Our Road Trip To Minnesota

Well, we’ve had just about every computer and cell phone issue you can imagine this weekend (hence, the lack of blog posts and Tweets in the last few days), but we did manage to get one video uploaded to YouTube this morning. It’s footage from our trip up to Minnesota last week. It was a […]

Junk Bonanza 2010 – Day 1

It’s 10 o’clock on Thursday night, and we’re finally back at the hotel, enjoying our squishy queen-sized beds. They didn’t have any rooms with a king-sized beds left, so we’re kickin’ it Ricardo-style for a couple of days. We spent most of the day scouting potential shooting locations at Junk Bonanza… And lemme just tell […]

Wanna shoot a TV show with us?

Sorry for the last minute notice Minneapolis area friends!We promise to make it worth your while if you’re up for it! ————————————————————————————- And if anyone out there is interested in having us come to your neck of the woods (IF our show were to get picked up by a network! Fingers crossed!), leave us a […]

The Yard Sale

I’m happy to report that our yard sale was a TOTAL BLAST, and we sold everything in the trailer, and almost everything single thing we had packed into the van. Yesss! It’s a good thing too, ’cause Kev and I weren’t about to lug all that stuff back to Prattville and re-load it back into […]

Blue Hubbard in the Master Bedroom & Junk Bonanza

Thanks to everyone who voted on our “Pick us a Paint Color” poll last week! “Blue Hubbard” won by a landslide, (yay!) so we had Sherwin Williams mix us up a small sample, and we’re lookin’ forward to having a gallon mixed up by these friendly folks with our True Value gift card… PS- you […]

Behind the Scenes at Kev’s Music Video Shoot

Howdy friend! I’m excited to share a sneak peek of Kevin’s bands music video here on the blog today! The actual video won’t be fully edited or released for several weeks, but I wanted to document the behind the scenes stuff so that Kev could look back at it when he’s rockin’ in a comfy […]

Yard Sale in Birmingham, Alabama and a Linky

If you live near Birmingham, Alabama, and you aren’t busy this Saturday, come on over to Rhoda’s! We’re having a yard sale together! I’m bringing a trailer full of stuff to sell. Stuff I found in various closets… Benches with backs… Benches without backs… Gray-painted Headboard benches (that no longer have headboards attached to them!) […]

Backlight Button Boo-Boo

Remember when we used our video camera to film that crazy car thing that happened the other night? Well, we turned the “backlight” button on while we were filming and I forgot to turn it off before we shot the video for our last post!Oops! This one will give you a better idea of the […]

Breakin out the brush. Again.

So, my Mom got us some great-looking bedding for our birthday’s this year… (Yes, we’re 36 years old and we still get excited about birthday presents. Especially when they involve several pieces of our first, real grown up bedding emsemble.) She got us the Grand Embroidered duvet (white, with Porcelain Blue stitching), and the Clearlake […]

We’re baaaaack!

We arrived home from Tybee Island around 9 o’clock last night, and the CREEPIEST thing happened as we walked in and out of the side door of our house. And because I thought maybe it would be less creepy if you were with us during the seemingly paranormal experience, we HAD to grab the video […]

Ashli’s Maillardville Manor Mudroom

Well, we’re almost ready to pack it up and head back to ‘Bama, so while we make our way home- here’s another incredible “before and after” we thought you might like to check out!Meet Ashli… Meet Ashli’s super cute blog… She sent us an email about her Mudroom re-do recently and man are we ga-ga […]

Emily’s Neutral Nursery

Hey friend! We’re still workin’ away here at the feature house on Tybee- so today we’re showcasing another fabulous “before and after” here on the ol’ bloggity-blog. It’s from a friendly reader named Emily whose nursery was a big hit the first time we featured it. The first time around, however, she didn’t include photos […]

"Holiday with Matthew Mead" Contest

Back in March, amidst the release of his premiere issue of Flea Market Style magazine, celebrity lifestyle and entertaining expert, Mr. Matthew Mead, was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to write a Foreword for my e-book, “Creating An Inspired Home”. I’ve been a huge fan of his for many years, […]

Tybee Island – Day One

Greetings from Tybee Island! We pulled into town around 2:30 yesterday, and we’ve been go, go, going ever since! First up on our agenda was “The Last Song- Flip Flop Red Carpet Premiere Party” at the YMCA. The entire movie was shot on Tybee Island last year, so of course the media was there to […]

Reading Room Ceiling Re-do (Part One)

Here’s what’s been happening in the reading room over the past couple of days… Next up- crown molding and the new light fixture.I can’t wait! I’ll be back soon with more photos and video of it all put together. In the meantime, happy Friday!Layla PS…For those that asked about the guest bathroom reno, well, Mr.Kevin […]