Christmas Tree Ideas

Sarah’s hosting the final Holiday Home party of the year today, so if you published a blog post about your Christmas tree this month- we’d like to invite you to head on over to her blog and link it up, Buttercup!

We don’t have a Christmas tree up this year (yet?), but we did deck one out at our friends house just after Christmas last year. Click on the link below to check out the full how-to article on!

Front Porch Christmas Tree

I had a ball decorating that little fella, but do you want to know what the best part of that day was? Chattin’ with this little fella through the window while I trimmed the tree on his porch…

His name is Ever and both of his parents are awesome photographers. Check out these recent shots of Mr. E…

I wonder if his Mom and Dad would mind if I used their porch for another photoshoot this year?

PS- Kevin and Ever’s Dad (a.k.a Kev’s best friend, Josh) are smack dab in the middle of building an awesome photography website. (Think: two down-to-earth dudes and a site full of fun, online video workshops about how to use DSLR cameras, how to shoot all different types of photography, and how to use Photoshop, etc!) They plan to launch sometime next year, and I’ll definitely keep you posted on that as soon I know all the deets!

Ruff and Tumble
DIY Christmas Decor

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  1. says

    Loooooove the twig stars. I will probably be copying that idea -like today. And yay for the website! Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up :) Thanks so much for the inspiration as always!

  2. says


    Darling idea! We take another way……a tree on our back deck/porch. Our deck faces the creek. There are houses on both sides of the creek and the lights on the decks and the trees on the decks makes for such a festive atmosphere. We love our neighbors, too!

  3. Melinda says

    That tree is awesome! I look forward to checking out the website as I could definitely use some tips and inspiration in that department.

  4. says

    I’m excited about Kev’s new website! It would have taken me a long time to decorate that tree with such a cutie watching me!

  5. kelly in georgia says

    gorgeous child! gorgeous photography! gorgeous porch and tree!
    I am saying “ugly words” right now about our trees…lights just blew on the little tree in the playroom and the medium tree in the bedroom….AND we are TRYING to do the one in the great room but we don’t have enough lights for it…so at 9:30 husband is driving to Lowes (bless his heart) for 6 more stings of lights….thinking of having naked trees next year!

  6. says

    Layla – A Christmas tree outside must be the big things this year. I see a lot of people with them outside like on the porch and Im on the west coast. Its a good idea for us since we have no room inside!

  7. Sarah M. says

    It’s a little scary how much that little guy looks like my little guy. In fact, it’s kind of weirding me out. Love the tree, though!

  8. says

    That tree is so super cute! I love the starfish and the sweet little present sitting underneath it.

    How could you resist not just sitting there and pinching precious Ever’s cheeks the whole time? You are one focused lady! I can’t wait for the photography website to launch – it sounds right up my alley.

    Happy Thursday Layla! Hugs! :)

  9. sandy R says

    Fabulous porch deco – and Josh’s site sounds like just what I need – hope it’s up and running SOON!

  10. Shannon says

    That sounds like an awesome website and I can’t wait for them to start it! LOVED those pictures of Ever. Who are his parents so we can check out their photography work? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  11. Josette says

    Beautiful front porch! But I have to say, the little Ever is so stinkin’ cute!!! Love the pics!

  12. Kim in Iowa says

    Love it!! I’m looking forward to Kevin’s website – I’m interested in doing more photography and more with my photos that I do take, so it’ll be great to have a resource! Wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa for a DSLR camera??

  13. says

    Can’t wait for Kev and Josh’s website! I just had a sit down with my daughter/website partner and mentioned that we need to take better pictures of our crafts and that I need a course in Photoshop!

    I think I’ll qualify to be your #1 online fan!

  14. Michele C. says

    cannot wait for that photography site!! actually, to be honest, i’d pay $ to see that site, as i’m looking to get into more technical photography pretty soon. love everything on this website; i’m sure his site will not disappoint, either. thanks for all your inspiration over the years!!

  15. Jennifer says

    My front porch was waiting for you in The Waters too!! Where is my tree! :) I love the tree. Isn’t Ever the sweetest? Love him!!

  16. says

    Oh, I cannot wait to hear more about the photography website! It sounds like exactly what I need. I have wanted to sign up for some workshops to learn more about my camera and going to manual mode, but I couldn’t find anything that involved videos and literally “showing” me how to do certain things! I am such a visual learner…so the videos are definitely a plus! So excited to hear more!

  17. Aubrie says

    Looks beautiful… can we keep it there?? 😉 You can use the porch anytime!

  18. Lisa W. says

    OMG what a awesome post….have to check out those tree’s. Love house decor…holidays…everyday…love it all:) And that little Ever…omg he is so SO so SO darling. AND they do take awesome awesome pics…looking forward to that new website…Thanks:)

  19. says

    You are just amazing Layla, that kid is gorgeous & yay, I need all the help with photography so looking forward to the info next year :))

  20. says

    When we remodeled the outside of our house, I said “The porch needs to be big enough for a Christmas tree.” So now stands a 6-foot tree and it’s a neighborhood highlight, particularly at night. Great mind . . . :)

  21. Kim says

    Can’t wait to read Kev and co’s new website! So many exciting things going on for you guys!