• China Hutch Update

    If you guessed that I was adding some GREEN to my Kitchen, you guessed right!

    I painted the inside/back of my hutch that same color that I painted my back door.

    This hutch has come a long way. It started with wood-colored drawers & lower doors, and super traditional pulls.

    So I did this, with these drawer pulls I already had:

    And the sliding doors didn’t have knobs, so I added these knobs I got for 87 cents:

    And here she is today…with her pretty, new green interior:

    Then I got to do the fun part. Accessorize!
    I used things I already had around the house, so it’s not exactly what I would fill it with in a perfect world, but it’ll have to do for now. :-)

    I can’t wait to inject even more color into my Kitchen through the beadboard backsplash (which I’ve now decide to paint this same shade of green), window treatments, artwork and rugs.

    I think I’ll work on the artwork next…


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