Ceiling Ideas (Part 2)

We spent a little time looking this-a-way last Thursday…

We spent a little time looking that-a-way too…

Mr. P always gets a little worried when we get to these kinds of things…

…but I cheered him on from below…

…as he as he drew a close enough-style line…

Woo hoo! It worked!

Only four more packs of planks to go!

PS- For more info on the wood planks we’re using on our ceiling, check out this post: Ceiling Ideas

And if you’re going to be around Atlanta from the 13th-17th: Click Here (Thank you!!)


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  1. Cheryl siciliano says

    you two are amazingly cute and I love love love the beautiful work you do. You are inspiring me and driving my husband crazy!

  2. Carmen says

    We are about to do this to the ceiling in our dining room! Thanks for the idea! What color did you paint your planks? We have white wainscoting and a light green wall color. What do you recommend? So excited about the new pilot!

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