Christmas Craft Ideas 2009 – Part Two

Leonardo da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.
So how about simply swapping out something round…

…for something else round during the holidays…

Or how about simply hot gluing some cinnamon sticks…

…and wrapping a little bit of jute twine…

…around plain, inexpensive Dollar Store candles…

They look great and smell good too!

(Note: These candles are for decorative use only and shouldn’t be lit)

And speaking of jute twine, my friend Kimba at A Soft Place to Land inspired my next decorating project. Have you read her Christmas craft e-book? If not, click on the button to find out how to get one today- it’s excellent!

I used to have two, giant pine cones in the small urns on our mantel. But now that they have a new home (on the floor around my mop-bucket-turned-planter). I replaced them with two, twine topiaries instead…

I bought the brown cardboard cones and jute twine at Hobby Lobby. The color of the cones and the color of the twine match perfectly, so it’s okay if parts of the cone peek through parts of the twine. I paid $5.99 for each cone and around three dollars for the spool of twine.

I used a mini tree topper (also from Hobby Lobby) on top of each of them…

I love the way they resemble the shape of the big sunburst mirror we’ve got hanging above our fireplace. I also love the relationship of contrasting textures- the mirror is smooth and silver, and the toppers are glittery and gold.

So there ya have it. Holiday “decking” on a dime!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a very important date with my sofa, a fancy glass of milk and a carton of reduced fat chocolate chip cookies.


Hope you’re having a wonderful, cookie-filled weekend too!


PS…If you’re interested in seeing what Mr. LC has been working on lately, check back this week for another exciting Guest Bathroom update!

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  1. says

    The twine trees are too cute. I like the little toppers you put on them, too. Great and frugal decorating!!


  2. says

    That is too funny… I’m not really a wine drinker so when I’m feeling “fancy” I’ll pour some Pepsi into a wine glass and pretend I’m all posh while I drink it. Hahaha.

    Cute little twine trees!