Chalkboard Black

We hosted a birthday party the other night.

I had planned to bake — ok, fine- heat up a frozen blackberry cobbler, but we kicked our nasty, old, malfunctioning stove to the curb when we had the new flooring installed in the kitchen. And since a new stove isn’t quite in the budget yet, I opted for a store-bought birthday cake instead. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and boy did our niece and nephew (Lee Ann and Benton) get a good giggle out of everyone’s blue-stained teeth.

The week before the party, I made it my goal to finish up a big project on the right side of the kitchen.

I started by patching the drywall that got damaged when Kevin pulled the beadboard paneling off…

I got some DryDex spackling paste from True Value, and used a putty or “drywall knife” to fill in the damaged parts. I love using DryDex because it goes on pink, and shows you when it’s dry by turning white! After that, I used a medium-grit “Wall Sand” sanding sponge to smooth everything out.

Then, after I vacuumed up 18 lbs. of spackle dust, I broke out a fresh roller head and painted on a wall full of chalkboard black paint…

After that, the cabinets we salvaged from our guest bathroom came back into the room, and the heaviest-butcherblock-countertop-in-the-world (Ikea) got flipped over and stained “Special Walnut“. After that, the chalkboard wall got outfitted with some stainless steel shelves (Ikea).

Later that night, the kids and I had fun breaking it in.

Lee Ann and I drew balloons and birthday banners…

…and Benton taught me all about the wild world of Mario…

(Who knew a “toad” didn’t actually look like a “toad”?)

Nothin’ like bonding, blackboards, and birthday cake.

Ooh- and paper plates and plasticware. I enjoy those a lot, too.

This post is a part of our True Value DIY Blog Squad series!

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Disclaimer: We were selected by True Value to work on the DIY Blog Squad and have been compensated for our time commitment to True Value-related blog posts. We’ve also been given a gift card to purchase the materials needed for our True Value-related projects, however, our opinions are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive reviews. Boom!

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  1. Leigh Harless says

    Nice work!! Why did you need to flip the counter top to stain it? I want to replicate this look with an ikea counter top=) also, is this is the beech wood not the birch wood?? why was one wood type more preferable to you?? thank You!!

    • Layla says

      Hey Leigh!
      We had to flip it because we used Tung Oil on the other side and it wouldn’t accept stain. I think it’s beech wood, and we just got it because it was the only thing in stock! 😀

  2. Leigh Harless says

    Thank you for your reply to my comment! We are getting ours on this Wednesday and I do plan to stain it darker also! They say…..imitation is the sincerest form or flattery! =)

  3. says

    I LOVE THIS! I’m doing this right now in my kitchen/living rooms, looking to replace old tile countertops with wood just like that. Beautiful job, as always!

  4. says

    I love, love, LOVE your chalkboard wall. The future hubs has been wanting an “idea wall” since we bought our house. I have a feeling it’s in our not too distant future. A million thumbs up to your blog and home – they are beautiful!