Tides Schedules


The tide here on the southern tip of Tybee is such a trip! One minute it’s way up near the beach… …and then all of a sudden, it’s way, way out there… It’s actually much farther out than it looks in that photo, too. It’s crazy! Move your cursor over the photo below for the […]

Door Decorating Ideas


We’re still out here on Tybee Island…shooting pics of this pretty place for a magazine that’ll hit newsstands next Spring… …but we couldn’t resist sprucing up the front door for Fall (for one quick snapshot!) to remind you about Rhoda’s door decor link party that’s happening today! Make sure to swing over to her place […]

Lamp Photos


There are so many pretty lamps here at Doyles on the Dunes. We were greeted by this one upon entering the place last Thursday afternoon… Those crackled glass finishes get me every time, and I think the color of this one is so gorgeous! There are two of these nifty little numbers sitting atop the […]

Beach Book


Are you a guest book reader? I sat down with the one here at Doyles this morning after breakfast. I love reading about all the little things mattered to folks…like friendship and fun glasses… And that one of the wonderful things they did was sit on the deck and talk with ocean as their backdrop… […]

Camp Wedding and Baby


Welcome to Day 5 of Wandawega Week! Today I’m going to share a little bit about the friendly folks behind the oh-so-creative camp. David, Tereasa…and a sweet, little cherub-faced girl named Charlie. ________________________ “Boy meets girl. Boy proposes. Boy suggests that they purchase his abandoned childhood summer camp to be wed at. Girl accepts on […]

Camp Tent


Welcome to day 4 of Wandawega Week! Today’s post features another area of Camp Wandawega– Tent Hill. This area of David and Tereasa’s rustic resort is home to a collection of vintage, perfectly weathered, Boy Scout tents. These aren’t just regular ol’ tents. They’re more like canvas cabins… After a 5 year search, David and Tereasa […]

Camp Cottage


Welcome to Wandawega Week! What’s Wandawega Week, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like “Shark Week”, but instead of ginormous ocean waves, exploding with super scary sealife- think: a serene midwestern lake- filled with sweet little (non-ferocious) fishies instead. Oh, and a whole buncha this kind of awesomeness in a special series of blog posts […]

To Denver And Back


We’re baaaaack and whooo-wee! what a whirlwind of a trip that was! We pulled back into Prattville just after midnight on Friday night, and I had fun putting together this video full of snippets from the trip yesterday afternoon… (I apologize for the occasional herky jerkiness- all we had with us was a Flip cam!) […]

Pleasant Peeps, The Pioneer Woman & Pick My Presto!


Well, I’m back from Nashville, and although I wish I could use fun words like “bright-eyed” and “bushy-tailed” to describe my current state of being, “red-eyed” and “bushy-haired” are probably more accurate descriptions. But MAN that was an awesome trip! I shopped with, talked with, walked with, and broke bread with women that inspired me […]

Hello Opryland!

Opryland hotel

I’m in Nashville hangin’ out with a whole buncha bloggers this week! I rode up with Shaunna and Ashley yesterday afternoon. They’re awesome gals, and I’m sure we’ll be giggling about that drive for years to come.  Aren’t road trips with your girlfriends the BEST!? ———————————————————— Join us on Twitter or Facebook! ————————————————————————————- Need help arranging your […]