Christmas Mantel

We haven’t started on our fireplace makeover yet, but that didn’t stop me from having fun with our Christmas mantel this year!

As usual, I tried to mostly use things we already had around the house, and then I embellished with inexpensive elements I found while out and about, around town.

(Wrapping paper- Target, Snowflake & Ribbon- Michaels)

I always like to include handmade things, too, so I made another sailboat using some ¬†flannel shirt material (JoAnn Fabrics) and a piece of wood and a twig Kevin and I found while we were out walking the other day…

(Ribbon- Michaels, Ski Ornament- JoAnn Fabrics)

I just drilled a hole in the middle of the chunky piece of wood I used as a base, and then stuck the twig down into it. Next, I simply hot-glued the flannel fabric to the twig and base in a few different spots. Last but not least, I hot-glued a piece of faux evergreen to the top to serve as a “flag”. Easy peasy and cheap, cheap! #Yay

I liked the idea of the sailboats because we live on a lake, and their shape reminds me of Christmas trees.

The wreath on the mirror came from Target. I fell in love with it at first sight!

I have a weird thing with wreaths. I love ‘em, but I’m not good at making them and it seems like there are so many out there that just aren’t quite what I’m looking for. I was happy to finally find one that ticked all the boxes this year!

I brought out our stockings and hung them on stocking hangers I got from my mom…

(Left & Right stockings- Whiteflower Farmhouse, Middle Stocking- Pottery Barn)

…and up on top of the mantel shelf, I nestled some of our white pitchers into a mixture of faux and real evergreen sprigs…

I hope you’ll join us for our annual Holiday Home mantel link party tomorrow.¬†I had a blast getting creative with ours, and I look forward to seeing lots more merry-merry at the e-party, too!

In the meantime, Kevin and I are going to light those logs and finish filling out our adoption application, and hopefully, we’ll be fastening another little letter to that stocking on the left next year.

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  1. says

    Your mantel is so refreshing….love it! And, thanks for the tip on how to make those sail boats – so cute. Best wishes to you guys on the application process :)

  2. says

    ummm so excited for you! cant wait for more progress and details :D you guys will make such wonderful parents!

    the stockings are gorgeous. like hubba hubba pretty

  3. says

    I love how you incorporated the boats with living near the lake – such a cute idea. I noticed the 3rd stocking right away and am praying right along with you for a little one in need to find their way to you.

  4. says

    I love this, so beautifully put together. The little sailboat is my favorite! We live on a lake too, so I might need to try this one out :) Can’t wait for the party tomorrow night, so excited to see everyone’s decorations!
    PS Excited for you to have another little stocking up there next year!

  5. Kristi says

    OMG if I were in charge of approving adoption applications I’d let you have fifty kids! You two are meant to be parents no matter how that might come about.

  6. Dawn says

    Love it all! The green and white is so nice. I love non-traditional color schemes. My favorites are green and white or red and white. Good luck with the adoption paperwork!

  7. says

    I LOVE that wreath! And I get what you mean! I can’t make them either:( I swear my hands betray me! I just might be heading to Tarjay tomorrow!

  8. says

    That’s absolutely adorable! Love the green, and as always, your pictures make me jealous. Definitely hope to take your class next year!
    All the best with your application process. You’re going to be awesome parents!

  9. says

    Going to Target tomorrow to get some of that snowflake paper! LOVE it! Love snowflakes in most any way, shape or form….
    Praying for your adoption process.

  10. brenda says

    saw the three stockings right away and wondered if there was some news that would explain why it has been so long since hearing from you last.
    quite lovely mantel. have to use a buffet since we have no mantel

  11. says

    So unique and beautiful. I love how the region in which we live influences how we all decorate, even if it is subconsciously. I hope the year ahead bring you that little blessing that you are waiting for :)

  12. says

    Ok, first of all, that super long stocking really makes me smile. I just love that. Your whole mantel is just filled with one charming aspect after another. That wreath is awesome, I may need to make a trip to Tarjay. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you are having loads of fun in your new home. xxoo

  13. Lisa W. says

    So beautiful, so clever, AND love the homemade things…very very nice! Tickled pink OR blue on the application process.

    Ok and lastly…I so hope no one thinks I’m a silly girl…but when you say “link” up, what do I need to do to see the mantel party, it does not come in my inbox like you send?? Sorry somewhere I missed this:(

  14. says

    Your mantel looks amazing! I just noticed your adoption news (I probably live under a rock)! We JUST TODAY got our approval from the Philippines that we have been approved!! And now we wait. Haha! I’ll be praying for you guys!

  15. says

    I love it! I just don’t want to let my hubby see this or I will never see my Santa’s at Christmas again. LOL! Your new wreath is wonderful too. I love the look of it as well. Very pretty holiday mantle!

  16. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I love the Target wreath and the darling snowflake paper. Your combination of navy, green and a neutral is so refreshing to the eye. I am a red kinda gal….but I sure didn’t miss it here. Your mantel is just so FRESH and NOW…..I love it.

    Best of all, I love what you are representing with the three stockings. Precious and Heartfelt. I know I will go back, time and time again, look at your Christmas mantle and smile and get that teary eyed feeling I always get for you two (nearly three).

  17. Ann says

    Sailboats, skis and snowflakes. You have them all covered. I love that it is not red and green.

  18. says

    Such a pretty mantle! I love how you incorporated nautical elements into it.. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s at the link up today!
    I am beyond excited that y’all are moving forward with the adoption process! We are just wrapping up the homestudy for Peru with Lifeline!

  19. amy Byman says

    I can relate so much to your last sentence. My husband and I are also adopting…from overseas. We are “paper ready” and waiting for our precious referral. Maybe we will have another stocking on our mantel next year as well!

  20. chrissi says

    i love your mantle and stockings. your sail boats are wondeful.
    prayers on your paperwork and adoption.

  21. Katie Morene says

    Have you visited Posie Gets Cozy? They just adopted the love of their lives – all the things she has written in the past two month, I wish for you and Kevin as well. Good luck!

  22. Culpepper says

    Beautiful and fun! You’re so creative :)

    Praying for the letter and your journey over the coming months. I’m excited to see what God has in store for you and Kevin in 2013…no doubt it will be more than you ever planned for.

  23. Julie says

    What a fabulous mantel! I want to thank you for the Christmas sail boat inspiration, too! We’re hosting a little crab feast with another couple this month, and I’ve been trying to come up with an inexpensive, yet wonderful centerpiece idea. You’ve got my wheels turning. Bless you for that!

  24. Justine T says

    Loving your mantel- especially the wreath! What a great Target find. What technique did you use to hang the wreath over the mirror?

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Justine! We used the “piece of ribbon draped over the back and secured with shipping tape” technique. ;-)

  25. CathyD says

    A little late on my holiday decorating, but better late than never, right? :) Thanks so much for these tips…very clean and fresh looking compared to the gaudy decorations you usually encounter during the holidays!

  26. says

    I believe many mantels across the country will be simple like mine this year…..26 simple candles…Honoring those we lost in CT.

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