Christmas Decorations 2008 (Part One)

I’m not quite ready to photograph the mantle yet…I’m waiting on some white pencil starfish to arrive from Florida first. :-)
In the meantime, here’s a photo of one of the stockings hanging on it:

I got them after Christmas last year for $4.00 each! (And that included the price of the personalization!)

I adore ticking stripe fabric, so I got one for me, one for Kevin and one for Maximus. :-)

My Mom loaned me this extra large vintage basket she had so that I could put my Christmas tree in it.

It has a word painted on it, but I haven’t figured out what it says yet. I LOVE the shade of blue paint they used:

I replaced the red velvet ribbon that came on this mistletoe to one that has cream and brown stripes. Now it blends in perfectly!

This is the bridging shelf the hangs above the TV. I need to get some sepia-toned prints for those white frames (mental note).

Previously, I had this black tin container sitting on top of the bridging shelf in the Living Room. When I saw my Mom for Thanksgiving, she gave me some amazing Poinsettias- so I moved the container to my Kitchen window, stuck 2 Poinsettias in it and called it a day!

I glued the wood “04” numbers to the front of it and painted them with a rusting kit so they’d look like metal. ’04 is the year Kevin and I got married. :-)

To be continued….

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