Christmas Tree Decorating

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster. Great news from our adoption agency on Tuesday (so exciting!), and then our external hard drive bit the dust on Friday (boo!). I had tons of upcoming work-related photos and video footage on that thing so needless to say, I am very anxious to hear back from Data Savers about whether they can be recovered or not.

To keep my mind off that situation, I trimmed the tree this weekend!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I went for a playful, snow-related theme, because it was such a huge part of my childhood (in Minnesota), and I can’t wait to take our little one back there to experience that sometime. I used a bunch of “snowballs” I made earlier this year:

Snowball Christmas Ornament

They’re just white styrofoam balls, covered in joint compound, sprayed white, and sprinkled with clear glitter. (You can click here to see my step-by-step article about them if you’d like.)

I filled clear ornaments with left over faux snow…

Snow Ornament

…and used natural/outdoorsy/snowflake-themed wrapping papers (from Target):

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper from Target Gift Wrap from Target

Since the tree is standing where my vintage suitcases are normally stacked, I nestled them up underneath it as well:

Suitcases under Christmas Tree

I took apart the mitten advent garland I made a couple of years ago…

Mitten Ornament

…and used my stick snowflakes again this year, too:

Stick Snowflake Ornament

My favorite “real” ornament- is this little Airstream (from Michaels):

Airstream Ornament

I wonder if we’ll have an extra set of hands to help trim the tree next year?

Adoption Photoshoot

I sure hope so! 😀

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  1. KK says

    Layla, the tree is beautiful but that last picture is just , we’ll ……….
    BEAUTIFUL. it is so fun to be a part of your adoption process by reading your blog. God is soooo good and His timing is perfect.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Audrea says

    What a joyful new yr u will have! Best of blessings for ur happy new family.Adopting is a blessing to the child. I’m adopted fr a family of 7 kids an they couldn’t afford another so I was adopted privately. The bio mom wanted it kept confidential. So now I have no medical history of my bio family. Sometimes that really bugs me that my parents didn’t get this info at adoption. Also, I really have no desire to meet any of them just want to c what they look like! Oh, an when the child is old enough an emotionally ready (ur judgement) I think the adoption needs to b talked about. I was told at 18. My parents said they told me at 8 but I must have blocked it out because I was just flabbergasted when told @18. Just couldn’t believe it! I thought they were joking. Called my sister (she is also adopted. We r not real blood sisters)& confirmed it an thought it strange we never talked about it growing up. Sorry this is a book! But just wanted to give some advice fr an “adoptee”! Get medical history an tell the child as soon as they can really understand it. Great tree to, by the way!!

  3. Shannon says

    Where did you find the camper ornament? So cute.. Need one.
    Merry Christmas and so excited for you all!

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