Christmas Decorating Inspiration

This week was made for walking.

Temp’s have been just right, and Fall and Winter have become the best of friends around here…

Yellows and oranges…

…meet reds and greens…

…and they all make me feel so thankful and inspired.

And speaking of inspiration- we’re looking forward to kicking off our Holiday Home link parties this week. So whether you’re just looking for ideas, or you’ve got a mantel, ledge, or wall shelf display blog post you’d like to share- we hope to see you at our e-party on Tuesday the 4th!

I’m hoping to finish and photograph ours tomorrow, and then blog about it on Monday. Our new surroundings have me all kind’a inspired, and I’ve really been having fun with a “woodsy/water-y/wintery” theme this year!

PS- Bloggers: Wanna invite more peeps to the party? Here’s a badge you can paste at the end of your mantel/shelf/ledge post…

Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!

Christmas Mantel
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  1. Ann says

    Just when I thought I was done decorating! I need more wreaths outside. I love that house! Thanks!

  2. Tammy C says

    All of these are beautiful pics…but the pic of the white cow would be awesome as a portrait…especially if the white cow was larger and the main focus! Cute!

  3. Andrea says

    I love the picture of the cows! Would there be a way to purchase a copy of it?

  4. says

    our first church right after seminary was in montgomery…have so many dear friends still there. we lived out in the pike road community…..
    so curious where your neighborhood is…trying to picture it and i can’t….but it’s been 10 years since we lived there, so i’m sure they’ve developed new ones.

    do you guys have a church home? can’t wait to see if you “do life” with anyone I know…. :)

  5. says

    LOVE the photos you shared! It makes me more excited to visit Union Springs and see if it will become “home” for us! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Kelley says

    Your little neighborhood is so quaint! Such beautiful homes – oh my! I love all the porch displays and now I’m feeling inspired to get mine all gussied up. I just hope I still feel that way when I get home from work…

  7. says

    I really enjoy your Fall pictures with the colored leaves. Where I live the leaves hardly got a chance to fall on the ground as we have had snow since the later part of October.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. says

    What a lovely walk! Such a beautiful time of the year here too. I love being able to enjoy Christmas scenery without the cold wet we used to “enjoy” in the North. :) All the pictures are lovely and the decorated canoe is too cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    Have you changed the way you format your pictures on the blog? I ask because I can no longer see a whole vertically oriented picture on my screen. Your photography is so lovely I don’t want to have to scroll to see it. Please make the pictures smaller again.

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Meghan! And nope. We haven’t changed anything. (I wouldn’t know how- lol!) 😀