• Christmas Tabletop Decorating

    I had soooo much fun creating today’s wintry coffee table vignette!

    Christmas Decorating | Natural Decor

    I started with my green tray (Pottery Barn) and stump slice (Michaels):

    Christmas Vignette Decorating | Neutral Natural Green White Brown

    Stump Slice from Michaels | Christmas Decorating Ideas

    I sprinkled in some faux greenery, snow flakes, and ornaments…

    Natural Christmas Decor Inspiration | Marble Bowl by Threshold at Target | Stump Slice from Michaels

    …and wrapped some little boxes, topped with more leftover ribbon and “fauxliage”:

    Wrapping Paper from Target | Faux Greenery Topper | Christmas Decorating Inspiration

    I wrapped this next little box with yarn:

    Cable Knit Gift Wrap | Antique Button | Christmas Decorating Inspiration

    I’ve always loved the way balls of yarn look, so I thought a cube of yarn would probably be pretty cute, too. I used double-sided tape (and hot glue) to secure the yarn (and yarn ends) to the box, and after I had it completely covered, I sat there and stared at it, trying to figure out what to top it with. Buttons from my Grandma Evelyn’s old sewing basket popped into my head, so I dashed over to the closet I keep it in.

    Sewing Basket

    As I reached up to grab it, I smiled and thought, “thank you for still helping me after all these years, Grandma“. :-)

    The small book under the biggest gift box is actually one of those cardboard book boxes you can find at craft stores. This is how it looked when I got it (70% off at Michaels):

    Book Boxes from Michaels

    A few coats of leftover off-white paint, some antiquing wax, and a stamped-on number 3…

    Book Box Project

    …and voila! A fun little “lift” that reminds us of our (soon-to-be) family!

    Book Box Project | Christmas Decorating

    I nestled our mistletoe in underneath my galvanized pedestal and told Kevin that since it’s sitting on our coffee table (vs. hanging in a doorway), he has to kiss me whenever we’re sitting on the couch together.

    Mistletoe | Natural Neutral Christmas Decor

    And speaking of sitting in the living room, why didn’t you tell me about the awesomeness going on over on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels right now?

    Christmas Decorating Ideas | Yarn Wrapped Box | Faux Snow | Galvanized Pedestal | Neutral Colors

    ‘Round the clock cheesy/mushy Christmas movies that have completely sucked me in!

    If only I could get Kevin to sit down on the couch and watch one with me. ;-)

    PS- For more pics between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

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