A Cottage By The Sea And Time On Sliver Island

Pelican | Tybee Island | Georgia

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.” -Rolf Edberg Wonder-full really has a hold on me this year… …and all that talk about Port Isaac stirred up a mad craving for the coast. (Doyle’s on the Dunes) So we went. (Tybee Island) We caravanned […]

Fish Camp Cottage

Fish Camp | Tybee Island | Mermaid Cottages

 “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” -Khalil Gibran Kevin learned five new songs at a cottage called Fish Camp last week. He (and […]

Tides Schedules


The tide here on the southern tip of Tybee is such a trip! One minute it’s way up near the beach… …and then all of a sudden, it’s way, way out there… It’s actually much farther out than it looks in that photo, too. It’s crazy! Move your cursor over the photo below for the […]

Lamp Photos


There are so many pretty lamps here at Doyles on the Dunes. We were greeted by this one upon entering the place last Thursday afternoon… Those crackled glass finishes get me every time, and I think the color of this one is so gorgeous! There are two of these nifty little numbers sitting atop the […]

Beach Book


Are you a guest book reader? I sat down with the one here at Doyles this morning after breakfast. I love reading about all the little things mattered to folks…like friendship and fun glasses… And that one of the wonderful things they did was sit on the deck and talk with ocean as their backdrop… […]

Breeze Inn


Before we announce the winners of the Summer Rental giveaway, we thought we’d share some photos we took while we were staying at Mary Kay’s personal vacation rental, The Breeze Inn. It’s located on Tybee Island, just off the coast of Georgia, near Savannah. Our visit took place in the Spring of 2010, and it was […]

Guest My Nest: Dutton-Waller Cottage- Tybee Island, Georgia


This Summer, we whistled n’ worked on a little ol’ place called “The Mess Hall” on Tybee Island, Georgia. Initially, we thought we were going to stay there while we worked, but since the place had been freshly painted right before we arrived, we ended up staying next door at “Screened Inn” instead. However, about […]

DIY Sideboard Tutorial


Hey there! I wanted to share a link to a project we worked on for HGTV.com this past Summer. Do you remember the console table-turned-sideboard we used in the Mess Hall on Tybee Island? Click on the red button below if you’re interested in seeing our step by step tutorial! Thanks again, and have an […]

Beach Cottage Before & After Photos


When we got to the Mess Hall on Tybee Island last month, we walked in to a cottage full of all kinds of different colors, patterns, styles and textures. Homeowner, Pam, craved a more cohesive look, but didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money re-doing the place. And to make matters even more […]

Guest My Nest: Mess Hall- Tybee Island, Georgia


Every once in a while, Kev and I will get a wild hair and run off to some little place we hope will be big on inspiration. It usually starts with a cabin fever-ish sorta feeling, and quickly leads to a slew of Google searches for “cottages for rent in Alabama, Georgia, Florida or Tennessee”. […]

Easy, Inexpensive, DIY Art for the Mess Hall


Happy Wednesday from Tybee Island! I thought I’d share a quick, cheap, easy little DIY art project I put together over at the Mess Hall this week. Since staying on budget is super important to our client, Pam, we’ve had a chance to really get creative (which I love!) as far as the furniture, lighting […]

A Sofa Table With Shelves


This is the first blog post I’ve ever written in WordPress, so forgive me if it looks funny! (Pssst! If you haven’t seen our new blog ’cause you’re reading this in a reader- come on over to TheLetteredCottage.net and check it out!) We’ve got a LONG ways to go, but I’m excited about how things […]