Sundial Charters & Sliver Island

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 8.00.31 AM

As long as I live, I will never forget our trip out to Sliver Island. It’s not really called “Sliver Island”…but that’s what I call it. It’s actually called Little Tybee, but because the part we explored was only about twenty five steps wide, I decided to call it Sliver Island instead. Obviously, because it’s an island, […]

Screened Inn: Sand & Sea Bedroom


Hola! In addition to stepping on what has to the worlds smallest glass factory, (Can you say embedded and invisible? Ouch!) I also added a few more pages to the Screened Inn e-zine today. Remember this room? When you enter the house it’s the first thing you see on the other side of the kitchen, […]

"Screened Inn"- Lemonade Mermaid Bedroom


Happy weekend friend! We got a lot of work done around here last week (still trying to play catch up), but we did get to break away for a few hours yesterday for this little guy’s 1st birthday party… (This pic was taken last Halloween) And last night, I added a few more pages to […]

"Screened Inn" Kitchen, Baths & Master Bedroom

Hello Friend- and welcome to “Screened Inn”…the magazine! I’m kidding.It’s not actually a real-deal-completely-finished magazine.We just started to throw it together yesterday, for fun. But we have been working on a real, extra fancy-schmancy e-zine that we do hope to finish and release very soon! It’ll be free of charge to all those who want […]

The "Lettered Love" Room at Screened Inn

Since my heart literally skips a beat each time a new shelter mag appears in my mailbox, I decided to have some fun and display the master bedroom photos we shot at Screened Inn “magazine style” in this post. (My blog is my playground, and passion pushes my swing!) But before you look at the […]

Name the Cottage & Haley’s Cottage Winners

Hello! I’m just now finally getting around to posting the names of the winners of the“Name the Cottage”Contest. So sorry for the delay! Cottage Name: “Screened Inn”Submitted by: Jonathan and Andrea Forsyth (and Dallin too!) Master Bedroom Name: “Lettered Love”Submitted by: Between You And Me Twin Bedroom Name: “Sand & Sea” Submitted by: Vickie Yellow […]

Home Sweet Hairballs

We’re home! And, boy oh boy, do we have some cleaning/weeding/mowing/mail-sorting to do. It’s crazy what can happen to a place when you go away for three weeks!(How can one kitty cat, and one 9 pound dog shed SO much fur!?!?!) But before we even think about tackling any of that “fun stuff”, I thought […]

Dusk at Doodlebug

It’s Happy Hour and I’m sitting on a white wicker settee inside the screened-in porch at a cottage called “Doodlebug”. It’s topped with a lime green, leopard print cushion… The view of the marsh in front of the cottage is like something straight out of a “Bellamy”… ( The air is heavy, and moist- but […]

Vote For Your Favorite Cottage Names!

Alrighty!Are you ready to cast your votes?Diane narrowed down her favorite names, so here are the contenders… If you’d like to cast your votes-visit the poll in our left sidebar.(Comments left on this post will not be counted as votes) The poll will be open through noon (Central Time) on Monday, June 21st, 2010. Can’t […]