that’s inspiring and meaningful to us, and less on what’s “supposed” to go in a grown-ups bedroom.”

    Love this!!

  5. Deborah says

    In a word “WOW”. With a nice comfy chair and table for a great cup of tea you will have yourself one great spot to curl up and read (or blog). Sigh, it’s so neat!!

  6. says

    I first stumbled upon your blog because of adoption aspect of your interest, but I’ve got to admit I’m hooked by your design style too. I love the map and would love to snag a world map for my own house. We recently adopted 5 children from Ethiopia, I hope things go smoothly in the adoption department for your family.

  7. Tara G. says

    My h.s. French teacher had a poster of a little naked boy popping out of a world map that she got when she was home in France- not sure why, but we found it and would hang it on her classroom map so that when the next group came in for class, he’d roll down. :) I love the look in your room! :)

  8. Gloria McMahon says

    I saw the same chair (or very, very close to it) at Pier I today. I bet it is a little less than Pottery Barn!

  9. says

    I have a big map in my bedroom, too! My husband and I honeymooned in the Florida Keys and my cousin gave me a nautical chart of the Lower Keys as a sweet gift that Christmas. I cut it into 8×10 sections, framed them, reassembled the whole, and hung it on our wall!

  10. Matty says

    Oh I so agree with you on this.. I only decorate my house with things that make me smile.. It is the only way to roll.. Love your blog..

  11. says

    What a unique and “educational” piece to use in your bedroom. I will have to say, you are certainly the first person I have ever seen with that type of art in your bedroom. I can tell you this. It brought a smile to my face!! Keep on going with the “grin”. It works wonderfully for you!

  12. kathy h says

    Hi guys!

    I’m finally getting a chance to get caught up on your blog entries. YOur bedroom looks great, love the map, and I, too, have had that Pottery Barn Seagrass chair on my “want” list for awhile. I keep checking Craigslist for it. Believe it or not, found it listed on there once, but I was too late-someone had already bought it.. UGH@!

    I know you both have been VERY busy… so if you ever get time (I know, you’re laughing right now :-) ) I’d love to see a blog post on putting planks on cottage cheese ceilings. My hubby won’t try it until he sees you guys try it first (sorry!)

    Thanks for all the inspiration! HUGS!!

  13. says

    My thumbs up to decorating-that-makes-one-smile!!!! :)

    I love your map– as a child, my aunt had window shades that I played with and pretended they were pull-down maps like at school! 😉 The PB wing style seagrass chair is dreamy– so appropriate for a bedroom!

  14. says

    I love the quilt on that bed – can you tell me where it’s from? Gorgeous colors! And I love your map idea too.