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    If you were one of the many people who left a comment on my Cloudy With A Chance Of Master Class post- THANK YOU! Wow! What an awesome collection of wise words to have all together in one e-place!

    Below, are a just a (very) few of the friendly folks who made that conversation such a blast. I thought it would be fun to feature photos of them and their loved ones, along with some of their comments, here today. First up- Kate:


    (Kate and her kiddos)

    One my favorite parts of Kate‘s comment was when she said:

    “Encourage their curiosity, ensure that they follow their passions, and resist the urge to make them conform to your ideas for their future. Trust that if they work hard and grow in their personal talents, they will succeed and be happy as adults.”

    Such great advice, isn’t it? Love that.


    Karmen, left a great tip, too. She said:

    PLAY with your kids! We spent over an hour in a circle after dinner last night, hitting a big pink playground ball around seeing how long we could keep it in the air. SO. FUN!


    (Karmen and her family)


    Sunny’s comment read:

    My best parenting tip is to pray through it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. When they are teenagers and hating you, and when you don’t like them very much either. God is our heart’s refuge, and leads us through. My son is 24, and telling him occasionally that “I love him more than…..” is a tradition we have shared for years. For example, telling him “I love you more than all the postcards being mailed that day in all the world” while he was on location filming in South Africa was my way of letting him know he is one of the most special blessings in my life.


    (Sunny and her son, Matt)


    I must have re-read this next comment from Janet a half a dozen times. She said:

    My kidlets are 6 & 8. They are amazing kids and I love the questions they ask. In fact, I realized the other day that the routine in our house before a question is raised is always them asking me “Mom, can I ask you a question?” And my response is always “You can ask me anything.” And they know I mean it, so they do ask me anything. Which often leads us to the computer to look up the longest whale, the busiest airport, and sometimes the name of that guy who does the voice of the character in this or that movie. I never know what…and I love it.


    (Janet and her kidlets)


    And then there was this hilarious story from a reader named, Annie:

    One day, my darling children were acting up and ended up going outside onto the deck when I had told them not to. So I said, “Kids, get your butts back in the house.” They came and put their little tushies just inside the sliding glass door and said, “Ok, Mommy! Our butts are back in the house!” They were 2 and 4 at the time, and like the wonderful mommy I am, I took a photo of it:)


    (Annie’s little Loves, with their tushies back in the house)


    A commenter who goes by the name GG online said, “The most precious time for us is dinner time when our girls recount they days events. Oh the detail they provide…the laughter that explodes around our table…the line of communication we foster by encouraging them to talk about their day- and in turn, they now ask us what our day was like. They look forward to this family time together and save things to say. Dinner around the table, with no technology = completely priceless!


    (GG and her family, sharing stories and supper)


    A reader named Maureen shared this awesome advice about reading:

    My one piece of advice would be to read to your children. No matter how hold they are, read to them. As they get a bit older, read things that will challenge their mind, and make them ask those great questions. My two daughters are now 22 and 24 and rarely are they without a book (or Kindle!). I rarely had to deal with “I’m bored” when they were younger, because they always knew they could lose themselves in a good book. It has made them curious enough about some subjects to explore them as adults- things like travel and career! Children love the sound of our voices and reading to them provides a sense of security and closeness. We spent many an afternoon with a snuggle and a good book. Even now my daughters will snuggle in when I am reading and ask “what-cha readin”!! Attached is an old photo of my Dad reading to my daughter and nephew. He is the one I have to credit for the advice I have passed on to you.”


    (Maureen’s Dad, reading to her daughter and nephew)


    Maureen said her Dad’s favorite book to read to the kids was Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy Town


    …and man did the memories come rushing back when I Googled that title! I always used to look so hard to find the little worm- ha!

    I remember having lots of favorite books when I was little, but it just occurred to me that I can’t recall the names of so many of them. Do you remember some classic children’s books that were popular in the 70’s? I’d love to Google more titles today!

    PS- I’m waiting for a photo from one more kind commenter from the other day, so if you come back and visit this post again later this week- you’ll probably find another fun family featured here!


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