Design TV – Pilot Episode


We’re back from Suwanee, Georgia- and the room we re-did for our pilot episode for HGTV is done! It was an exciting/fast-paced five days, and we’re thrilled with how the Morrison’s living room turned out! (More importantly- so were they! Yay!) Our adventure started on Thursday, September 8th. We borrowed our neighbors Suburban¬†because we had […]

Calling All E-Friends

antique tv

Greetings! We have some exciting news to share today! ¬†We’ve been working on something “design TV-related” for a while now, and we’re really excited about the direction it’s moving in. Think: our blog in 3D…meaning, low-dough/high-smile room redos, real-life DIY adventures, and lots of YOU! At this point, we need to see if you’d be […]