Our dog Maximus is seriously starting to wonder what in the world is going on around this place.

First I’m jumping up and down with glee because my new cushion and pillows for the headboard bench are here….

(Thank you Teresa Porter!)

Then I’m pacing around the house with my cell phone, talking a mile a minute to Kevin about this whole ordeal…

Fleamarket doesn’t seem to be phased by all of the commotion though…

…he just eats, and plays, and snoozes in the sawdust, all the live long day. :-)

I have to shoot some more updated photos of the kitchen tomorrow morning. (We’re being featured somewhere very exciting soon- stay tuned for the when and where’s) The sky was dark almost all afternoon today, which doesn’t make for very pretty pictures.
So assuming the sun does in fact come out tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to shoot our newly hung plate collection, giant antique mirror, charming antique table, and of course the beautiful new additions to the headboard bench. I’m so impressed with Teresa’s handiwork. Make sure you check out her blog. You can find her ad button (which links to her blog) in our Sponsors section on the left!

Have a great weekend y’all!

Layla :-)

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